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Top 10 Casual Games
Casual games are games that you can play whenever you feel like it, without having to log in every day or for long periods of time. Often on Facebook and Mobile Devices, these games include match-3, bubble shooters, endless runners and etc.

Solitaire Blitz: Lost Treasures

Solitaire Blitz: Lost Treasures Love Solitaire games with a mean twist? Solitaire Blitz is definitely what you need! 8.5 rate

Fairy Mix

Fairy Mix Collect potions and help Sorceress Jeannie to fight against the evil charms of witch Vivien! 10 rate

Solitaire Story

Solitaire Story If you can't get enough from Solitaire Tales, then you'll absolutely love Solitaire Story! Play it now! 10 rate

Bubble Epic: Mermaid Adventure

Bubble Epic: Mermaid Adventure Join the little mermaid as she did her best to try to help the human who sank into her underwater world when his ship sunk! 9 rate

Mahjong Wonders

Mahjong Wonders Explore the wonders of the ancient civilizations by travelling the land and completing the various layouts in this fun-filled game, Mahjong Wonders! 8.3 rate

Crush City

Crush City Give humanity a second chance by using your inherent block-busting ability to crush the old desolate city to make way for a new one in Crush City! 8 rate

Lost Bubble

Lost Bubble Travel through time and unravel mysteries as you clear the land of Pandora's boxes in Lost Bubbles today! 10 rate

Farmville: Harvest Swap

Farmville: Harvest Swap Get your gloves on and start harvesting your juicy crops today in this amazingly addictive match-3 adventure, Farmville: Harvest Swap! 10 rate

Fishdom 3

Fishdom 3 Create your very own dream aquarium in this exciting sequel to one of the most popular match-3 game franchise, Fishdom 3! - rate

Regency Solitaire

Regency Solitaire Experience the romance of Regency England and help Bella take charge of her destiny and create the ballroom of her dreams. 10 rate

Bubble of Mage

Bubble of Mage Are you good, or evil? The choice is yours! Join the force of goodness or use horrible dark-feline magic to bend the world to your whim! 8 rate

Athens Treasure

Athens Treasure Will you be able to help King Priam as well as the people of Greece raise enough money to defend their homes from the Persian army? - rate

Tasty Solitaire

Tasty Solitaire Enjoy fun solitaire games while helping the young chef with his cooking in this fun-filled solitaire game, Tasty Solitaire! 7 rate

Bubble Cat Adventures

Bubble Cat Adventures Help the love-struck bubble cat find his way to his beloved in this exciting bubble shooting adventure, Bubble Cat Adventures! 9 rate

Crazy Kitchen

Crazy Kitchen Satisfy the cravings of your customers by dishing out delicious sweets and pastries, savory Asian cuisine, scrumptious mexican fare, and more in Crazy Kitchen! 8 rate

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