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New Frontier 8 rate New Frontier is a new wild west game where you can build your own home, ride with your friends, and engage in vicious gunfights. Battle hellish monsters and aliens, and explore an extremely dangerous world. Play with your friends and battle enemies together. Form a posse and dominate the map. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The Wild West is one of the most sought after themes in entertainment. We’ve all see cowboys armed with revolvers chasing bank robbers on horseback. Saloon gunfights and duels were the norm, while sheriffs and deputies had to work hard to make sure things are in order and the law is followed. The game that comes to mind when thinking of the wild west is, of course, the Red Dead Redemption franchise.

New Frontier tries its hardest to channel an experience similar to Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2 but ultimately falls short. Instead of delivering something akin to cowboys and bandits dueling in the middle of town, you’re provided with something that’s part RDR, Conan Legends, and even Minecraft. Moreover, the setting is more comparable to the movie Cowboys vs Aliens rather than Django Unchained.

With all these in mind, is it something you’d want to try out? Let’s check out what it has to offer:


There’s no clear cut plot in New Frontier. After all, it’s a free-to-play MMORPG. Instead, you’ll have to be content with making your own story and that of your friends. Will you be ruthless brigands bent on dominating the entire map or will you be one of the peaceful players?

Anyway, you can also try to guess what’s going on in the world based on what’s going on in the map. For example, the town of Little Rock is abandoned and infested with monster-like beings. The streets are bloodied, buildings ruined, and its walls are smeared with red with blood. We can assume that the entire place has been attacked and destroyed by monsters.


In terms of gameplay, New Frontier has a lot of good ideas. However, since it is on early access, the content leaves much to be desired and is like an empty shell instead of a full-fledged title. It is also currently hounded by a lot of issues and even if the game runs smoothly, it’s just not in a playable phase. All in all, it feels and plays like it’s in the pre-alpha stage, not on early access beta. Currently, it is missing a lot of gameplay elements.

When you start in New Frontier, you’re placed in a starting western town called Vainbank. It gives a full wild west vibe and is complete with a saloon, sheriff’s office, and other buildings you’d see in games and movies in the same theme. Unfortunately, though it looks like a bustling, old west town, it feels like a ghost town. The game doesn’t have a large player-base, with only 10 players or fewer in each server. Worse, there are only a couple of NPCs in town. Though they dish out quests, their dialogue boxes are broken with programming codes instead of full, actual dialogue.

The biggest appeals of New Frontier are its vast and rather interesting world, as well as its gunplay mechanics which work rather well. The large world gives off a Red Dead Redemption vibe. It has towns, ruined settlements and even train tacks. The main mode of transport is through riding a horse. Unfortunately, the world itself is almost devoid of anything living, except sporadic enemies in ruined areas. There are even unoptimized parts where you can get through solid objects like trees and rocks which is just terrible.

Meanwhile, New Frontier’s gunplay is quite decent, though it lacks the intricacies of most shooters. The main weapons include revolvers, semi-automatic carbines, and shotguns which you’ll use to attack other players and monsters which range from grotesque dog-sized bugs the size of a large dog to zombie lizard-like aliens.

Considering that it’s an MMO, New Frontier focuses primarily on co-op and PvP. It’s best if you dive in an play with other players to craft items and building materials to build your own homestead and fortress. However, the building mechanics are unrefined, and harvesting resources from the world itself is a huge chore. It also has a lot of building-related bugs (pieces that can’t be placed, disappearing buildings) which makes this part of the game quite unplayable.


New Frontier doesn’t have a large player-pool, but it does have a number of well-populated servers. The community is relatively friendly today, and you can definitely ask players you meet to do some exploring and questing with you. You can even form up a posse and try to be the top crew in the server.


In terms of presentation, New Frontier excels. It’s a good-looking game with high-definition textures, animations, and world design. It looks and feels as if you’re playing an early version Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. Unfortunately, there are minor gaffes like texture pop-ins and framerate drops even in a rather unpopulated world.


Overall, New Frontier is a work in progress. The game’s ideas and world are already there, and the developers already have a blueprint of what they need to work on. Unfortunately, there’s just not much content to keep you hooked as of today. Regardless, we’re looking forward to what future patches and fixes hold.

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New Game Added: New Frontier

by Mikhail Aug 12, 2019
New Frontier is a new wild west game where you can build your own home, ride with your friends, and engage in vicious gunfights. Battle hellish monsters and aliens, and explore an extremely dangerous world. Play with your friends and battle enemies together. Form a posse and dominate the map. Riding a horse alongside deer in New Frontier Camping in New Frontier Shootout in a ruined town in New Frontier Read More
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