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Queen's Garden 10 rate As the newly hired royal gardener of the palace, it is your duty to play match-3 games to earn enough coins so that you can decorate the garden to the delight of the Queen! Have fun with the many mini-games provided as well! Help the King to please his beloved Queen by growing a garden bigger than there had ever been! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Help the King to please his beloved Queen by growing a garden bigger than there had ever been before in this beautiful match-3 game, Queen’s Garden! As the newly hired royal gardener of the palace, it is your duty to play match-3 games to earn enough coins so that you can decorate the garden to the delight of the Queen! Have fun with the many mini-games provided in this game as well, such as finding games and match 2 butterflies together to attract butterflies to visit to the Queen’s garden, making it livelier. There are also up to 4 different power-ups that you can earn by filling up their respective meters with matches of certain pieces as well as special tokens, game modes and obstacles that will definitely push your match-3 skills to their limits! If you think you have what it takes to grow the best garden there is for the King, play Queen’s Garden now and see how well you will do!


The story is narrated at the beginning of the game in a rhyme that goes like this:

In a barren kingdom set atop a hill,
There lived a king and queen, who likely live there still.
The king was a caring man who loved to please his queen
His plan was to grow a garden bigger than there had ever been
You will cultivate a sea of bloom; fill the air with the breath of roses
From barren land to blossom—a sweet bouquet to royal noses
A perennial job for a seasoned grower—a garden for royalty
Apply within to serve the queen and be ever rewarded for your loyalty!


To start, the game lets you choose the game mode that you would prefer. There are 3 game modes to choose from, namely untimed (or the normal casual mode), timed and challenge. Timed modes have timers in each game and you’ll be rewarded based on how fast you complete each level while for challenge, you are given limited number of moves to complete the levels. Perhaps you would like to start with untimed for the moment as you have yet to learn how the game works, and if you find the games too simple, you can easily change your game mode at the settings option later on. Don’t worry – the King’s assistant will personally oversee your work as well as your “training” a.k.a. tutorial!

Like any match-3 games, in Queen’s Garden, you’ll need to create matches of 3 or more tokens by clicking on adjacent pieces to swap in order to collect them. Create matches of 4 or more pieces will award you with special tokens, such as glowing tokens (match-4) and gems (match-5, no matter the shape, whether it is in linear, vertical, L-shaped or T-shaped). Glowing tokens will explode and clears out everything within a 1 square radius when they are matched with their respective tokens, while gems act like a wild card in this game and will allow you to match it with any other 2 tokens of the same category. After being matched, the gems will explode, taking along with it every other piece within a 1 square radius as well!

The game objective in Queen’s Garden is very straightforward and there are several varieties depending on which level it is. The most basic objective requires you to collect a specific number of a certain few types of tokens from the board. You’ll then encounter “backgrounds” levels rather quickly. In these levels, you’ll need to match a certain type of token on the corresponding background, as stated in the level’s objective, in order to clear it. Do note that it must be “a certain type of token” and not “any token”, making the levels much challenging and fun, since this feature is pretty much unique in the match-3 world! Once you’ve successfully completed a level, you will be given a nice amount of coins.

The game almost always has something new to introduce you, whether it is an obstacle or a new power-up that was unveiled, in each level you play... at least up until level 12 or so, keeping the gameplay in each level fresh and exciting! Some examples of obstacles include crates, stones, vines and ice. For obstacles, they are there to block your progress as much as possible. You can remove them, of course, but if you don’t but still managed to complete the level objectives, you can still win the game and proceed to the next level. To remove the crates, you just need to perform a match right next to the crates to destroy them, while for stones, you will need to combine 2 matches to remove them. Vines and ice are very much similar – they both contain a trapped token inside that you’ll need to match with in order to free it. However, for ice, the entire piece is locked in place, much like stones while for vined token, they can still be dropped if you matched and remove any token underneath it (like crates).

Besides match-3 games, you will also be handed several mini-games by the Queen herself! These mini-games include finding an X number of item in a scene (a lot like a hidden object scene, but the item is the same) and matching 2 butterflies with similar wing patterns together. These mini-games do not reward you with coins though! Instead, you’ll be given a choice to refill the meter for any 1 of the 4 power-ups, which allows you to use it in the next level at the start of the game.

The power-ups in Queen’s Garden include gopher, hummingbird, lightning and hammer. The gopher is able to clear entire row of tokens while the lightning is able to clear whole columns of pieces. This also includes any background tiles these pieces may be sitting on as well as 1 layer off any obstacles in the power-up’s path! The hammer will allow you to remove 1 piece along with any tiles underneath it or 1 layer of an obstacle. On the other hand, the hummingbird is perhaps one of the most powerful power-up in the game! It will summon a flock of hummingbirds to clear all the same tokens from the board.

With coins you’ve earned, you will then need to carry out your duties as the Royal Gardener of the palace and decorate the lawn to turn it into a beautiful garden! You can buy items like fountains, bridges, ponds and hedges. For each item you need to buy, you are given 3 selections to choose from! The items will vary in terms of their costs but do bear in mind that the most beautiful decorations not always the most expensive ones. After you’re done with a new upgrade to the garden, the Queen will stroll into view and express her delight at the new addition. The King will also let you know his thoughts via dialogues on your choice of décor. Most of the time, he will love it, so don’t worry too much!


Although it is pretty popular on Big Fish Games (or at least its sequel is at the moment), Queen’s Garden does not have its very own Facebook fan page. So, if you’re thinking of creating one for the players of the game to gather, do feel free to do so! However, if it’s too much of a bother, you can just head on over to the game’s forums on the Big Fish Games website. There, you can meet and chat with your fellow players!

Graphics/ Sound

Queen’s Garden is filled with beautiful background sceneries of various parts of the countryside as well as of the castle (such as the dungeon, the castle overview and side view and many more!). Each decorative item that you can buy for the garden is very well-designed as well, making the process of choosing the best one for your garden quite difficult! Furthermore, the music in the game has a very nice fantasy-like feel to it, which is in turn perfectly suited to the fairy-tale-like theme of the game. There is also some variety to the game’s music as well, though generally, all the music in the game is very pleasant to the ears and soothing to the soul!


In summary, Queen’s Garden a challenging and brilliant match-3 game that contains plenty of exciting mini-games and it also allows you to grow a beautiful garden in the process! Its gameplay is very addictive and fun as well especially when the game provides you with 4 different power-ups for you to have fun with in the game! With the coins earned from the match-3 games that you’ve played, you will purchase decorations for the Queen’s garden! Create the most magnificent garden that is filled with pretty flowers, dancing butterflies and amazing fountains and statues! Take up the job as the King’s gardener today and help the King grow a wonderful garden for his Queen in Queen’s Garden!

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New Game Added: Queen's Garden

by Aethyna Apr 23, 2015
As the newly hired royal gardener of the palace, it is your duty to play match-3 games to earn enough coins so that you can decorate the garden to the delight of the Queen! Have fun with the many mini-games provided as well! Help the King to please his beloved Queen by growing a garden bigger than there had ever been! Colored tiles in Queen's Garden Queen's Garden: Frozen tokens Gems in Queen's Garden Read More
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