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Welcome to the World Wide Games Database, or WWGDB, here you will find high quality reviews on high quality games, and much more. Read on to find out what awaits you, and what you can do here. WWGDB - Introduction to WWGDB

We all love games, that is why we are here, and we aim to provide you with the best quality reviews, and games that we can find. In our pages you will find all kinds of information about a variety of games across all niches, from the biggest MMO games to indie casual games that just play brilliantly.

Not only will you have a review, and be able to go get that game at the click of a button, you will also have all the details you need to make an informed decision about if the game is right for you, from what the game is about, to how well it looks and plays. You can even find the specifications you need to be able to run the game.

You will be able to search for games by their particular genre, or look for the information on a specific title. There is even a great feature where you can look for games with a particular playstyle, from MOBA’s to Mahjong there will be a huge list of games, and they are all available at the press of a button.

Once you play a game, you can leave your own comments and reviews in our user review area, whether you loved or hated the game, your opinion counts. And you can add your feedback directly to the game, as well as reading other peoples views before you play. For an even quicker guide, simply check out the rating of the game, all provided by users just like you.

We don’t stop there either, we want to bring you the latest information on your favorite games. To do this there will be regular updates to games you love through our blog, with new events, patches or just cool looking stuff that we feel you should know about. The blogs are updated frequently, so keep checking for that useful information.

But we provide much more than just reviews, you can interact with the site and tell us what you think about a variety of topics. There is going to be a section where you can take part in surveys, about all kinds of things from your favorite style of game, to the character or class you love the most.

Enjoy articles, just like this one on a huge range of topics related to the gaming genre. There will be articles on the best games, how to play them, what style works well for the latest casual games, even how good the newest horse games look. All of these topics and much more will be discussed, and posted about all the time.

In time you will be able to add your own thoughts and musings about any aspect of gaming when you can submit your own articles, and of course receive credit for them too. Just as you would for your game reviews and feedback about the games you love. You can write about anything, your favorite characters to the best game you ever played.

Here at WWGDB we are working hard to bring you the very best, from the games we review to the surveys you fill in. We hope that here you will find something new and interesting to play, or revisit a game that has a special something for you. We are also open to suggestions, if you feel we could be better, just drop us a message on the Contact Page.

We will bring you the latest games, news, articles and more right to your screen at the click of a single button. Find what you are looking for with us and you will not be disappointed. Having read all of this, we hope you are inspired to join us in creating the very best, and only World Wide Games Database.

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