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Since Travian Games was founded in 2004, with the publication of its first game, the company has laid the foundation stone for the creation of one of the most successful companies in the German games industry. Let’s take a closer look at the company and their games, and find out what made them so successful! WWGDB - Travian Games

Who are they?
Travian Games is a small Bavarian games company that has flourished and turned into one of the world’s leading game companies that specializes in creating, marketing and supporting high-quality browser games.

Starting with just four employees, the company has grown dramatically in just a few years and now employs over 150 people. This makes Travian Games Bavaria’s largest employer in the games industry. Now, the company has shifted its headquarters to Munich and Travian Games is only growing even more steadily than before!

Furthermore, the many games from the Travian Games’ impressive portfolio, including 7 live games and 2 games in Closed Beta phase, are played by more than 150 million registered players from more than 200 countries around the world. These very games are also localized and translated into up to 42 different languages and have won scores of awards from a range of independent media, including the Publisher of the Year Award that was awarded to Travian Games in 2011.

The success that Travian Games enjoys is apparent from their huge player base, expanding portfolio of games, as well as increase in interested investors and revenues. However, you may wonder “what is their secret to success?” Well, let’s find out shall we?


What do they do?
Travian Games started off as a non-trading partnership games company but it took on its current form as a limited liability corporation in the fall of 2005. With this change in management brings new life to the budding company. Their very first developed and published game, an MMORTS that goes by the name of Travian, was a huge success. Players flock to the game in droves and as a result, the game won several accolades, including Innovationsprice Brower Games Award in 2005, Super Browser Game Award in 2006 and more recently, Browser Game of the Year Award in 2011.

From there, the company acquired several other indie developing studios, including Bright Future and Northworks. Bright Future has produced the highly acclaimed FIFA Manager game for EA Games as well as a browser MMO, Miramagia, and the amazing railroad strategy game, Rail Nation. On the other hand, the Hamburg-based Northworks is more of a sports-management games company and has produced the popular football management game, Goal United, as well as its Formula-1-based management game, United GP. With these 2 companies under the umbrella of Travian Games, the portfolio of the company swell with even more quality browser games to cater to their massive player base.

The growth of Travian Games from being a small-time games developing company into this giant of a developing and publishing company that it is today is not wrought with troubles. As you might know, not all games company is able to “make it” like Travian Games did. One of the main factors that they are currently enjoying the success that they have is perhaps because of their game approach. According to the company mantra, “Less is more and quality is everything.” When they develop their games, this means longer planning and development intervals, using the latest technology, providing room for innovation and continuous improvement. No wonder the browser games that they produced are as high quality and as attractive (to players) as some well-established standalone games!

Travian Games also provides a huge range of games that caters to a variety of gaming tastes and genres. Just take a look at their current portfolio and you’ll notice that there is quite a variety of games, ranging from their flagship MMORTS game, Travian and the recently released, Travian Kingdoms to their sports-related games like Goal United and United GP. They even has a brilliant simulation game for train enthusiasts called Rail Nation and another similar yet unique simulation game for truck enthusiasts named aptly as Truck Nation. No matter if you enjoy MMOs or even the more casual simulation games, Travian Games will have just the game for you!

Also, from the games on their site, you can definitely agree that they produce games that fulfill their company goal of developing games with unique virtual in-game worlds that offer plenty of adventure that the players can enjoy to the fullest... worlds that are graphically impressive and immersive, which can be conveniently played in a browser.

United GP

What does the future hold?
Travian Games currently has 2 highly anticipated games in Closed Beta phase, namely Pyramid Raid, a tower defense/platformer, which has recently garnered enough support for Steam Greenlight, and Cheats4Hire a strategy puzzle game for tablets. The games will perhaps them be released by the end of this year, provided that these games are high quality enough to be launched. Their Northworks subsidiary is also currently working on the sequel to the popular football management game, Goal United.

If you’re interested to take a look at the list of games that Travian Games has published over the years, you can take a look at our Travian Games List to find out more!

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