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Club Cooee 9 rate Meeting new people and chatting with them is definitely more fun in Club Cooee! Here, you can meet new people across the globe and play fun games like quizzes or just chill at the DJ room and listen to some great music. Customize your avatar to your liking and even create your own fashion line in Club Cooee! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Club Cooee is a social virtual world game where the main focus on the gameplay is to allow you to interact with other players. You can open or join lounge rooms where other players can hop in and interact with each other, there are other features that can be done inside lounge rooms to add more engagement. You can also customize your room and even your avatar with the different set of items that can be purchased.


The main focus on Club Cooee is socialization, whether you are looking for a companion, someone to flirt to, or just want to have a healthy conversation, this game focus more on that rather than any building mechanics nor even combat. So you won’t be seeing any exp bars or quest objectives, you just go there to meet new people.

Starting the game will let hop into the game immediately, though there were not any short tutorials to help you navigate on the game, it only provides tool tips on which icons to access when performing actions such as equipping new outfits or accessing new rooms.

There are no towns to explore or a compound that you can navigate around, the game made it simple to interact with other players by entering lounge rooms. Anyone can create their own lounge rooms and anyone can enter it or depending on your settings, you can set passwords or make it exclusive to your friends only. You can roam around your room and interact with any objects, considering if you added furniture or items to your room.

Interacting to other players can be done by the usual in-game chat system, you can add emojis to your conversations to add more spice in to it. Or you can animated poses with your character, either wave, kiss or perform different kinds of dance animations to entertain other players who are in your room. You can interact with any players in the game regardless if you added them to your friend list or not.

There are different types of activities inside the lounge area. There are the standard rooms that you just socialize with other players, and then there are some unique rooms like the Quiz Room. This room puts players in a short competition where a large screen will provide trivial questions and they must answer the correct answer the quickest by accessing the terminals, winning at these rooms will increase your Quiz level and unlock more rewards.

The DJ Room, on the other hand, adds a more engaging approach in socializing with other players, you can take the DJ booth and play your own playlist of songs from YouTube or upload your own songs. There is a large screen that you can also play any YouTube videos to add a viewing experience for other players to enjoy.

Customizing your avatar and your room is possible, you can purchase a wide range of items by spending on the in-game currency. There are a lot of options of clothing that you can acquire that changes your appearance from pants, shirts, jackets, hats and even shoes. For room decorations, you can choose from a wide source of furniture and decorations.

In-game currency can be acquired by spending real money or collecting them from special rewards from in-game activities. You can update your avatar profile by adding details similar that from social network sites, giving a complete detailed info about yourself or anything fictional to suit your avatar’s personality, you can even upload a photo on your profile.


The game is primarily for social interaction, and Club Cooee has a handful number of active players online. You can add other players as your friends and send messages or gifts to them. You can also join other players’ rooms and socialize, however after trying to enter other rooms, there are very few rooms that have English speakers which can be a letdown for some who are expecting more players to talk to, going to other non-English rooms may make some players feel out of place especially if none of them speak English.

Graphics/ Sound

Club Cooee has a simple 3D graphics that any PC can run without any difficulties, though the details on the character models are decent to provide cool appearances, the dated graphics shows its age due to the rough edges on the models. Since you can add your own soundtracks and playlist in the game, it lacks its own set of music that is unique to it with the exception of the short log in and log out jingle to notify you if you have entered the game.


Club Cooee is a simple social MMO game that does not provide anything that is combat-based or character building, as it is mainly focused on socialization and looking for chatmates. If you are more into action-based games, you may not enjoy this game, but if you are looking a new way of meeting other people online just for the sake of interaction and socializing, maybe Club Cooee could be a great option for you.

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New Game Added: Club Cooee

by Richard Apr 18, 2017
Meeting new people and chatting with them is definitely more fun in Club Cooee! Here, you can meet new people across the globe and play fun games like quizzes or just chill at the DJ room and listen to some great music. Customize your avatar to your liking and even create your own fashion line in Club Cooee! Club Cooee: Hanging out at the bar Beautiful private island in Club Cooee Club Cooee: Pool party Read More
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