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Magerealm 9.2 rate The demons have successfully invaded and destroyed the holy city... and you are the only survivor. Magically weakened and severely injured, you’ll need to restore your strength and eventually take the fight to Njord and other demonic leaders who have escaped from whence they came in Magerealm: Rise of Chaos! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The demons have successfully invaded and destroyed the holy city... and you are the only survivor. Magically weakened and severely injured, you’ll need to restore your strength and eventually take the fight to Njord and other demonic leaders who have escaped from whence they came in Magerealm: Rise of Chaos, the brand new anime-based browser MMORPG! Choose from 1 out of 3 character classes provided and start your arduous journey! Recruit and upgrade various angels and heroes to help you along the way! Don’t forget to improve your equipments, skills and get additional stats from your Mage’s Road! Participate in exciting and challenging dungeons and have fun defeating other players at the arena hall! Can you rise up to the occasion once again, defeat the demons and restore peace to the realm?


The peace that the realm has enjoyed for years was shattered when the Mystery Man along with his demonic horde attacked the sacred altar and desecrated it. The city fell to the demon attacks as creatures most foul streamed out from the Seal Altar. This demonic invasion resulted in the abnormality of the Seal and the city is practically “rigged” and ready to blow if there were another huge magical flux... which was exactly what the fight between Freya and Ander has caused. The result? The entire holy city of mages was wiped out by the resulting magical explosion... except for you. What a miracle indeed!

Nonetheless, the Njord, the demon who orchestrated the attack has fled, and you are in no shape to pursue it... at least not for now. Build up your strength in Magerealm, hunt down all the demonic leaders, who have escaped into the realm, and send them back to where they belong!


The game starts off by asking you to create your character. In Magerealm, you are given 3 character types to choose from and although their roles are pretty generic, the classes do seem unique. The character classes include Realmguard, a master of channeling magical powers through his weapons; Spellmaster, the most knowledgeable of mages and the half-demon Truthkeeper who has the ability to switch between forms (between his demonic form and human form) at will. Different character classes will start off with different stats, for instance, realmguard has the highest defense while the spellmaster has the highest attack stat when compared among the 3 classes. However, you are unable to customize your character as they are gender-locked.

Questing is fairly straightforward due to its auto-routing feature and you can level up pretty easily. Most quests in this game deal mainly with clearing story dungeons, thus, learning how to do combat is vital in Magerealm! Combat is somewhat team-based in this game because of your two companions (which you’ll unlock later) – the angel and hero. Furthermore, the game implements a combo, or “kill streak”, system that allows you to earn bonus experience points if you can chain up your mob kills. Whether you’ll emerge victorious from a battle or not depends rather heavily on your battle rating and this should be the focus of your attention in Magerealm... if you want to be the best of course!

Battle rating generally shows the strength of your team and you will want to keep raising it as high as you can. To do so, there are a plethora of methods available. The easiest though is by equipping better gear and items. You can obtain new and usually more superior items by running dungeons, which you’ll definitely need to do since they are intricately linked to quests in Magerealm. You can also improve your gear by enhancing it or adding gems to the sockets on your equipments. There is even an option for you to imbue your items with bonus stats and a bestow feature which allows you to transfer 100% of the stats of an inferior item to your current equipment.

Furthermore, you should level up your skills using amethyst. You can also add runes (purchased using amethyst as well) to permanently boost up your skills. You are even given a pair of wings that boosts up your stats, and also your battle rating, by a significant amount. New and better wings can be obtained by reaching a certain stage in the story.

Angels, as aforementioned, also play a huge role in determining your battle rating as long you remember to deploy them. You can make your angel stronger by increasing intimacy via augmentation. Each completed level of augmentation will fill in 1 heart from the 5 available and once all 5 are filled, your angel will rank up.

Another important contributor to your battle rating is your other companion – your hero. Heroes are typically separated into 3 types; they are warrior, assassin and support. You can recruit new heroes at the tavern but you can only deploy 1 hero with you at a time. Heroes come in different grades and the best one is, of course, the legendary heroes. Like angels, you can level up your heroes as well, but instead of keepsake that angels use, you’ll need to get EXP potions to level up your heroes.

For fans of PvE, Magerealm provides quite a variety of dungeons and challenges that you can enjoy! Most dungeons are solo story-related dungeons though, while for challenges, you can only bring along a friend who is at most 5 levels higher than you to kill a range of bosses. Challenges are perfect to farm for legendary equipments. If you’re lucky, you may even get to participate in the world boss event. These events are usually and randomly assigned and by signing up, you can get quite a lot of goodies.

On the other hand, for PvP fans, Magerealm offers duels and arena fights instead. Both PvP events will award you with prestige and honor which you can then use to exchange for items, such as different grades of potions and upgrade materials, at the PvP shop. These PvP fights are automatically resolved, thus, the battle rating you have is of utmost importance here if you plan on leaving the arena victorious!

Besides that, Magerealm also provides an AFK mode only in the Capitol and Guild Domains that will let your character earn experience points by just logging in. By remaining online, you can also unlock new inventory slots for your bag and your warehouse. If you invite others to join you in an “AFK room”, you can earn even more experience points! If you need more money instead, you can try your luck at Midas Touch. There are even plenty of daily freebies and achievement rewards that you can collect as well!


The community in Magerealm: Rise of Chaos generally group together into guilds and guilds are very useful in this game. By being in a guild, you are rewarded with certain benefits, such as access guild domain, whereby you can access a range of guild-only features like completing bounties, as well as the opportunity to participate in guild events to earn upgrading materials! Guild members can also contribute any excess money that they have for the good of the guild – that is to say to help the guild level up the various structures in the guild domain! If you fancy starting your own guild… well, why not? You can start your own guild as well!

Graphics/ Sound

The music in Magerealm: Rise of Chaos consists of a range of soothing yet inspirational music as well as the heart-pounding combat music. The music in the game are of high quality. On the other hand, the anime-inspired cartoon graphics in this game are very similar to other anime MMORPG games. You got to love the beautiful character models and its sceneries as well!


In short, Magerealm: Rise of Chaos is an anime-inspired browser-based MMORPG that has a rather engaging plotline of you taking up the heroic role to save the realm from a potentially devastating demonic invasion. In this game, you are given the option to choose to be a realmguard, spiritmaster or truthkeeper. You are allowed to bring along powerful companions, namely an angel and a hero, to help you on your journey as well! Remember to keep improving your team’s battle rating by leveling up your companions, improving your skills and upgrading your character’s equipments. Have fun running through challenging dungeons and boss challenges as well as fighting other players in the arena or in a duel! If you enjoy browser MMOs, Magerealm: Rise of Chaos is certainly one game you wouldn’t want to miss! Play it now!

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Pretty impressive for a browser-based game

In Magerealm, you play the role of the sole survivor of a magical explosion in the holy city of mages who must find the demons responsible for destroying his abode.

The game begins with the attack...Full Review
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