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Art of War: Red Tides 10 rate Art of War: Red Tides is an MMORTS game that focuses on a tug of war game mechanic. You build your army by spending resource points and watch them deploy in waves towards your enemy. You can upgrade your units and configure the setup of your army before any match. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Note: Art of War: Red Tides is currently unavailable as it has been taken down for a massive overhaul. However, stay tuned to be the first ones to know when the game is back up again.


Art of War: Red Tides is a real-time strategy game from Game Science. The game focuses on a tug of war game mechanic where two opposing teams must outmatch their opponent by overwhelming them with their units and destroy their main base. It is currently on its beta phase which is expected to add more content for the game


Art of War: Red Tides borrows some mechanics from popular custom maps from Starcraft, namely the Desert Storm map where the gameplay was streamlined to provide a more simplified but still engaging game.

The game is still a real-time strategy game, but instead of focusing on building your entire base, you just only manage your units and deploy them to battle. To simply put, it is basically a tug of war game where you must overwhelm your enemy and put them at the edge of the perimeter until they cross that line and lose. Here in Art of War, you try to overwhelm your opponent with your relentless army in the brink of eliminating your enemy’s headquarters.

Art of War features three different races (Terran, Altac, Yaoguai) and each provides different play styles. If you experienced playing Starcraft, you can notice some similarities on how Art of War designed their characters. In order to use the other two races, players must progress their level to unlock the remaining races as you can only access the Terran race when you start the game.

At the start of the game, you pick your starting units during the preparation period. Once the battle has begun, your selected units will begin to deploy by waves and will continue to produce more based on the line-up that you prepared, the bad side is that you have no control over your units as they always march forward and engage on the opposing team whenever they spawned on the map. Over the course of the battle you will earn credits and gold or when you destroy an enemy structure or crates that are scattered around the map. Units can be upgraded in battle that boosts their life or damage to a certain percentage.

The balance of the units is similar that from the rock-paper-scissors concept; some units will be powerful against certain types of units and can be weak to another type of unit. This encourages players to have a well-balanced line up and using them to take advantage of certain strengths and weaknesses, like bringing a squadron of cloaked airships can be dangerous if the enemy has a scout probe and a handful of riflemen that can take the airships out instantly, but if played well the airships can eliminated the entire tank brigade quickly.

You can upgrade your mining facility when you reach a certain amount, however keep in mind that during the upgrade phase, you won’t be receiving credit until that phase is complete. Upgrading your facility will hasten the amount of credit that you earn during the match. When you earn enough credits, you can increase the amount of units being deployed or replace an existing unit with a better one from your pool.

During the battle, you can use Commander Skills at the expense of gold. These skills can provide boost to your army or deal tremendous damage to your opponents, you can send reinforcements or drop an airstrike to eliminate enemy units. Keep in mind that using the commander skills consecutively increases the gold cost, so it is advisable to use them sparingly as earning gold is scarce. The battle ends when one of the team’s base is destroyed. If the battle lasted longer, a sudden death will commence where you

Completing battles nets you experience points and other rewards, you can unlock more units and other commander skills by leveling up. You can add the newly acquired units to your line up or replace other units to customize your own army depending on the play style you prefer. This adds more depth to the game as you can strategize your approach in every match, you can focus on adding more medics to buff your soldier units or put up carrier squadrons and mechs, the type of approach is all up to the players.

You can upgrade your acquired units to unlock more powerful versions at a cost of premium credits, these new upgraded units provide new abilities or attack patterns that can offer a whole new strategy in taking out enemies. You can also attach runes to improve the overall stats of your army, these can be unlocked when you reach certain levels, so keep that in mind whenever you level up.


Art of War is still on its beta stage, but there are a lot of players who are active in the game. It features PvP matches in 1 versus 1 or 3 versus 3 format. You can hope in the game and start a match immediately as the game will look for players to pair up with you. There is also the ranked matches for the competitive ones who prefer to show off their skills with the rest of the best players.

Graphics/ Sound

For a simple game mechanics, the visuals in Art of War is stunning. When set to the highest setting, it can provide highly detailed units especially on the mechs and soldiers and can still maintain smooth frame rate even for mid-range computers. The sound effects are pretty much okay added with some voiced dialogues when the game notifies you of certain situations such as alerting of ancient creatures appearing or notifying of the facility upgrade. The soundtracks is very much decent, providing a handful of music tracks to keep the mood on the epic battle engaging.


Art of War: Red Tides is a simplified yet engaging strategy game, it may look like it is meant as a mobile game, but putting this on a PC platform was not a bad idea either. Players can hop in and play without any difficulties on the game mechanics and those who are in the competitive side can enjoy this one with the rank battles. So, if you are into strategy games and looking for something new, you might try Art of War right now.

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New Game Added: Art of War: Red Tides

by Richard Feb 23, 2017
Art of War: Red Tides is an MMORTS game that focuses on a tug of war game mechanic. You build your army by spending resource points and watch them deploy in waves towards your enemy. You can upgrade your units and configure the setup of your army before any match. Art of War: Red Tides: Tutorial Game modes in Art of War: Red Tides Art of War: Red Tides: Dropship Read More
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