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Game of Thrones: Conquest 10 rate Conquer the various seats of power across Westeros, and ultimately, the coveted Iron Throne in this brilliant MMO strategy game based off on HBO's hit TV series, Game of Thrones: Conquest! Do you have what it takes to unite the seven kingdoms in the brutal and ruthless world of Game of Thrones? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Following in the wake of the internationally popular TV show, Game of Thrones, a series of games related to it has been produced. However, unlike the games created by Telltale, Game of Thrones: Conquest aims to focus more on the warfare and leave all the political intrigue up to the players themselves. In this game, you’ll be playing as an up-and-coming lord of Westeros and your first order of business is to get your own lord-dom up and running, However, as you grow in strength, you’ll want to conquer the various seats of power across Westeros and ultimately the coveted Iron Throne. Do you have what it takes to unite the seven kingdoms in the brutal and ruthless world of Game of Thrones?


In Game of Thrones: Conquest, you play as a up-and-coming lord of Westeros who has caught the attention of various prominent figures in the series, including Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. After helping them defend the Wall with a platoon of 100 soldiers, they have noticed your potential and ask you to help them unite the seven kingdoms in hopes of bringing order to the realm. To start your quest though, you are granted your own keep and Tyrion Lannister is appointed as your advisor.


The tutorial in this game is very straightforward. All you need to do is to just follow the instructions and you should learn pretty much everything about the game by the time you’re handed the reins.

Basically though, since the game is an MMO strategy game, you’ll need to build up your castle, amass an army and start conquering others on the battlefield. The castle-building aspect is pretty much what you’d expect. You will need to accumulate resources by building and upgrading various resource-producing buildings like farms, sawmills, mines and stone quarries. Mines and stone quarries are only unlocked much later in the game though since they are used for more advanced weapons, tools and structures. Don’t forget about the storehouse too! It doesn’t only help you store all of your stuff; it can help you safeguard your goods from being plundered by enemies.

The building process itself starts off pretty fast and easy, but eventually, you’ll find yourself waiting hours on end for a building to be upgraded. This isn’t helped by the fact that you are only given 1 construction slot for free. Thankfully, the game is rather generous with its free speed-ups and second builders, which will allow you to construct or upgrade 2 buildings at the same time.

Not to mention, you can speed-up the building process for free if it falls below 10 minutes. If not, you can instantly complete a process by spending gold (premium currency). Some buildings are level-restricted but once you reach level 8, you should already have most buildings built. The locations for the more important buildings are all fixed so at least you won’t need to worry about where to put what.

Another part that a growing House needs is research. You can only conduct research provided you’ve built a Maester’s Tower and like the building slots, you only get 1 research slot for free. You can always buy more if you really need it but sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can get another one for free. There are multiple disciplines of research and you will do well to have as many of them researched. These little advancements will help tremendously in the battlefield.

However, advanced researches can be a tad bit tougher to level up mainly because they require Scholarly Fragments that you can get through random drops. You needn’t worry though – the drop rate seems to be reasonably high.

Your hero also plays a pretty important role in this game since you can equip him or her with items that will provide a series of perks respectively. However, complete weapons and armor don’t drop from creatures, beasts or human enemies... that’d be ridiculous! Instead, you can gather crafting materials by taking on these enemies via the world map, and then get your Smithy to start crafting the items you need.

There is a seriously wide range of material quality and the end item you get depends on the quality of materials you use. So, don’t go expecting epic quality weapons using common quality materials. These equipments can be further upgraded at the Smithy as well. Aside from crafting, you can even check out your House’s stats or design your very own House banner. The options that you can get to choose from is simply astounding.

Now that you’ve got your House business done and over with, it’s time to start building up that army of yours. Game of Thrones: Conquest provides players with a wide range of units and unit types to recruit. However, you’ll need to build (and subsequently, upgrade) each of the building associated with a unit type, such as a barracks for the foot soldiers and an archery for the archers. The units in this game is also tiered and you can unlock higher tiered soldiers by upgrading your building.

Once you’ve got your army, it’s time to deploy them on the world map. There are plenty of targets for you to order your troops to, aside from other players’ castles, including creatures to fight, as well as resource locations to gather some extra resources from. If you can’t find a suitable creature to fight, you can use the helpful Creature Finder tool to search for one nearby.

At the War Room, you can also fight various known kingdoms in Westeros, such as Riverdale, Winterfell, etc, in an attempt to secure Seats of Power, This will essentially give you control over an entire region. You can rule over your region as you like, by appointing people you trust to positions of authority. Capturing Seats of Power will also drastically increase your fame, making you a force to be reckoned with and hence, titles will be more willing to barter with you.

You only get 1 march slot though, so this means that you can send out 1 platoon of troops (how much units per platoon vary depending on your War Camp upgrades) at a time. You can buy more slots using gold if needed.

Being a freemium game, Game of Thrones: Conquest provides lots of stuff in its in-game shop that you can buy using gold or real cash. These items range from packs to additional builders maesters and marching slots.

Generally, in terms of gameplay, Game of Thrones: Conquest has a lot to offer. The developers somehow managed to make the beginning of the game fast-paced and exciting while giving players lots of freebies to keep them going for quite some time. However, the game does experience frequent syncing issues, which will force you to exit the game and start it up again.


Interestingly, Game of Thrones: Conquest copied, to some extent, the empire management system in the series. This means that in this game, you can actually pledge your allegiance to another Lord (player) and become a liege yourself and accept up to 6 pledges from other players (your bannermen). This pyramid-shaped chain of command, which can eventually be rather long since your bannermen can get bannermen of their own, is what makes up the game’s guild a.k.a. Allegiance system.

Each Allegiance will have its own chat system where players can coordinate with one another. I also like that the game’s chat has an auto-translate function which will... well, auto-translate all texts typed in other languages into English.

Graphics/ Sound

Graphics-wise, Game of Thrones: Conquest has some pretty stunning, high-quality ones that look really nice from afar, but may crumble a bit under scrutiny, especially when zoomed in when, for example, the building upgrade screen pops up.

But honestly, what I liked the most is the music. I like how the music on the world map retains part of the famous Game of Thrones opening theme music and yet put a bit of a twist to it, adapting the music perfectly for the game. The music used as background for your castle is pretty amazing in its own right as well.


To conclude, I’d say that Game of Thrones: Conquest is a rather impressive MMO strategy game. In addition to the usual strategic gameplay, the game has unique features like the kingdom management system of bannermen and lieges which doubles as a guild system as well. Its pace is also just perfect to get new players hooked onto the game... and well, the game’s generosity when it comes to drops and freebies is probably a very important reason why most free-to-play players still stick around. And of course, the popularity of its TV counterpart is raging until this day, so the interest for players to try a “Game of Thrones game” is pretty much at its peak.

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by Aethyna Nov 12, 2017
Conquer the various seats of power across Westeros, and ultimately, the coveted Iron Throne in this brilliant MMO strategy game based off on HBO's hit TV series, Game of Thrones: Conquest! Do you have what it takes to unite the seven kingdoms in the brutal and ruthless world of Game of Thrones? Game of Thrones: Conquest: Your keep Hero profile in Game of Thrones: Conquest Game of Thrones: Conquest: Creature battle Read More
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