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by Aethyna
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Tribal Defense 7.8 rate With a throng of enthralled dinosaurs, evil tribal chieftains and mad witch doctors on your tail, you will have to place towers, and empower them with voodoo and runes, along your escape route to hold them back long enough for you to escape! Will you succeed? Play Tribal Defense now and find out for yourself! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Sharing a land with a host of dinosaurs that see you as a viable meal option along with rival chieftains and witch doctors, who have ensnared these beasts to enact their dark purpose, isn’t fun... at all! Being chased constantly is a hazard of living in such a place and unfortunately, you happen to be an inhabitant! Thus, you’ll need to strategically place towers along the escape route that you’ve taken and empower these towers with the powers of runes and voodoo. Staunch the waves of creeps heading your way and you might just be able to get out of this mess alive! So, what are you waiting for? Starting building up your defenses in Tribal Defense today!


Like any classic tower defense games, Tribal Defense features different levels containing various tricky maps as well as towers and their associated “power-ups” (runes and voodoo). There are only 2 basic towers in this game, namely the archer tower and the splash tower, but you can get more variety by upgrading them. The archer tower fires arrows at enemies (obviously) and is strong against single creeps. This type of tower can be upgraded to an improved archer tower which does more damage or a lightning tower which electrocutes multiple enemies in a chain. On the other hand, the splash tower fires corrosive blobs of goo at the enemies and is strong against groups of creeps. Splash towers can be upgraded to a quake tower which damages enemies around it or a goo tower which fires sticky goo to slow enemies down.

Besides tower upgrades, you also have tower enhancements in Tribal Defense. Some examples include sharp arrows that increases damage for archer towers or improved springs that increase range of splash and big splash towers. These enhancements are practically like skill trees for both the archer tower and the lightning tower. To gain an enhancement though, you’ll need to use stars. Stars can be earned (up to 3) by completing a level as best as you can, preferably without losing any lives.

Furthermore, before you head into a game and start picking off the creeps one by one, you should learn about your enemies as well! After all, like the brilliant military strategist once said, “If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.” In Tribal Defense, there are plenty of different creeps that will challenge your tower defense skills to the max! This includes the common creeps, like the Arborians; some slow but hard-to-kill creeps like the Arborian Shellshocker or Hammerer; some fast creeps with lower health like the Arborian Fleetfoot and Swarm, as well as incredibly resilient “bosses” that can summon others to appear and do their bidding like the Chieftain and the Shellshock Chieftain.

Not to mention, as you progress in the game, you’ll be travelling through various different terrain and well, each location has its own brand of locals with special abilities. For instance, the creeps who live in the swamp are slightly resistant to slow towers while the creeps who live around lava run a little faster each time they get hurt. However, don’t despair! Everything has a weakness and all you need to do is to find those weaknesses and exploit them to win!

Alright, now that the basics are done and over with, let’s start defending some random route with towers! The most important thing while playing tower defense games is to know which tower to use and where to place them. In Tribal Defense, there are only 2 types of towers so you have your work cut out for you there, but the game allows you to place towers anywhere you like on the map (besides on the road, of course!). With no grids or fixed locations for you to build your towers, you are free to build your towers wherever you like your tower to be... but of course, be smart as some places are better than others! It’s always best to try to cover as much an area as possible with any tower you place.

You can take as much time as you like to plan and strategize where your towers should go, because fortunately, some magical force stops the creeps from running down the path after you until the “start” button is clicked. However, once you’re ready, just click start to play! While playing, each creep you kill will earn you some coins, depending on their difficulty. These coins can then be used to buy and place new towers or to upgrade existing ones. Not enough coins? Well, you could get a bit extra by calling waves of creeps earlier in Tribal Defense. You can also fast-forward the game, so your creeps’ little legs will move much rapidly.

Moreover, as the creeps gradually get harder as you progress deeper into the game, you’ll definitely need all the advantage you can get to prevent the creeps from reaching the end of the path! To help you, Tribal Defense provides 2 methods for you to boost your towers, namely by using voodoo and runes, and a fire bomb spell to help you take care of any creeps that had managed to “escape” from your towers. The fire bomb spell charges over time for more damage and area of effect and the longer it is left to charge up, the more damage you’ll deal when you drop the bomb on any group of creeps.

For voodoo, there are 3 different types – the red voodoo, when placed onto a tower will increase its damage, the blue voodoo will increase its range while the yellow voodoo will increase its attack speed instead! Each tower is able to hold up to a maximum of 3 voodoos and they can be all the same type or even different... it’s all up to you! These are power-ups are dropped by creeps randomly when you kill them and although the drop rate is generally very low, you can upgrade these voodoo via voodoo enhancements to the drop rates and increase in their respective effects. The only bad news is that these enhancements use up stars as well, making stars very important if you plan on getting upgrades for your towers as well!

Furthermore, runes can be earned by defeating bosses and collecting the chests they dropped. You’ll usually get 1 rune per chest though. Runes can then be placed on towers by clicking on the tower, selecting the empty rune slot, choosing the rune you want to use and picking the rune quality. By placing a rune, you can add all sorts of cool effects, such as stun and poison effect. You can only equip 1 rune per tower. Thankfully though, runes are not destroyed when used and can be reused in the next level or even the next one after that! You can also forge 3 of the same runes to get a better quality one in return. There are also plenty of achievements for you to obtain in Tribal Defense too!


Tribal Defense is a rather underappreciated game perhaps due to its rather unappealing graphics. Because of this, the game only has around 10 thousand monthly active users and half of that in terms of the number of likes on their Facebook fan page. Anyway, if you fancy meeting new friends, well, the game has an embedded chat channel or you could also find new friends on their fan page. If you need tips, the administrator of the fan page would be more than willing to help you as well.

Graphics/ Sound

Tribal Defense has perhaps one of the most amazing movie-quality epic music for a tower defense game! The music has nice beats that may not be very tribal in sound (in some parts). The game also provides not only ne but a variety of different music, but all of them are the very inspirational sort. On the downside, the colors in their graphics do look a bit dull. If the developers could have made it a bit more cartoony and brightly colored, surely more people would be attracted to come and enjoy the game.


In short, Tribal Defense is an excellently-designed and developed tower defense game that has a gameplay is interestingly challenging despite having rather unappealing graphics. In this game, you’ll need to escape from the throng of enthralled dinosaurs, evil tribal chieftains and mad witch doctors that are on your tail by strategically placing towers along your path of escape! Empower these towers with voodoo and runes and supplement your towers with timely placed spells to staunch the progress of the crazed horde of prehistoric and tribal creeps! Don’t forget to upgrade your towers and voodoos as well via the enhancement options! With so many challenging enemies and levels to play, Tribal Defense is surely the sort of games that fans of tower defense games would immensely enjoy! So, play the game now and find out if you will survive the onslaught!

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New Game Added: Tribal Defense

by Aethyna Jun 23, 2015
With a throng of enthralled dinosaurs, evil tribal chieftains and mad witch doctors on your tail, you will have to place towers, and empower them with voodoo and runes, along your escape route to hold them back long enough for you to escape! Will you succeed? Play Tribal Defense now and find out for yourself! Goo tower in Tribal Defense Tribal Defense: Voodoos Archer tower in Tribal Defense Read More
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