Word Games List

From the classic Scrabble and beyond, word games let you put your language skills to the test as you try to come up with the best words, or the most words within the time limit. Play for fun alone or go head-to-head with others from all over the world.

Alphabetty Saga

Alphabetty Saga Help Alphabetty the mouse and enhance your vocabulary skills at the same time with Alphabetty Saga! 9 rate

Word Wizards

Word Wizards Help the 2 young wizards match up letters to form words in this exciting word game, Word Wizards! 6 rate


Ruzzle How “quick” is your vocabulary? Play Ruzzle now and find out! 10 rate

Words with Friends

Words with Friends Take up the word challenge, come up with the best and most complex words and win the game in Words with Friends! 10 rate


Balified Go head-to-head with an opponent in an attempt to come up with the best word in Balified! 9 rate


Wordscapes Put your word-finding skills to the test in this fun crossword-like word puzzle game, Wordscapes! 10 rate


Pictionary Guess that others are trying to depict in their drawings or put your drawing skills to use and put the word you get into a picture. 9 rate

WordCrafting: A Tower of Words

WordCrafting: A Tower of Words Unscramble letters, connect letters on your “crossword tower”, and build a tower of words in WordCrafting: A Tower of Words! 10 rate

Hi Word Blast

Hi Word Blast Experience a match-3-inspired word puzzle game where you can not only link up letters to form words, but also to gather candies and construct castles! 10 rate

Words with Friends 2

Words with Friends 2 Form the best words and earn the highest scores in this fun and competitive word game, Words with Friends 2! 10 rate

Wizard's Words

Wizard's Words Complete word puzzles filled with interesting challenges, magical adventure, and a unique 3D look in Wizard’s Words! 9 rate

Word Forward

Word Forward Clear all the letter tiles from the board by chaining them up in this strategic word puzzle game, Word Forward! 10 rate

Prose & Codes

Prose & Codes Solve various substitution ciphers based on excerpts from public domain literary classics spanning 7 different genres in this fun puzzle game, Prose & Codes! 10 rate

Paperback Adventures

Paperback Adventures Battle fearsome dragons or bloodthirsty buccaneers by making words based on the letter cards you draw from the deck in this unique roguelike deckbuilding word game, Paperback Adventures! 10 rate

Featured Games

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