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by Aethyna
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Eternal Chaos 9 rate Reborn from the fallen God of Wars, you are given another chance to take on the Abyss Lord and to stop his minions from plunging the entire realm into an eternal chaos! The journey will be perilous, but you are the only one who can save the world. Will you pick up this great responsibility? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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With the impending rebirth of the Abyss Lord, the world is about to plunge into an eternal chaos. Being the God of Wars reborn, only you can do something about it! In this exciting MMORPG, Eternal Chaos, you’ll need work to build up your character’s powers through zodiacs, skill and gear upgrades, and other methods, while keeping your beast and mount well-fed and healthy. Merge with your beast to gain superior strength to take on the many boss monsters in various dungeons and locations around the world. Don’t forget to test your skills against other players at the arena as well. Will you be able to regain the godly powers you’ve once wielded and use it to defeat the Abyss Lord once and for all?


The Ancient Gods have locked the Dark Abyss Emperor away for good... or so they think. Somehow, the remnants of the Emperors’ forces have grouped together once more to form the Abyss Legion. They are hell-bent on setting their master, the Abyss Lord, free and to plunge the entire world back into an eternal chaos, and being the God of Wars, it’s your duty to stop them.

Ill-prepared as you were, you’ve battled the Abyss Generals and had lost the fight. Thankfully, you were granted another chance – a rebirth - to put a stop to their nefarious plans. In exchange though, you’ll be stripped of your memory and almost all of your godly powers and strength. You’ll need to regain what you’ve lost if you ever hope to defeat the Abyss Lord, and hence, your journey in Eternal Chaos commences!


Due to the game being a rather new one, Eternal Chaos currently provides 1 server. You’ll also need to install a mini-client before you can get into the game proper.

Once you’re in, you’ll be requested to create your character. Characters in Eternal Chaos can be separated into 3 archetype classes, namely the Berserker, the Assassin and the Mage. Depending on which method of dealing damage you prefer, you’ll need to pick 1 of these classes to proceed. Each class in this game can wield up to 5 different abilities (excluding the “ordinary attack” skill) though you’ll start with just 2 skills. New skills can be made available as you level up and existing skills can be upgraded by infusing these abilities with sufficient Chrono energy. There aren’t any character customizations in this game except the option of picking the gender that you like.

The questing process in Eternal Chaos is pretty much automated due to its auto-pathing system. Quests can be picked up and completed even if you decide to go “AFK”. In fact, the combat aspect of the game is also automated, making this impressive-looking MMORPG feels a lot like an idle MMORPG (you can usually find these genres on the mobile platform). However, you are given certain amount of control over how the automation works via the settings, or you could choose to forgo the automation altogether and level your character the old-school way.

Similar to most browser MMORPGs, Eternal Chaos offers a wide variety of PvE dungeons, in addition to questing and the plethora of timed events like the Clear Abyss event in which you’ll team up with fellow players to stop the waves of monsters within the limited duration given. For dungeons, they include Demon Hunts where you’ll need to kill elite monsters to get stat boosts; Campaigns that will reward you with rare gear, voucher cards (semi-premium currency), and mount stones, which you’ll need to upgrade your mount; and even treasure Dungeons that will award you with epic Valor items.

There are even a ton of PvE challenges on offer in this game, such as Hero Trials, Beast Den, Hero Guardian, Dragon Treasure, Blessed Trial, and Zodiac Realm. There’s also a Manhunt feature where you can hunt down a particularly tough-to-kill NPC that is roaming around a specific region in the game world by yourself or in a team. Personally, I would recommend a team.

What about PvP? Well, like most MMORPGs, Eterncal Chaos provides the Chrono Arena for you to test your character’s strength against a fellow player. By fighting your way up the ranks, you can earn Honor points which can then be exchanged for some fantastic goods. If you’re good enough, you may just land yourself a seat in the Domination hall and have a statue of your character constructed in the middle of the City of Time.

For your character to be any good in either PvE or PvP, you’ll need to make sure that your character is getting the best items, stats and skills that he or she could have. As mentioned, one of these methods is by upgrading your character’s abilities or skills. Besides skills, your character can also grow stronger by upgrading its zodiac. Works much like a rather linear talent tree, each zodiac node will grant you bonus stats once unlocked. You can do so by investing Chrono energy as well. However, since every node has a different success rate, there’s a chance the Chrono energy you’ve spent might be for naught.

Your character’s equipments play a quite important role in boosting up your character’s Battle Rating as well. New and more superior items can usually be obtained in loot drops from various slain monsters, but in this game, before using an item, you’ll need to spend a bit of in-game cash to appraise the item first. Furthermore, you can also upgrade your equipments by enhancing to increase their levels, refining to change an existing stat on an item into a stat you want, transferring stats from an item to another, or adding powerful emblems to augment your equipments.

In Eternal Chaos, you will also have a trusty beast that will accompany you on your journey. However, unlike most games where these “pets” only play an insignificant role in the gameplay, beasts are incredibly crucial in this game. In fact, these beasts contribute to the most unique aspect in Eternal Chaos - your ability to merge with your beast, allowing you access to 2 additional abilities. By triggering this ability at the most opportune moment, you’ll be able to take down even the toughest monsters the Abyss Generals can throw at you.

Let’s not forget about the mount, mount gear and mount skill upgrades that you can perform to give your Battle Rating a rather substantial boost. The same goes for the many titles you can acquire in the game as well as the mementoes you can piece together by collecting artifacts from the past.

If you want to give your character certain advantages or to allow it to power through the leveling process a lot faster, you can check out some of the VIP packs, upgrade materials and “fashion” items which will give its wearer improved stats. There are even marriage items which you can use to propose and subsequently marry another player of the opposite gender, as well as stones to refill your character’s health or mana points.


The community in Eternal Chaos is mainly segregated into various Legions. Similar to guilds in many ways, by signing up for one, you’ll be granted access to a slew of features that only guild members can have, including special guild vs guild wars, guild raids and more. Of course, you mustn’t forget to contribute to your guild whenever you can to help it grow.

Eternal Chaos is an MMORPG that actually encourages team play too. Due to this, whenever you are in a group, you’ll get a “Team Buff” which allows you to earn bonus game cash and experience points for every kill you’ve made or quests you’ve completed.

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D graphics in Eternal Chaos look absolutely amazing. Unlike most browser MMOs, you can actually rotate the camera in 180 degrees as well as zooming in and out. However, although the game’s visuals really seem high-end, the art style and the graphics as a whole feel familiar. That being said, the background soundtrack in this game is nothing short of incredible. The music changes depending on the location you’re in and I’ve got to say, so far, the best music in the game can be found in the City of Time.


Unlike the isometric, 2.5D browser-based MMORPGs out there, Eternal Chaos dared to be different by adopting a completely 3D, slightly top-down look. The game also added in some really special features such as the beast merging mode, which is admittedly pretty cool. Although I’m not very fond of having everything automated for me, there’s still an option for you to skip all the automation and play the game old-school style. There are also just so many dungeons, quests, events, mini-games and arena battles to boot. You’ll definitely not be bored in this game! So, are you ready to hunt down the Abyss Lord and his Generals, and to save the world from their clutches? If so, play Eternal Chaos now!

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New Game Added: Eternal Chaos

by Aethyna May 27, 2016
Reborn from the fallen God of Wars, you are given another chance to take on the Abyss Lord and to stop his minions from plunging the entire realm into an eternal chaos! The journey will be perilous, but you are the only one who can save the world. Will you pick up this great responsibility? Eternal Chaos: Manhunt Hero Trial in Eternal Chaos Eternal Chaos: Horse mount Read More
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