Nords: Heroes of the North

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Nords: Heroes of the North 9.7 rate Forge a ragtag army of Northmen, Orcs, Elves and Dragons to fight for King Björn the Mighty and Super Handsome and save Shingård from the Ice Queen's tyranny! Spy, raid and conquer other strongholds and show your might as the new Lord Marshal to the world! Play Nords: Heroes of the North now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The realm of Shingård is under siege! Forge a ragtag army of Northmen, Orcs, Elves and Dragons to fight for King Björn the Awesome. With over 30 battle-ready units from 4 different factions along with various heroes, you’ll never run out of troops to recruit! Spy, raid and conquer other strongholds and show your Norsemen's might to the world! You can even watch the action unfold with fully animated battles! Don’t forget to sign up and join a strong clan if you ever want to survive the impending bloodshed! Are you ready to arm your Stronghold, build your army and go to war for loot and glory? Play Nords: Heroes of the North now to find out!


Terror, imposed by the cruel Ice Queen, reigned in Shingård. All kinds of horrible, cruel, and terrifying creatures roamed the lands because of her! With the eccentric King of this land, Bjørn by your side, hopefully you’ll be able to save Shingård from the Ice Queen by capturing Obelisks, slaying zombies and fighting other Lord Marshals!


Welcome to Shingård! As the new Lord Marshal, to replace the guy who got eaten, your first order of business is to learn the lay of the land as well as the manly arts of warfare and “pro-heroing”! Thankfully, King Bjorn the Mighty and Super Handsome and his bard, Skald, are kind enough to show you how!

You must choose a Champion from among 3 factions to lead your armies into battle. Choose wisely, for each one... well, just pick the one you like, they’re all about the same, really. However, your Champion’s faction determines the appearance of your Keep and your Stronghold. If you like the longboat look, go for Northmen. If spikes are your thing, that would be Orcs. If you’re into mystic crystals and magic, you definitely need to pick the Elves.

Champions in Nords: Heroes of the North are of utmost importance as they are the leaders of your army! They can also be equipped like a character in an RPG game. Giving your champions weapons, armor, and other accessories will grant major bonuses to the troops under their command, so be sure to keep your champions well-equipped. Equipments in this game can be separated based on rarity and of course, the rare an item, the better it is. Furthermore, when you get new equipment from battle, it goes into your inventory and when that’s full, it’ll go into the temporary inventory. If even that is filled up, the game will start dumping items out, so you’ll want to keep an eye on that.

What should you do when your inventory’s filled up then? Well, equipments that you don’t need can be broken down into shards. Shards can then be used to upgrade your favorite armor and weapons. Be sure you really want to break these items before proceeding as once broken, an item cannot be repaired.

In addition, to earn free goodies and advance more quickly on your adventure, finish the recommended quests in the Quests Menu or do random things. Your choice. However, whatever you do, you should definitely set up good resource-producing facilities first to support the development of your Norse empire!

To start, you’ll need what all Norsemen crave and are able to drink like they’re water – fire ale! Fire Ale is no mere ale - it fights the cold and keeps your warriors primed for battle. This ale attracts Norsemen like flies to exposed food. Thus, the more you have, the larger the army you can support. You will also need mushrooms to train Offensive Units and improve your Stronghold. Build mushroom patches to begin harvesting mushrooms.

Fish: It’s what’s for dinner. And breakfast. And lunch. Despite the smell, fishes are an essential source of protein for Defensive Units. Hence, you’ll need to build fishermen shacks to supply your empire with a constant supply of fishes! You can build up to 6 facilities for each type of resources that you need and these buildings are all upgradable. So, remember to upgrade your resource-producing facilities accordingly as you expand your empire!

Not enough resources? You can get more via Daily Offerings. There are 3 types of offerings, namely individual, clan and fireborn. Every day your commoners will be gently encouraged by the use of maces and axes to deliver offerings to you in the form of special rewards. Just demand the offerings you want (you might want to get all of them) and new fresh list of offerings will present itself to you after 5 hours. In addition, waiting is for peasants, so remember boost construction and other activities whenever you can, especially if they are free, and well, anything under 5 minutes (except daily offerings) can be boosted for free in Nords: Heroes of the North.

With all those resources piled up haphazardly somewhere in your Stronghold, well, sooner or later your stuff will get stolen - you should know that Nords steal things... it’s kind of their thing. So build storehouses to make it harder for them. The more storehouses you have, the more resources you can keep safely in your stronghold. Like your resources, your fire ale has to be stored too! You won’t want your troops to down them all in one go while leaving none for you... uhm... for later, right? Therefore, build Alehouses to store your Fire Ale!

Do take note that the levels of your buildings are limited by the level of your keep. So, level up your keep if you want to keep leveling up your other buildings! Furthermore, you can also build/ upgrade only 1 building at a time, due to having only 1 thrall. You can buy more thralls using emeralds... a lot of them.

Moreover, sign blood pacts with other towns and regions of Shingard to develop your Stronghold and unlock new units. For example, by signing a pact with Blackrock, you can begin to train spearmen. Signing blood pacts takes time, but after you’ve got one, you can speed up further updates to that pact with boosts. Don’t forget to check that you have met all the requirements before signing or it won’t work.

It’s time to get your military strength up to par! Build Northman Barracks to begin training Northman Units like spearmen and shield maiden! The number of units you can train is limited by resources and maximum training time though you could always free up space by speeding up the process using boost from the black market or use emeralds (premium currency). You can also unlock other factions’ units after you have built their respective barracks and unlocked their blood pacts.

With your mighty army, it’s high time to bring the fight to the Ice Queen’s cold legion at the Battleground! Combat is pretty much automated, but in this game, by the miracle of modern magic, you can replay any battle report to see your warriors fight to the finish for your amusement. Not to mention, some units that you lose while defending your stronghold can now be revived at the Altar of Life for free. Upgrade the Altar to revive even more units that fall defending your stronghold. Units that are lost fighting outside your stronghold will require emeralds to revive.

Nonetheless, in Nords: Heroes of the North, the number of military operations that you can carry out (called “maneuvers”) are limited and so it the number of troops you can deploy per maneuver too! Unfortunately, you are also given limited number of trade galleys as well. You can upgrade the respective blood pacts to increase these limits.

Don’t forget about taking defensive measures in Nords: Heroes of the North! Defend your keep by adding cannons or siege turrets atop towers with a bit of emeralds. You can also upgrade your keep walls. Besides that, when you’re not at your stronghold, hide your units in the Catacombs. Sure, they won’t protect you if you’re attacked, but they also won’t be massacred either. You can also upgrade the catacomb to hide more of your resources from plunder.

There are plenty of other features in Nords: Heroes of the North that you can discover for yourself, including Fireborn status, achievements, timed prizes, daily freebies, and many others!


In this game, you can team up with other Lord Marshalls at the Clan Hall and join an existing clan or create your own. There are plenty of benefits such as gaining new valuable allies, with whom you can rapidly exchange resources, along with unlocking special clan gameplay features, events and content. They will be able to help you defend and nurture your small empire until it reached a time when it can be independent!

You can even head over to the Facebook fan page of Nords: Heroes of the North and join the game community! The game has just entered open beta, so the player population is rather low, but that number will surely increase drastically once the game is fully released!

Graphics/ Sound

As usual with any other Plarium games, Nords: Heroes of the North has some top-notch graphics. The buildings and units look very cool in this game. In terms of music, the game presents a variety of Norse-themed music ranging from soothing ones to battle-themed ones. Also, the game contains Plarium’s trademark and excellent voice overs. The hilarious dialogue between King Bjorn and his bard, Skald is added bonus!


In short, Nords: Heroes of the North is a rather unique MMORTS game by Plarium as it mixed in a bit of RPG elements. However, the usual aspects of a classic MMORTS are still there, of course. In this game, you’ll need to grow your Norse empire by managing your resources, defenses and your army. Don’t forget to equip your champions with good items dropped in battles (and upgrade those items), which in turn will provide a nifty boost to your army that the champions lead! With a formidable army at hand, you can then subject other strongholds under your rule and influence! Shingard is a very dangerous place – even a trip to the outhouse can be a life-or-death struggle. Only the strongest can and will survive. Are you strong enough?

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Nords: Heroes of the North Trailer Video

by Aethyna Nov 27, 2016
Are you ready to arm your Stronghold, build your army and go to war for loot and glory? Nords: Heroes of the North Trailer Video Read More

New Game Added: Nords: Heroes of the North

by Aethyna May 19, 2015
Forge a ragtag army of Northmen, Orcs, Elves and Dragons to fight for King Björn the Mighty and Super Handsome and save Shingård from the Ice Queen's tyranny! Spy, raid and conquer other strongholds and show your might as the new Lord Marshal to the world! Play Nords: Heroes of the North now! Nords: Heroes of the North: Elven champion Norse keep in Nords: Heroes of the North Nords: Heroes of the North: spearman Read More

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Another great browser RPG from Plarium!

Vikings and the Nordic legends have fascinated people from all walks of life. Now, you can be your own Nordic hero and be a name of legend in the far North!

This is what you can do when you play No...Full Review
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