Major Tom: Space Adventure

by Aethyna
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Major Tom: Space Adventure 9 rate Popularized by the song Space Oddity by David Bowie, the fictional astronaut that everybody adores is back in this amazingly addictive casual game, Major Tom: Space Adventure! How high can you help Major Tom go? Well, play now and find out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Popularized by the song Space Oddity by David Bowie, the fictional astronaut that everybody adores is back in this amazingly addictive casual game, Major Tom: Space Adventure! Help him venture into space and feast your eyes on the beautiful marvels that space has to offer. Pilot him around using the boosters on his space suit while attempting to collect valuable ore chunks as well as avoiding dangerous obstacles in his journey. Collect all the various quirky space suits that the game has to offer, such as the Superman-inspired Kripto-Tom suit. How high can you help Major Tom go in Major Tom Space Adventure? Well, play now and find out!


Like most mobile-based games, the controls in Major Tom: Space Adventure are very simple to grasp, making this the sort of casual game that little kids can also enjoy! What you’ll need to do is to press your finger/s on the screen of your mobile device to help Major Tom navigate through the more dangerous areas in space. By pressing a finger or a thumb on the left side of the screen, you will make Major Tom move left and vice versa.

To make him go upwards, you’ll need to press your fingers, or thumbs, on both left and right sides of the screen. The upwards motion is very important in this game as you mustn’t let Major Tom drift endlessly into space by keeping Major Tom away from the bottom of the screen. Technically, this isn’t logical since there isn’t any “top” or “bottom” in space, but for the sake of the game, you can just bend the laws of physics for just a bit and assume that there is a top and bottom in space.

The most important aspect of Major Tom: Space Adventure is the fuel gauge that you can see at the top of the screen. Whenever you press on the screen, Major Tom will use up a bit of his fuel to move towards the direction you dictate. However, fuel doesn’t replenish itself (or at least it replenishes really, really slowly) when you release your hold on the screen. This means that you’ll most certainly run out of fuel before long. This is where the hearts that are situated right beside the fuel gauge come in!

In order to gain better score points, you will definitely need to spend your precious hearts to revive Major Tom. Once your fuel run out, Major Tom will “fall”, but don’t despair as you can revive him for a mere 1 heart for another shot at getting a higher score point. You can revive Major Tom as many times as you like in this game, but each subsequent revival will cost you more and more hearts. For instance, the first revival will cost you 1 heart while the next revival will cost you 3 instead... and so on and so forth. Hearts do not automatically regenerate over time, but you could get free hearts by watching advert videos or by spending real money. However, this is the only feasible method (at the moment) to obtain a higher score.

Furthermore, as you’re helping Major Tom journey through space, you should navigate him in such a way that you can collect as many golden ore chunks that are floating in space as possible. These chunks are somewhat vital in the game as it gives your final score a boost. Not to mention, you will also need to have lots of them just so you could later purchase other types of space suits for Major Tom to wear.

There are many interesting selections available in the in-game shop, such as the afro-wig-wearing Tom Spavolta and the Iron Man lookalike, Aluminium-Tom. There is even a “The Tulk” which is a rather amusing word-play on the famous Avengers’ character, The Hulk. Major Tom: Space Adventure offers up to 13 different space suits for you to collect at the moment, but the game promises a lot more suits later on, such as a Batman-inspired suit that may just possibly be called Bat-Tom.

Collecting enough of these ores to obtain a new suit will get progressively difficult as you’ll need more and more of the valuable golden ores. Thus, to help ease the pressure, you could easily obtain more (and free) golden ores by watching any of their many video adverts. Each advert will earn you a whopping 100 ores which may possibly take you multiple gameplays to accumulate, unless you’re a pro in games such as this one.

A game isn’t fun if it doesn’t feel like a challenge. This is particularly true for this game. Major Tom: Space Adventure provides plenty of obstacles in an effort to hamper Major Tom’s progress through space. It is up to you and your superb navigational skills to help him avoid all these potentially deadly “death traps”, such as planets, random asteroids and even aliens.

It’s interesting to note that the game allow you some leeway in terms of collision with smaller obstacles, namely asteroid fragments. When you collide with these smaller fragments, the screen will only turn red, indicating that Major Tom has collided with something. However, since the game doesn’t have a health bar for Major Tom, you can potentially collide with as many small asteroids as you like without any major consequences. That being said, you wouldn’t want to “try” steering Major Tom towards a particularly large piece of asteroid though... you wouldn’t want to prematurely end your “high score streak” right?

Major Tom: Space Adventure also offers a ranking system that is linked to your Google account. You can then see how you’ve performed among the other players of the game. The only downside of this game is the pop-up adverts. Although they do not pop up as often (thankfully), when they do though, it is when you’ve just started a new game and was trying to steer Major Tom around. Due to this, you will most certainly tap on the advert by accident, causing your device to send you to some other game’s Google Play page when all you want is to play Major Tom: Space Adventure.


Due to the game being in its beta phase, the community that has access to the game at the moment is rather limited. However, I’m positive that the game community will definitely improve over time, especially once the game is fully released on Google Play.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Major Tom: Space Adventure are pretty unique. It has a rather special art style that features a prismatic effect. Not to mention, everything’s designed in a way that makes the game look very well-polished. You definitely won’t be disappointed!

The music, on the other hand, features a quite catchy, techno-style beat. This type of music, however, is perhaps an acquired taste and may not be nice to listen to for everyone. Personally, I’m a tad bit surprised that the game didn’t make a nice modern-like rendition of the famous song that inspired the theme of this game.


In conclusion, Major Tom: Space Adventure is a very addictive casual game that allows you to pilot the famous fictional astronaut, Major Tom, across space. The game spices things up by adding in obstacles, both small and large ones, along with plenty of golden ores that you can collect along the way. With enough ores, you can then purchase new and more incredible-looking space suit for Major Tom, including the Superman-inspired Kripto-Tom suit which allows Major Tom to soar through space like... well, Superman! Although the pop-up adverts can be a bit bothersome at times and there can be some improvements made to the game, Major Tom: Space Adventure is, overall, a very well-designed game. Fans of both casual games and Major Tom will definitely enjoy this game! So, try it today!

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New Game Added: Major Tom: Space Adventure

by Aethyna Nov 24, 2015
Popularized by the song Space Oddity by David Bowie, the fictional astronaut that everybody adores is back in this amazingly addictive casual game, Major Tom: Space Adventure! How high can you help Major Tom go? Well, play now and find out! Alien encounter Kripto-Tom Ores masquerading as a satellite Read More
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