5 Original Battle Royale Game Ideas Developers Need to Consider

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Although we kind of don’t want to admit it, but the battle royale genre is getting a little saturated and there are way too many similar games. Let’s take a look at some battle royale ideas that can potentially stand out. WWGDB - 5 Original Battle Royale Game Ideas Developers Need to Consider

If you’ve been playing battle royale games since the genre’s popularity skyrocketed years ago, you’re likely aware that most dish out nearly similar experiences. For example, Rules of Survival, PUBG, and H1Z1 may have been released in different intervals, but they are alike. Fornite sets itself apart from others with its wacky graphics and building-based gameplay, but there are many of its clones scattered across mobile platforms. Realm Royale does well as a class-based battle royale, but it still has a lot of kinks to iron out.

In spite of the already countless games in the genre though, it still is a relatively uncharted territory. There are possibility yet unexplored, and we’re sure developers are still on the drawing board, thinking of new battle royale games that could be the next big hit. With that said, let’s take a look at a few BR ideas AAA and popular indie companies have yet to think of:

Battle Royale: Ancient Warfare

Imagine a battle royale game set in the ancient world.

If you’re a student of history or someone who paid attention during class, you’re aware that the ancient world has never been peaceful. There were wars everywhere, from nearly all parts of Europe by the Romans and the Gothic tribes, as well as the continental wars between the Greeks and the Persians. In North Africa, you had the Egyptians facing off against their neighbors like the Nubians and the Canaanites. The most notable conflicts in the far east were between the Chinese Warring States.

These eras are a perfect setting for a battle royale game. Imagine being inside a huge Roman Coliseum with 30 other players of various ethnicities. Weapons are scattered around the coliseum, ranging from the Roman Gladius to the Egyptian sickle-sword (Khopesh), are ready to be picked up. After the widespread bloodshed and mayhem, a champion is then crowned.

Medieval Battle Royale

Can't believe we still don't have a medieval battle royale. Screenshot from Medieval 2 Total War

Like the ancient world, the Middle Ages were also wrought with conflicts just about every corner of the world. Notable examples include English kingdoms vs Viking invaders, The French Knights in the Hundred Years War, The Reconquista in Spain, and the Byzantines squaring off against the Turkic Kingdoms. In addition, you also have the Mongol Invasions, Japanese warring clans, and the Crusades.

There are a lot of ideas for medieval battle royale games. For example, you can make it into a class-based system. Players can have the skillset of either a Japanese samurai, a Mongol horse archer, or a heavily armored French knight. They would have to find the appropriate gear, along with horses and weapons, for their characters on the battlefield. Meanwhile, the “storm” can come in the form of a disease like the Black Plague which devastated Europe and Asia.

You would also have to think about the battle system. Should the developers go for something realistic like that of Kingdom Come: Deliverance or simple like that of Mount & Blade? Regardless, a battle royale game set in this period would be extremely fun.

Medieval Fantasy Battle Royale

A medieval fantasy battle royale game would be awesome. Photo from Skyrim

From history, let’s jump to medieval fantasy, a world dominated by mages, knights with magical swords, and dragons. A class-based battle royale set in a medieval fantasy world would be extremely fun. Imagine a fire mage using his spells against a charging heavy knight with a magical lance, while a dragon game’s version of a “storm”, is right up above their heads, ready to swoop in. Think of a world like the Elder Scrolls (especially Skyrim), just with a battle royale version.

Space-themed Battle Royale

A true military-themed battle royale would be amazing. Photo from Battlefield 4

Space-themed shooting games are extremely popular. Halo is a franchise that captured everybody’s attention, and albeit controversial, Star Wars Battlefront is arguably a great game. A battle royale shooter with these game’s mechanics would make for an outstanding shooter. Futuristic weapons could be included in the arsenal, like laser cannons and pulse grenades. In addition, there are numerous possibilities for various maps, like outer space, asteroids, and inside battleships.

A true, military-themed battle royale

We really want a space-themed battle royale

Finally, the most notable battle royale experience with lack is arguably a true, modern military style. Imagine a game like Battlefield 4: instead of a first-person shooter-focused gameplay, it possesses battle royale elements. Not only will you have to loot weapons around the map, there are also vehicles like tanks, trucks, and even aircraft like planes and helicopters (along with gear to counter them). Although this would be a little too much to ask today due to hardware limitations, it will likely be a feature in the future generations.

Battle royale games are fun, sure, but it needs to be infused with new games featuring new ideas and gameplay in order for it to get a second wind. Player fatigue is certainly a possibility in the long run, and though developers want to cash in on the boom, they will need to act fast. We hope to see any of the above mentioned ideas in future battle royale games. And yes, we’re sure they’ll be as fun as the games we have today.

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