May 26, 2016 by Aethyna

Welcoming Virtual World Games 3D into the Fold

Let’s give our sister website, Virtual World Games 3D, a huge warm welcome! Royal Story on Virtual World Games 3D

Virtual world games are quite popular among the gaming community. If you would like some proof, just take a look at the hugely popular games, Second Life and IMVU – they are like the forerunners of the virtual world genre. Not to mention, virtual world games are perhaps the only genre that everyone can relate to and enjoy. After all, the games primarily focus on fulfilling one of the basic necessities of human life – the ability to forge connections or relationships and to interact with other human beings.

Due to this, we have decided that it’s high time we’ve created a sister website that is dedicated to deliver reviews of the best 3D virtual world games to you, and we’ve gone and named it Virtual World Games 3D. However, perhaps it’s best to come clean that we do add in a few 2D virtual world games and will probably do so now and then in the future as well. The 2D virtual world games we’ve added, including Fantage and OurWorld, are just too good to be simply omitted from our website!

If you’ve been with us at WWGDB for some time, you may know that we actually have another existing sister website that features virtual world and simulation games called Virtual Worlds Land. This begets the question I’m sure you’ll be itching to know the answer to – Will both sites be similar?

Well, since most games on Virtual Worlds Land have been reviewed months or years ago, we thought it’s time we do a complete overhaul and revisit each and every one of the best virtual world games. This means completely brand new (and updated) reviews and game images for all your favorite virtual world games.

Best yet, as Virtual World Games 3D is mobile friendly, you can not only browse through our sister site while you’re on the go, waiting for the bus or even on the loo (Don’t worry, we won’t judge... *wink*), you’ll also be able to check out reviews of some of the best virtual world and simulation games the mobile platform has to offer. Yes, you have not heard us wrongly – we’ll be adding reviews for mobile virtual world and simulation games to Virtual World Games 3D too!

Interested? Well, don’t wait – head on over to Virtual World Games 3D now and check it out!

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