Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders

by Kim
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Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders 9 rate Discover magic and wonder in all four seasons with this simple but enchanting building game. In Magic Seasons : Fair of Wonders, you’ll have a blast collecting magic wands, leaves and snowflakes to build toys, castles and other delightful things to grow a lively Spring, Summer or Winter scene. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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In Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders, you need to collect magic wands to upgrade buildings and characters in four different scenes called Glades. Glades highlight a certain season, such as Winter or Spring. In each Glade, there’s a character and some buildings to upgrade. To collect more magic wands, you can spin the Wheel of Fortune play memory games in the Wonder Fair. Keep upgrading to improve each magical scene, while completing quests to earn more wands and other rewards.


Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders is a simple building game that allows you to earn rewards while completing different quests. The default scene is the Wonder Fair, where you meet an Elf magician who grants Leaves. You can use Leaves in this scene to buy toys and other useful things. Here, you can play the Wheel of Fortune using tickets to win free magic wands, Leaves and keys to open treasure chests. There’s also a chest and a gift box that you can open every few hours. When you first start the game, you’re given a generous amount of in-game currency, tickets and magic wands to complete the first few tasks.

There are Quests listed on the left side of the screen, and you can follow these to get the rewards indicated on the quest’s description. To increase your level, you need to upgrade buildings and each character in a Glade. Mouse over a character or building until it turns into a purple wand. Click several times to upgrade. The number of wands you have is indicated with a purple star on the top-left corner of the screen. When this turns to zero, you can’t upgrade anymore. You can get more wands with Rubies, play games or complete Quests. Rubies are the premium currency of the game, and can be bought with real money.

When you have completed Quests in Wonder Fair, you can explore the other four Glades: The Grand Journey, Floral Meadow and Winter Meadow. In The Grand Journey, you’ll meet an explorer and her snow leopard. The snow leopard grants Snowflakes, which is also an in-game currency and can be used to buy items from the Shop. Both the Explorer and the snow leopard can be upgraded. There’s a Tent where you can buy toys, flags and upgrades. You can upgrade the Tent with the magic wand as well.

In Floral Meadow, you need to upgrade the Summerhouse first before you can do anything else here. Once you’ve upgraded the Summerhouse to Level 2, you can start building flowerbeds, fish from the Brook, build a Pet House for a cat or grow birds in a nest. You can buy flowers, fishing gear and toys from the Shop. You’ll need Leaves to purchase items in this Glade.

In Winter Meadow, you’ll meet the Christmas Elf and her pet polar bear. This Glade shares the same currency with The Grand Journey, which is in Snowflakes. The Christmas Elf, snowman, deer and owl gives Snowflake. Here you can go to Santa’s Workshop to create a Gift Sack. For 120 Snowflakes, you can make a sack with random items and rewards. Complete a collection of items and get even bigger rewards!

In each Glade, you can access the Expedition icon on the bottom-right corner (the sleigh icon). Here, you can buy a sleigh and choose a destination (London, Paris, etc.). Wait for the expedition to be done and get your rewards in the form of magic wands.

Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders is a colorful world of magic and discovery. Quests are simple yet challenging, and you need to be careful with spending your magic wands so you don’t run out of it too soon. Despite this small challenge, this game offers a variety of scenes with different Quests, so there’s always something to do, and you get twice as many rewards.

In Floral Meadow and Wonder Fair, you can create and collect building blocks to build in the scene. You can only create a limited number of blocks at a time. If you want more, you can ask your friends to send you some. Blocks can also be sent to friends in exchange for a little reward. In Winter Meadow and The Grand Journey, you can create ornaments instead of blocks. The same rule for blocks applies to creating ornaments.

In addition to rewards granted by Quests and Expeditions, each Glade has a list of Achievements. Click on the golden cup icon on the bottom-right to see all Achievements and claim those you have completed. Rewards can come in Rubies, Leaves, Snowflakes or Magic Wands. Sometimes, an achievement may be the same for two different Glades, but you can claim two separate rewards!


There’s a growing community of players for this game and you can find them on the Facebook Community page for Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders. Here, you’ll get information about playing the game, the latest game updates and upcoming episodes. You can also ask other players to add you as their friend in the game.


The graphics in this game is superb, to say the least. While there’s not much animation going on, the artwork is detailed and has a three-dimensional quality to it. The background music is cheerful and festive, which will make you wish it was Christmas already. Just interacting with the images and looking at them makes the game very relaxing.


Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders promises a wonderful world filled with many delightful things. It doesn’t, however, promise you that things will be easy to accomplish. This game is deceptively simple, yet it will require patience, a bit of strategy and lots of time discovering all aspects of the game. Despite this, the rewards are worth every mouse-click and you won’t regret the day you started the game.

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New Game Added: Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders

by Kim May 24, 2016
Discover magic and wonder in all four seasons with this simple but enchanting building game. In Magic Seasons : Fair of Wonders, you’ll have a blast collecting magic wands, leaves and snowflakes to build toys, castles and other delightful things to grow a lively Spring, Summer or Winter scene. Wonder Fair in Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders winter meadow visiting a friend's glade in Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders Read More
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