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Undermaster 9 rate Create your own underground lair and fill it with every type of monsters imaginable! Don’t forget to decorate your dungeon with items that display your power, wealth and glory, so that monsters will flock to you in droves! With more monsters under your command, it will definitely be much easier to bring all your evil plans to fruition! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Have you always wanted to have your very own creepy dungeon to decorate and develop? In Undermaster by Upjers, you can do just that! Create your own evil underground lair from the… “underground” up and amass your own horde of imps, and assorted creatures by providing them with lodging, food and whatever tools they need to make this work! Increase the glory of your dungeon by decorating it with valuables to show off your immense wealth and overwork your earth imps as you expand your dungeon rock by rock! Do you have what it takes to be the evilest master of the dungeon in Undermaster? Play now to find out!


Due to its more complicated gameplay, there’s a rather lengthy tutorial that teaches you the basics of the game.

To start, you’ll need more earth imps – they are the backbone of your work labor! Earth imps can be attracted to work for you by merely providing lodgings for them and you can do so by expanding your current dorm space. Use your pickax and mark out rocks that you would like your minion to quarry. Different types of rocks will require different amounts of time, for instance, crumbly rocks use up 1 minute each to be removed while regular rocks requires 5 minutes.

There are various other types of rocks, including hard and very hard rock, as well as ore-containing rocks, such as gold veins and crystal veins that may take up to hours and even days of quarrying - All these waiting around can be truly frustrating. By the way, gold veins once quarried will provide you with some in-game money while crystal veins will give you crystals (which usually can be bought using real money) instead. There are also indestructible rocks that is, like the name states, indestructible, thus you’ll just need to quarry around it instead!

You can increase the speed at which your imps work by assigning more than 1 imp to quarry the same piece of rock. Furthermore, you can boost up your imps’ productivity by building them an imp shrine, which you then need to top it up with gold now and then to keep its boost running. Although time passes by differently in Undermaster, it still takes a whole lot of time just to get 1 tile worth of rocks removed and that can be frustrating for players who do not have a lot of time to spend on the game.

After all the rough work is done, you’ll then need to click on complete to completely remove the stone. This is one very frustrating feature as your imp will be stuck there and will not do anything else even though the job’s done until you click ‘complete’. This also means that, despite being able to queue long chains of rocks to shatter, you will not be able to, say come back to the game in a few days’ time and expect every rock you queued are quarried. However, it’s great that, in Undermaster, you can double click to pick up one of your minions and then drop them at the location you want them to work at.

For any new area quarried, your imps will automatically flatten the ground to make way for floor tiles as well as construct wooden wall barriers to keep the exposed rocks from crumbling down, causing a cave in. Furthermore, after removing a tile of rock, you’ll be able to push back the fog of war and reveal nearby rocks as well or you can purchase to remove the fog of war for a certain area so you can see what you’re mining towards in advance!

Okay, now that you have some new space you can then assign the space to a specific purpose by laying the respective floor tiles to mark it as such. For example, by placing dorm floor tiles, you are actually marking the space out for dorm use only. This means that you can only place dorm-related items, like beds and wardrobe, there. If you place the kitchen floor tiles instead, then you’ll be able to place kitchen-related items, such as stockpot and storage cabinet... and so on and so forth.

Your dungeon in Undermaster can contain many rooms, though you are not allowed to cram them all up as you’ll need at least 1 neutral field, which can be rocks, walls or dungeon floor tiles, in between the rooms. Furthermore, by not squeezing them together, you can easily get enough space to expand your respective rooms when needed.

As you may now know, different room serves different purposes as you can place only certain items in specific rooms. Dorms consist of beds and are the living quarters of the lowliest minions, the earth imps. By providing enough bedding as well as other requirements, you’ll get a new earth imp every 30 minutes. Moreover, you can also place other items in your dorm such as the boogeyman wardrobe (which needs to be crafted) to provide a boost to your imps – it allows your imps to rest faster and hence, get back to work more rapidly as well! Do note that your minions are not infallible as you are and that they need sleep after working for some time… thus, the importance of the boogeyman wardrobe With more accommodation provided, more earth imps will be attracted to join you and help you realize your evil plans!

Your dungeon kitchen is the hub for producing all manner of food stuff for the variety of monsters that you’ll soon be recruiting. You can place the stockpot and get one of your imps to start cooking some food (and no, you don’t need to collect or buy ingredients to cook). Your imps can’t work on an empty stomach after all! Not to mention, certain rooms will attract a new type of monster to join your cause. For example, by assigning a space for the goblin workshop, you’ll be able to recruit goblins, who then can use the workshop’s bench to craft pieces of an assortment of items. When you have crafted enough pieces to make an item, you can complete the item and place the item in its appropriate location. Other types of rooms that you can build in the Undermaster include the gym, voodoo lab, library and the crypt.

Besides that, do bear in mind that a pretty dungeon increases your glory level and makes new monsters arrive faster to join your army! Therefore, you should keep adding decorative items to increase the glory level of your dungeon! There is also a research option, whereby you can unlock new features for your dungeon and for battling other players (once you’re level 21). Research costs knowledge in addition to gold and it takes time, but you can use crystals to speed it up. To gain more knowledge, you can either trade in your mined crystals for them or build a library to generate a steady stream of knowledge points. There are also achievements that you can earn too!


To truly be a part of the Undermaster community, you’ll need to find a suitable Horde (a.k.a. guild) to sign up for! However, do take note that only players who are level 20 and above can ally themselves to a Horde. A Horde is a vital aspect of the game as you can cooperate with other players in your Horde to fight epic battles against dragons and become the most successful alliance in the game!

Graphics/ Sound

The game has pretty nice graphics that are visually pleasing and yet are able to evoke that feeling of being an evil villain surveying your creepy underground network of a lair! The monsters are rendered brilliantly as well! However, it would have been great if you are allowed to rotate your screen to view your dungeon in 3D. In terms of music, Undermaster has none to speak of, but it does provide very realistic sound effects to supplement the feeling of being in an underground lair! You’ll hear the incessant sound of dripping water as well as the occasional echoes in this game.


In conclusion, Undermaster is an excellently made dungeon-building simulation game whereby you are allowed to create your own underground lair and fill it with every type of monsters imaginable! Create different rooms to attract different monsters to your “Team Evil” and carry out research to unlock new features in the game. Don’t forget to decorate your dungeon with items that display your power, wealth and glory, so that monsters will flock to join your cause in droves! With more and more monsters under your command, it will definitely be much easier to bring all your evil plans to fruition! Sounds like a whole lot of fun? Well, sign up now and play Undermaster today!

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Create your own underground lair and fill it with every type of monsters imaginable! Don’t forget to decorate your dungeon with items that display your power, wealth and glory, so that monsters will flock to you in droves! With more monsters under your command, it will definitely be much easier to bring all your evil plans to fruition! Throne Room in Undermaster Undermaster: Minion Kitchen in Undermaster Read More
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