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Underworld Empire 7 rate Choose your allegiance in this intense social game, Underworld Empire. Battle against various thugs as you clear out the streets and claim it as your own. Defeat rival crime lords who attacked you and show the others you're not someone they want to trifle with as you rise up to become as the best crime lord in the city. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Underworld Empire is a mobile strategy social game where you play as a crime boss where you must complete tasks to raise your ranks and become the most powerful boss in your turf. You can choose from four different factions and build your empire by recruiting more henchmen to your faction. You can challenge other players to increase your rankings or battle crime boss from different cities and loot some of their powerful arsenal.


Your main goal in Underworld Empire is to become the top-ranking crime boss, and to do that you need accomplish a set of tasks or compete against other players. This kind of gameplay is quite common to all social and mobile games that are available in the market.

Starting off at the game will let you choose from the four available factions; the Cartel, Syndicate, Mafia or the Street Gangs. Selecting a faction will have any additional benefits as most of the exclusive characters for the factions can also be acquired from the in-game shop.

To improve your arsenal, you must increase your level to unlock more content, to do so you need to take on quests or known as tasks in the game. It is basically the usual adventure stages where you must complete it before progressing to the next stage, however, some stages are required to be accomplished several times before it gets cleared.

Completing tasks require a certain amount of energy and certain equipment and henchmen to hire, and in the later levels the requirements will increase, but the good side is that you will earn higher amount of experience points, money and loot. And you can return to the recently cleared stages with higher requirements and rewards. Earl on you can select which profession you can master, there are several types of classes ranging from Enforcer, Heavy Weapons, Sniper or Assault. These classes can provide bonus stats to certain weapons that you own.

Upon completing a series of stages and upon reaching the final stage, you will be prompted to a boss battle of the turf boss. The battle will be different as you will be placed in a one on one battle against the boss, in this battle you will be able to switch to different weapons to attack per turn, it has that feel of a classic turn based RPG battle where each character takes turns to attack. Attacking requires one stamina point, stamina is different from the energy points as stamina is only used for boss battles and player versus player matches, defeating the boss will net you a ton of exp points and money, and a chance to acquire rare items, this will also unlock the next level to complete.

You can battle other players in a form of duels or war. You can challenge other players depending on your rank and level, once you challenge a player, you will be moved to a turn-based battle where both players attack, all the matches are done automatically so there are no need to switch weapons during a match. Every time you attack you earn battle points that helps you increase your rank, and just like the boss battles, you will be consuming stamina per attack. Another unique feature is choosing how to execute your opponent, executing your enemies will grant you bonus exp and battle points as well as a chance to earn money or additional stamina/energy points depending on which execution you perform, more types of execution can be unlocked as you progress further.

You can acquire new personal to your syndicate through the shop or quest rewards, some of them are required to progress in your tasks which can be a mandatory. However, these characters can be helpful to improve your stats as some rare characters can provide special abilities that can enhance some of your abilities. There are also thousands of weapons that you can obtain, from the common hand knives to the deadly epic sniper rifles, you can purchase them or gamble from random boxes for a chance to bring home a rare equipment, and they can enhance your attack and defense so make sure to have the best equipment on your stash.


There are some active players in Underworld Empire, and the same with other social games available, you can interact with other players by adding them to your friend list or have a short chat conversation with them. You can form your own Empire which is equivalent to a clan where you can group with other fellow players or battle other rival Empire for a chance to increase their ranks.

Graphics/ Sound

There are no fancy graphics in Underworld Empire, as it features 2D artworks with animation effects to make them feel alive. Some of the task scenarios have simple animations to re-enact the actions you made in the mission. There are also cutscenes in a form of a comic strip to tell the events that happened after clearing out a level. Soundtrack is a bit forgettable as it only features few tracks.


Overall Underworld Empire still has the same gameplay experience as with any other social games available today. Though the game has already been out for years, it still managed to add more features in the game to make it more appealing to the newest generations. Fans of social games may want to try this thanks to the familiar gameplay, however some of the newer players may not enjoy the gameplay and the simplistic visuals.

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New Game Added: Underworld Empire

by Richard May 1, 2017
Choose your allegiance in this intense social game, Underworld Empire. Battle against various thugs as you clear out the streets and claim it as your own. Defeat rival crime lords who attacked you and show the others you're not someone they want to trifle with as you rise up to become as the best crime lord in the city. Underworld Empire: Boss battle Missions in Underworld Empire Underworld Empire: Building new properties Read More
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