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Naruto Online 8 rate Engage in epic battles alongside Naruto and his friends in this turn-based role playing game. Pick your avatar, complete quests and level up to fulfill the wishes of the Hokage and help rid Konoha of evil foes. Use special skills and follow a familiar timeline with characters from the show. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Naruto Online is a turn-based RPG based on the popular anime series, Naruto. In the game, you’ll meet many of the characters from the series, and you can even recruit some of them as part of your team. The main objective of the game is to complete missions given by the Third Hokage. Completed Missions help you level up, unlock basic game features and recruit new ninjas to your team. Once you have all game features unlocked, you can strengthen and upgrade equipment, add an available talent and train or recruit team members.


Naruto Online starts out the same way as most RPGs, and you can select a ninja with your preferred skill/talent. Once done, you enter the village dojo in Konoha and meet with the Third Hokage who will give you your first mission. Each mission involves a battle with a certain enemy and this happens in a turn-based style combat. When you first start, you’ll be fighting on your own, but you can later add more ninjas to your team. Each completed Mission will be rated from one to three Battle Points (ninja stars), depending on whether you accomplished all tasks within the mission. Also depending on your Battle Points, you’ll receive Coins and random items or equipment. When you reach Level 20, you’ll have the ability to Sweep missions, which means you can re-do the mission without getting into the actual fight, but get more Experience and rewards.

Fighting an enemy during battle happens almost automatically, and you only need to click on the Talent/Skills icon to activate it. When you’ve added ninjas to your team, you’ll be guided into positioning them so they fight according to an order you prefer. This “fighting order” will apply on every fight, and you won’t have to use any mouse or keyboard controls for attacks. However, you can use the Q, W, E, R, T, Y hotkeys to activate a ninja’s skill or just click on the skill icon with the left mouse button. When you reach Level 13, Auto Combat will be available. Auto Combat will enable a completely automated battle mode, and skills are activated without player input.

As you level up, other game features will be unlocked, such as adding a new skill and recruiting more ninjas to your team. You’ll get a brief tutorial on how to use a new unlocked feature, so you can follow along and learn how it works. New skills are made available as you level up, and you’ll get a notification pop-up box when it’s ready to use. The same thing goes for recruiting new ninjas to the team. A new ninja needs to be given a position in your battle formation and then feed it with food items acquired from past missions. Each ninja in your team will have individual levels, and they will level up separately. In more advanced levels, you can transform a ninja or create one using Ninja fragments.

Equipment is acquired as you complete missions. Once an equipment is available, you’ll have a One-Click button to put it on. Once you obtain a second or third equipment of the same kind, it goes on to other ninjas in your team. You’ll see a pop-up notification once an upgrade is available for an equipment. Different items are needed to upgrade equipment, specifically Scrolls and various Stones, and these are easily collected by completing missions or collecting daily and server opening rewards.
Other than the main missions, you can take the Ninja Exam, which is a Player vs Player mode of fighting. You challenge other players to fight in several rounds and the last team standing wins. The same battle settings are available in this PvP mode, but you’ll have random ninjas as team members. You get Coins and Experience Points when you win the fight. You also get Magatama orbs, which are used to increase Resistance, Life, Ninjutsu and other attributes. The orbs can be equipped using the Beset tab in the Strengthen interface.

If you want to form your own group with other players, you can do so when you unlock the Groups feature. You can apply to join existing groups, or create a new one. Note that creating a group requires Coupons. Coupons are acquired from different rewards other than missions. For instance, there is a daily reward for logging in every day, and you can get random rewards – including Coupons. Coupons are also used for purchasing Magatama or Scrolls from the Shop.

Naruto Online is certainly a modern RPG with auto-pathing and auto-combat features, but navigation can still be manually done if you prefer. While you won’t get too hands-on with fighting, the combat animation and combos are pretty fun to watch. If you’re a Naruto fan, you’ll appreciate all the elements taken from the beloved series and incorporated into this game.


Naruto Online has a huge player population, most probably because they’re followers of the series. You can find the official forum for the game at the website. You can also connect with the game developers and learn about game updates from their Facebook page, which has over 180 thousand followers.


One of the game’s best features is the accuracy of graphics when it comes to the characters and animations. Fans of the game will surely nitpick on certain details here and there, but overall the game does achieve the anime quality that is very close to the series. Sound and sound effects are also quite enjoyable, and it matches quite well with the game scenes.


While most of Naruto Online is taken from the series, it’s safe to say that you don’t have to know anything about this show to play the game. Although some knowledge of Ninjutsu skills might work, the game does a great job of explaining each and every element – from skills to equipment and everything else in between. You won’t get lost with jargon here, and it’s just as easy to learn as any other RPG. Whether you’re a fan or not, Naruto Online is fun, action-packed, with ninjas of different personalities. Play today and find out what adventures await in Konoha village and beyond!
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