4 Reasons Why Video Games Provide the Best Adventures

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Video games provide the best adventures. In every game you play, you’ll get to explore an all-new world filled with picturesque spots and different characters that are not bound by the rules and confines of reality. WWGDB - 4 Reasons Why Video Games Provide the Best Adventures

Video games, regardless of the genre, are an adventure. From the lowest, deepest depths of the mobile app stores and the 10/10 triple-A games made by acclaimed studios, they provide different experiences enough to teach us a few life lessons and even change our lives. They give us large worlds to explore and characters, each with their own backstories and motivations, to interact with.

The idea that you learn nothing from games is and has always been false. Regular people only see a TV or mobile screen with flashing displays. We gamers see an all-new world to get lost and immerse ourselves in. With this considered, we can safely say games provide the best adventures, even more so than reality. Here’s why:

Games aren’t bound by the strict rules and confines of reality

Though GTA is based on the real world, it is unbound by reality

Reality is boring. We’re bound by the strict rules of physics, time, societal norms, the law, our physical capabilities, and hundreds of other factors. It’s what we have and we should all make the most out of it, but it’s just not entertaining enough.

Though even most open-world adventure games are linear and you have a story to follow, they provide you with a universe you can explore and is unbound by the rules of the real world. You can drive and crash a car without dying in franchises like Mafia and GTA while doing 720s and 360 flips in Tony Hawk skating games without breaking a few bones even if you end up failing. Moreover, you can perform gravity-defying maneuvers in Ace Combat and build extremely large structures that break the laws of physics in Minecraft.

Even if you’re still bound by the rules of the games’ world, you have free rein over what you want to do and exploit them without any consequences whatsoever.

You can be someone else

In Octopath Traveler, you can be eight different characters

Whoever you are and whatever you’re doing, we’re sure you want the best in life. We each have our goals, may it be to graduate, buy a home by 30 years old, or get that executive position. Thing is, even if we work hard and love our lives, there’s always a part of us that wants to be in shoes of someone else, even if it’s temporary.

Video games allow us to go on adventures on the shoes of another character, may it be someone you created or the set protagonist of a linear story. You’ll get to fill in their shoes in their respective adventures, feel the emotions they experience and accomplish great feats through them. For example, you can be a mercenary-turned-world savior in Final Fantasy Tactics as Ramza Beoulve and help each character in Octopath Traveler in their respective adventures. You could also become the god of war in God of War or become a space traveler in No Man’s Sky.

Our lifetimes are too short. We can’t become soldiers, priests, a billionaire, a king, a fighter pilot, and a Japanese high school student trying to change society in a single lifetime. Games allow us to do all of these, letting us live our fantasies and be what we want to be.

You’re part of an all-new, reimagined, or reconstructed world

Conan Exiles' Unnamed City ruins

Our world is big. Thing is, not everybody is capable of flying to an exotic location or even visit the resort on the other side of town. In addition, some people may find real-life locations to be underwhelming, preferring fantasy or futuristic worlds.

Ancient Athens in AC Odyssey

With video games, you can explore an all-new world made by some of the most creative minds out there. For example, you’ll fight androids and robots in Yoko Taro’s NieR: Automata in an Earth devoid of humans while you can travel across different versions of Ivalice across different games in the Final Fantasy franchise. Though it’s a game mainly about jets, you will be part of the wars and geopolitical instability across Strangereal, Ace Combat’s version of the world. In the Kiseki franchise (known for its world-building), the games are set in the continent of Zemuria in the middle of their version of the Industrial Revolution. It is composed of city states, kingdoms, republics, and a large empire, each with their own lore and history. And yes, you can move around and explore these places in certain parts of the game.

Heimdallr, an important setting in the Kiseki games

Apart from fantasy worlds, you can move around re-imagined and historically-accurate versions of our own. The Assassin’s Creed franchise is known for doing the latter. In Odyssey, you can explore the entirety of Ancient Greece while in Unity, walk around the streets of Paris during the French Revolution and revisit the recently burned-down spire of Notre Dame.

Meaningful interactions with characters that feel alive

Characters in Octopath Traveler provide lots of quotable quotes

The worlds themselves are inhabited by different characters and interacting with them is one of the defining moments of an adventure.

In Octopath Traveler, each of the eight protagonists have their own stories, and in every part of their story, they’ll get to meet, team up, fight, or save various NPCs. The superb writing makes every dialogue bubble feel like something off of a classic literary piece. There are countles lines that teach you life lessons and ones that can resonate within you and make you think. In the Kiseki franchise, the NPCs change dialogue whenever you reach certain parts of the story. As your story progresses, so will theirs.

Though the world is already full of interesting people, various games host more.

Games is an adventure . Think of that before you prop in a disc in your console, double click a shortcut on your PC, or tap on an icon on your mobile device. Whenever you do, you’ll start living a different life and you’ll have the power to decide what you want it to be. So, strap yourself in and get started.

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