Pixel Art Games List

Games that use pixel art.

8-Bit Armies

8-Bit Armies Dive into a world of conflict in 8-Bit Armies now on the PlayStation 4. 10 rate

Black Skylands

Black Skylands Set off on your skyship to track down your brother and possibly save the world from the Swarm in this thrilling sandbox-based adventure! 8 rate

Cardful Planning

Cardful Planning Help the Two of No Suit save its beloved, the Ace of Hearts, from the villain, The Bad Hand, in this card-based puzzle game! 10 rate

Please, Touch the Artwork

Please, Touch the Artwork Join Thomas Waterzooi as he introduces us to the many different kinds of “playable” art, from connecting pixels with squares in a love story to drawing lines and filling in the colors in a light-hearted and slightly whimsical story about creation. 9 rate

Project Warlock

Project Warlock Project Warlock puts you in the shoes of a mysterious Warlock in the middle of his quest to eradicate evil. 10 rate

Orbital Bullet

Orbital Bullet Dive into thrilling non-stop action in this unique 360˚ platforming roguelite, Orbital Bullet! 10 rate

Quest for Infamy

Quest for Infamy Quest for Infamy is a point-and-click adventure RPG by Ratalaika Games. Play as Mr. William Roehm and go on missions that involve boosting your reputation as an infamous villain. You’ll get to pick between three anti-hero classes: Rogue, Brigand, and Sorcerer, and be treated to a rich setting with a stellar cast of characters. 10 rate


Tinkertown Set up your very own village by populating it with the many characters you will meet as you explore the in-game world in this top-down sandbox adventure, Tinkertown! 8 rate


Souldiers Battle countless foes and explore a sprawling fantasy world in Souldiers, an action-packed puzzle platforming Metroidvania RPG. 10 rate

Wonder Boy Collection

Wonder Boy Collection Play the games in the Wonderboy Collection and enjoy SEGA’s retro platforming masterpieces. 10 rate

TEN - Ten Rooms, Ten Seconds

TEN - Ten Rooms, Ten Seconds Attempt to escape in TEN - Ten Rooms, Ten Seconds, a brutal platformer by Ratalaika Games. 10 rate

Lords and Villeins

Lords and Villeins Manage your villeins and grow your settlement into the kingdom you know it can be in this unique sandbox-based medieval city builder, Lords and Villeins! 8 rate

ZERO Sievert

ZERO Sievert ZERO Sievert is a hardcore survival game that’s set in a nuclear-devastated region, Zakov. Trapped within its confines with nowhere else to go, you’ve decided to become a Hunter; to venture out into the wilderness to scavenge useful gear, food, and items so you can survive, build up your base at the bunker, and even curry some favors with local factions by helping them out. 8 rate

Featured Games

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