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Overlords of War 9 rate Choose which side, the forces of good or evil, to side with, and embark on an adventure to either curb or advance the invasion in the world of Tai Yi. Develop your kingdom, manage your resources, grow your army and lead them into battle in this brand new MMO strategy game, Overlords of War! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The peace in the world of Tai Yi was shattered when the forces of evil invaded. Corrupting the minds of heroes to their cause, they intend to find and seize the power of the fabled “Sealed Sword” for their own nefarious purposes. Being a hero in this game, you’ll get to choose which side to side with, and embark on an adventure to either curb or advance the invasion (depending on the side you choose). Develop your kingdom, manage your resources, grow your army and lead them into battle in this brand new MMO strategy game, Overlords of War!


The world of Tai Yi was once a peaceful place, filled with heroes who do good for the people. Until one day, the forces of evil invaded the land in an attempt to seize the power of the fabled “Sealed Sword” for their own nefarious purposes. Some heroes were even corrupted by this invading force of evil and were bent to their ideology and will.

To regain control of the heroes, the god of creation, Aesis, came to Tai Yi and rallied up the remaining heroes who are free from any evil influences. They intend to banish the forces of evil and establish a whole new world order.

Which side would you choose?


To begin your campaign of conquest, you’ll first need to choose a character. In Overlords of War, you are given 6 characters to choose from – 3 of which are males and the other 3 are females. Each character comes from a different clan (faction) and the third outlying character is more of a hybrid of the two clans. Aside from the difference in clans and obviously their looks, there are no other discernable difference between these 6 characters, so you are free to choose whichever character that looks most appealing to you.

Once done, you’ll then be brought to your kingdom, given a quick tutorial rundown on how the game works and you’re free to do your thing, that is to lead!

In Overlords of War, your kingdom is the main way for you to gather the resources and the troops you’ll need to win the war. There are 3 types of resources that you’ll need in this game, namely wood, gold and grain. Wood and gold are crucial for developing your kingdom while grain is needed whenever you send your army into battle. There are specific places for you to build all of your respective resource-producing buildings and these buildings, such as the lumber mill and the gold mine, can be further improved to increase their productivity. You could also gain additional resources by completing quests, conquering other people’s armies or simply taking on the many stages of enemies in the Instance mode (PvE).

The instance-based campaign missions that you can embark on in this game are pretty much straightforward. Each stage will offer you a new challenge in terms of its increasingly high battle power (BP) rating and you’ll get 3 stars per stage to earn. If you managed to complete an entire map with all 3 stars, you’ll even win yourself a special reward be it a chest filled with goodies or even new hero souls which you can then use to summon new heroes at the Worship Altar or upgrade existing ones (by increasing their star rating).

Talking about heroes, you’ll first need to recruit heroes of your own to head each of your battalions. Heroes can be equipped with up to 6 different items and have their own set of 3 abilities that they will use at random during combat. Both equipment and abilities can be upgraded. Heroes will also gain experience and subsequently level up to unlock new upgrade levels.

In this game, each hero can only lead a certain type of troops. So, for example, the hero, Izaiah, can only lead your battalion of mages, while the sturdier Haret leads your team of berserkers. Interestingly, you don’t really need to recruit the troops themselves in Overlords of War – only the heroes. Instead, you can only improve your troops at the barracks by either upgrading your units or by increasing the army size you can bring into battle. Upgrades will usually cost gold, but some may require special materials which you can only obtain by challenging instances.

Now, once all of that are done and over with, you still need to do one tiny but important thing prior to engaging the enemy. Through the Rally tab, you’ll need to choose how to position and deploy your heroes and their battalions. Unlike most strategy games where the heroes will simply attack enemies in their lane only, in Overlords of War, heroes will prioritize enemies in their lane but when all the enemies are dead, they will move over to other lanes to help out. This little feature which elevates the importance of troop positioning changes how you would normally strategize in a game.

During combat, your troops will automatically seek out enemies to attack and you don’t really have a lot of control over your units. However, you’ll have a range of abilities that you can use to help your tiny troops out. To use them though, you’ll first need to unlock these abilities at the strategy center. You can upgrade your abilities via the strategy center as well. These abilities require the use of energy and you can earn energy in combat whenever your army is taking any damage. Although these abilities may not seem much, when you couple it with good troop positioning, you may just be able to take on enemies that has a slightly higher BP than you.

In addition to instances, there are also other PvE events that you can participate in, such as World Boss in which you’ll team up with your fellow players to take down a particularly difficult army; Wonderland where you can battle to earn specific rewards like more gold or experience points; and Trial of Heroes in which you can re-defeat each of the heroes’ armies to earn more hero souls. You could even battle to push back the fog of war, called the Mists in this game, in the world map.

What about PvP, you may wonder. Well, there are epic faction battles where good and evil clash in a battlefield, region battle in which players of different factions fight to gain control of the region and also the usual 1-on-1 PvP (more like 1 army-on-1 army) that’s unlocked at level 22. The PvP option will randomly match you with a player, but quite frequently, you’ll find yourself going up against impossible odds. I for one (at level 22) was pitted against a level 30 with a total army BP value that’s 5 times my own BP! Thankfully, there’s an option where you can spend extra gold to find a new opponent.

Let’s not forget about the game’s many freebies as well. Simply by logging in every day for 7 days in a row, you’ll earn yourself some amazing rewards, ranging from rare equipments, more heroes’ souls, gems (which can then be used to augment your heroes’ items) and more. You could be idle in the game just so you could claim the online rewards too.


Once you reached a certain level, you’ll be asked, via a quest, to join a faction. Faction is much like a guild or clan in this game and being a part of a faction is quite crucial in ensuring that you’ll be getting the most out of your gaming experience. By being a faction member, you’ll gain access to many faction-only features such as the faction shop and events, and of course, in return, you’ll need to gather valuable ores and contribute them to your faction to level it up.

Interestingly, in Overlords of War, you can actually challenge the leadership of your faction to a friendly duel of armies, and as this is a strategy game, your faction will also need its own army. So, technically, you can further prove your loyalty and worth to your faction of choice by contributing troops too.

Graphics/ Sound

For a browser game, Overlords of War doesn’t seem like it’s optimized for any browser. You are forced to play the game at full screen or you would be able to see, let alone click, on some of the buttons in the game. Both the troop deployment and combat screens look cropped or at least squeezed-in as well.

That being said, the game has some really nice background music. Although the music does sound oddly cheerful for a game about war and the battle between good and evil, the music does sound like something you’d hear at a medieval tavern.


All in all, Overlords of War may not have the most unique storyline, but it has a pretty special gameplay. The ability to strategize and make full use of your combat skills are crucial in ensuring victory. If done correctly, you could even turn the tide of battle and win a war even if your army’s battle power is slightly less than your opponents’. Thus, if you’re looking for a MMO strategy game that relies more on having a good head on your shoulders rather than having an overwhelming number of troops, Overlords of War is definitely a game you should check out. Give it a try today!

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New Game Added: Overlords of War

by Aethyna Sep 2, 2016
Choose which side, the forces of good or evil, to side with, and embark on an adventure to either curb or advance the invasion in the world of Tai Yi. Develop your kingdom, manage your resources, grow your army and lead them into battle in this brand new MMO strategy game, Overlords of War! War in Overlords of War Overlords of War: New heroes recruited Your thriving city in Overlords of War Read More
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