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Krosmaga Become a god and battle for supremacy in the Krosmoz! 10 rate

Planetside 2

Planetside 2 Battle players from different factions and fight for the glory of your own in Planetside 2! 10 rate

One Tower

One Tower Summon waves of minions and fight to destroy your rival's tower in this simplistic MOBA game. 8 rate

Continent of the Ninth Seal

Continent of the Ninth Seal Continent of the Ninth Seal features an action-packed MMORPG that pits you against hordes of monsters known as the Nefer. 9 rate

Novus Inceptio

Novus Inceptio Craft a variety of tools, build your own home and travel through anomalies to alternate dimensions in Novus Inceptio! 8 rate

Star Conflict

Star Conflict Choose your side or go rogue in a brilliant space shooter MMO full of incredible action, a huge range of ships and even build your own before you battle in the dark depths of space. 10 rate


Faeria Experience a unique gameplay combination in Faeria! Featuring a familiar card game mechanic with a mix of board game and strategic turn based game, you can build your own deck and challenge other players to test your skills. You can also play the game solo as you complete the campaign missions for hours if you're not much of a competitive gamer. 10 rate

Brawl of Ages

Brawl of Ages If you love the popular strategy game, Clash Royale, Brawl of Ages is another game that you should check out! 8 rate

APB Reloaded

APB Reloaded Explore an open world city, choose to be either on the good side or the bad, and enjoy fighting other players in missions. 8 rate

ASTA Online

ASTA Online Enter the world of Samsara and choose your side in an epic conflict involving Gods as well as mortals. Choose light or dark and then explore a stunning world full of action and adventure. 10 rate

Hero of the Kingdom

Hero of the Kingdom When bandits attack your farm you are suddenly having to step out on an adventure on your own to find your missing father and see if you can save your kingdom from these strange events. 10 rate

Storm Riders

Storm Riders Take part in the Wind and Cloud Saga in this amazing game based on one of the most popular stories of the magical Far East. Become one of 4 heroes and follow their unique story in an action packed MMO game. 10 rate

Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Online

Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Online Choose from a member of Section 9 to put your cybernetic abilities to the test and commit to your duty of keeping society safe with the rest of your team. Cyber-terrorists don’t intend on making your life easy in this futuristic FPS, but with the sort of abilities you’ll get, you’re bound to put up one heck of a fight! 10 rate

Dungeons & Dragons Online

Dungeons & Dragons Online Raid a vast array of dungeons, all of which are filled to the brim with loot to turn your character into the warrior you’ve always wanted. 8 rate

Rescue Quest Gold

Rescue Quest Gold Will you be able to save the Spritelings, defeat the evil villain and his minions, and bring magic back to the world? 10 rate

Featured Games

Second Life Second Life Build your own perfect place in the biggest virtual world around. Forge of Empires Forge of Empires Starting with a small Stone Age settlement it is your task to create an empire and follow it onward throughout the centuries! Sinespace Sinespace Explore tons of gorgeous, player-created worlds or create your own in Sinespace! Roblox Roblox Create your Own Game or Play Others Creations in A Fantastic Sandbox World. Lady Popular Lady Popular Dress to impress in a stunning virtual fashion game where you can own the catwalk. Tribal Wars 2 Tribal Wars 2 Rally your armies, fortify your castle walls and lead your soldiers to glory in Tribal Wars 2 today!


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