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Founded in 2011, Fellow Traveller is an indie game-publishing studio that specializes in creating narrative-driven games. They are famous for their previous titles like Hacknet, Orwell, The Stillness of the Wind and Vertiginous Golf.

Neo Cab

Neo Cab Have fun talking with your passengers and learn more about them as you drive them to their destination in this amazing game, Neo Cab! 10 rate

In Other Waters

In Other Waters Explore an alien oceanic planet as you help a xenobiologist track down her missing friend in this brilliant adventure! 10 rate

Paradise Killer

Paradise Killer Solve the hideous mass murder of all the Syndicate's Council Members in this truly unique, visual novel/murder-mystery adventure game! 10 rate

No Longer Home

No Longer Home Experience the stories of best friends Bo and Ao as they contemplate their future after graduating from university in this heartwarming visual novel, No Longer Home! 9 rate

Kraken Academy!!

Kraken Academy!! Become a student in Kraken Academy and save the school from a cataclysmic event! 10 rate

Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between

Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between Set off on a journey of meaningful discovery in your mode of transportation of choice and ponder on life’s many questions with a host of diverse characters that you'll meet along the way in this deeply philosophical visual novel! 9 rate

Citizen Sleeper

Citizen Sleeper Find ways to survive on the Eye, a lawless space station in the middle of nowhere, as an escaped and hunted Sleeper in this impressive visual novel adventure, Citizen Sleeper! 10 rate

Beacon Pines

Beacon Pines Join Luka and his friends as they race against time to save their town and its people from certain doom in this uniquely-brilliant narrative adventure, Beacon Pines! 10 rate

Featured Games

Blade & Soul Blade & Soul Avenge your massacred brothers and sisters in Blade & Soul’s epic story of war and betrayal! Forge of Empires Forge of Empires Starting with a small Stone Age settlement it is your task to create an empire and follow it onward throughout the centuries! Sinespace Sinespace Explore tons of gorgeous, player-created worlds or create your own in Sinespace! Lady Popular Lady Popular Dress to impress in a stunning virtual fashion game where you can own the catwalk. Tribal Wars 2 Tribal Wars 2 Rally your armies, fortify your castle walls and lead your soldiers to glory in Tribal Wars 2 today! Adventure Academy Adventure Academy Dive into a world full of adventures and learn while having some incredible fun by attending the Adventure Academy!


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