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England Soccer League 8 rate Form your own soccer team and start an exciting match in England Soccer League. Guide each player score a goal while following the rules of the game. Use keyboard controls to maneuver kicks, tackles to deliver the ball into a winning goal. Score high points and conquer the world of soccer! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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England Soccer League is a free browser-based soccer game that grants hours of exciting soccer gameplay in third person view. In this casual sports game, you get to pick your team, assign players and compete against other teams. Keyboard controls are used to select players and choose an action. This simple soccer game still follows the rules of soccer, and is a great way to pass the time.


When starting the game, you can select from several options: Exhibition, New League, More Leagues and Load League. Exhibition starts a demonstration match, and you can choose a team the same way you would in a regular game. More Leagues is a link to other games with different leagues from Indonesia, Spain, Italy and many more.

If you’re playing for the first time, you can select New League to form your team. You can select a formation setup (4-4-2, 4-3-3, 3-4-3, 3-5-2 and 5-3-2) and see that of your opponent’s. The next window will show you the keyboard controls that you can use for the game. The keys W, A, S and D have several uses, depending on whether your team is in offense or defense. In any mode, W is used to accelerate or make the player run faster. In attack mode, A is used for a long pass, S for short pass and D to shoot the ball into the goal. In defense mode, A is used for hard tackling an opponent, S is for changing to the player nearest to the opponent who has the ball and D is used for hard tackling. To move players in whichever direction, you can use the arrow keys. Use Spacebar to pause or resume playing the game.

When a team scores a goal, the action is replayed and the bottom part of the screen displays the scores for both teams. The game then resumes with a kick off done by the team who just scored a goal. The game continues and you have to keep passing the ball to the best player who can shoot the ball to the opponent’s goal. When a goal kick is blocked by the opponent’s goalie, the ball stays in play and can be played by a player from any team, so be on the lookout to claim a bounced ball to keep your team on the attacking side.

When your team is on defense, you can move or change players to tackle the ball away from the player who has the ball in play. This is easier said than done, as you have to constantly fiddle with the arrow keys as well as A or D to tackle the opponent. This might require a lot of practice, and unfortunately in some cases, keyboard controls may not be as responsive as you might like.

There are a few instances when a referee will stop the game due to a ball going over the goal line or touch line, which makes the ball out of play. The “free kick” that follows depends on which team made the ball out of play.

During defense, a ball may go over the goal line when one of your players kick it. In this case, the game stops and the opponent (attacking team) is given a corner kick. In a corner kick, a player from the attacking team can kick the ball to other players or directly into the goal. Although it is allowed, a direct kick (into the goal) may not be physically possible, so the kicker usually passes the ball to his nearest teammate.

However, when your team is on attack mode and a ball goes over the goal line, the defending team is awarded a goal kick. The current game stops and the goal kick starts. A goal kick can be done by any player in the defending team. The ball is played from within the half of the goal area on the side of the field where the ball went out of play. All your players wait on the outside of the penalty area until the ball leaves the goal area and your players are free to tackle or defend as normal.

Additionally, when a ball goes over the touch line, a throw-in is done by any player of the opposing team. In a throw-in a player is seen near the touch line and, holding the ball over his head, use his arms to throw the ball back into the field. A goal can’t be scored directly from a throw-in.

The game controls in England Soccer League is limited so that no player can commit any kind of foul or misconduct against other players (e.g., there is no command for jumping on a player or using your hands to touch the ball for non-goalies). So other than corner kicks, goal kicks or throw-ins, there are not much interruption to the match unless the referee calls for it.

England Soccer League might lack the more advanced game features seen in other games, but as the game is developed independently and is still under beta mode, the simplicity of the game is understandable. Besides, for a game that you can play for free on Facebook, there’s really nothing to complain about. It carries the basics of soccer while making gameplay interesting and challenging. Fewer keyboard controls means less confusion and more focus on the game.


For a browser-based game that’s free to play, England Soccer League has a pretty decent 3D graphics and animations that make gameplay compelling. The sound effects are also the standard one we know from watching soccer matches, albeit more artificial than organic. Either way, it’s still a decent quality considering the game’s platform.


England Soccer League is a simple but likeable game for any soccer fan or newbie. It’s great for people who’ve played other soccer games, but is more suitable for others who have never played a soccer game before. It’s great practice as you try to switch between players and tackle in defense mode, or continue to keep the ball on your side during attack mode. It’s fun, exciting and an excellent way to get your soccer spirits up while it’s off-season.

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New Game Added: England Soccer League

by Kim May 26, 2016
Form your own soccer team and start an exciting match in England Soccer League. Guide each player score a goal while following the rules of the game. Use keyboard controls to maneuver kicks, tackles to deliver the ball into a winning goal. Score high points and conquer the world of soccer! goal area in England Soccer League England Soccer League: changing players scoring a goal in England Soccer League Read More
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