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Top 10 Casual Games
Casual games are games that you can play whenever you feel like it, without having to log in every day or for long periods of time. Often on Facebook and Mobile Devices, these games include match-3, bubble shooters, endless runners and etc.

Crystal Crush

Crystal Crush Crush your way through tons of gems in this beautiful match-3/ block-buster game, Crystal Crush! 8 rate

Solitaire Magic: Klondike

Solitaire Magic: Klondike Relax and unwind after a long day with a game of solitaire in Solitaire Magic! 8 rate

Cradle of Rome 2

Cradle of Rome 2 Experience the incredible city-building process of Rome in this unique match-3 game, Cradle of Rome 2! 10 rate

Spicy Bubbles

Spicy Bubbles Help Ella the chef shoot a variety of colorful bubbles to release the many bubble-trapped ingredients into the bubbling pots below. 5 rate

Machu Piccu Solitaire

Machu Piccu Solitaire Venture into the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu and other Inca ancient cities in this exciting solitaire game, Machu Picchu Solitaire! 9.5 rate

Frozen Free Fall

Frozen Free Fall Utilize the unique abilities of Frozen characters in an attempt to clear all the crystals from the board! 10 rate

Monster Let's Fight

Monster Let's Fight Defend the candy the monsters have collected from the invading hordes of critters in this fun-filled tower defense game, Monster Let’s Fight! 8 rate

Major Tom: Space Adventure

Major Tom: Space Adventure Help Major Tom, the fictional astronaut that everyone adores, to explore space in Major Tom Space Adventure! 9 rate

Fiesta: Match-3

Fiesta: Match-3 Put on your sombrero and shake those maracas – it’s time to kick up some festival cheer with Fiesta: Match-3! 9 rate

Mahjong Dash

Mahjong Dash Thirsting for a challenge? Well, push your mahjong skills to the max by playing this brand new mahjong game, Mahjong Dash! 8 rate

Solitaire Spells

Solitaire Spells Love solitaire games with a nice variety of power-ups that spice things up? Well, try Solitaire Spells then - You’ll love it! 8 rate


Jumpy Push your reflexes and timing skills to the limit with this amazingly simple, yet incredibly challenging game, Jumpy! 9 rate

Best Fiends

Best Fiends Help Temper and his friends to save the other bugs bug-napped by the slugs in this fun-filled match-3 game, Best Fiends! 10 rate

Match-3 Hidden Treasure Hunt

Match-3 Hidden Treasure Hunt Hop onboard and join Lauren, the Explorer Extraordinaire, on her journey to discover the secrets of a mysterious island! 10 rate

Geki Yaba Runner

Geki Yaba Runner Guide your gnome through (or over) all the challenging obstacles that littered his way in his attempt to rescue the princess. Don’t forget to collect as many socks as you can. With inquisitive controls, a very fast-paced gameplay, and fun challenges, Geki Yaba Runner is definitely a game that casual to core gamers would enjoy. 9 rate

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