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Imperial Hero 2 10 rate Developed by Imperia Online, Imperial Hero 2 is a fun, casual RPG that you can play on your browser. Embark on an adventure of your lifetime and try to make a name for yourself in the beautiful yet danger-ridden Ayarr Empire! Play with friends in massive guild battles or quest alone – the choice is yours to make! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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An RPG that’s in between a text-based game and a full-blown MMORPG, Imperial Hero 2 is a fun, casual RPG that you can play on your browser. Developed by Imperia Online, you can expect great graphics and music along with epic gameplay where you’ll get to try to make a name for yourself in the beautiful yet danger-ridden Ayarr Empire. Play with friends in massive guild battles or head off questing on your own – it’s up to you! So, if you’re interested, be sure to check the game out!


To begin, you’ll need to create your hero’s identity in the game. Aside from the name, you’ll also be asked to choose an avatar. Despite the varying “classes” shown in the avatars available, every player will start off as a mere adventurer. Once you’ve reached level 15, you’ll then be given the option to specialize into a selection of advance classes depending on your favorite play style. There are also skills and attributes that you can invest points in (points which are earned during each level up) to boost your character’s fighting ability... just be sure to invest in skills and attributes that are the most relevant to your class/ preferred weapon.

Being an RPG, questing is the bread and butter of your leveling process in Imperial Hero 2. Aside from the later crafting quests, most quests will require you to kill X number of mobs or clear a certain area of mobs. Now, unlike most MMORPGs where you’ll be travelling to the quest locations yourself by either sprinting or riding a mount, in this game, travelling mainly consists of waiting durations that can be skipped using diamonds (premium currency) or for free once it’s down to 15 seconds and below. Some players may understandably dislike the waiting duration, but I’d say it’s pretty fair – you do get a free game to play, don’t you?

Nevertheless, do not let that aspect distract you from enjoying the enormity and depth of Imperial Hero 2. One of the interesting parts is the game’s combat system. Now, at the beginning, combat may feel boring and you may have already enabled the “Skip combat animation” option just so you can get through them quicker. However, once you reached level 10 or so, you’ll not only be introduced to boss encounters where you have to complete all combat rounds in one go; you’ll also be able to recruit mercenaries to fight alongside you. This introduces a new strategic component to its combat system, allowing you to arrange the formation of your team so as to maximize their combat efficiency. Oh, and these mercs you hired? They will be a part of your team until you decide to dismiss them. Awesome, right?

Best yet, like your own character, these mercs can be equipped with weapons and armor. Items do drop pretty often in this game, and more so if you’ve got yourself an item that boosts item drop rates. However, this also means that inventory management can be pretty important in this game.

In some way, this aspect of the game reminds me of Diablo – a more lenient version of it at least. This is because items that cannot fit in your bag will automatically be stored in your storehouse as opposed to having to dump them on the ground, traveling all the way back to sell off loot to clear up some bag space, and then returning to pick the dropped items up again. You will also get a free second bag slot once you reached level 10, mainly because the crafting system will then be available to you. Subsequent bag slots, however, can only be bought only if you’ve spent real money in this game.

“Hold up! Did you just mention “crafting system”?” Yes... yes, I did. I did point out earlier on that Imperial Hero 2 is deeper than it looks! The crafting system in this game is pretty similar, to some extent, to the professions you might take in an MMORPG. There are 3 Primary (Crafting) professions, namely Weaponsmith, Armorsmith and Jeweler; and 4 Secondary (Gathering) professions, including Miner, Tanner, Stonecutter and Carpenter. You are only allowed to choose 1 of each. The Secondary profession that will be made available to you will also vary depending on which Primary you chose.

Once done, you can now access the many “resource buildings” scattered around the map. Collecting resources from these buildings takes time and will cost you your tools’ durability (yes, you’ll need to buy special crafting tools that befit both your professions). Thankfully, you can make the most out of the long wait by adding Diligence to increase the output while adding on some extra waiting time.

Raw materials you’ve gathered can then be processed into goods. Of course, before you can do that, you’ll need to have the corresponding recipes first. There are over 100,000 recipes in this game, and if you divide the numbers equally among the 3 Primary professions, then you’ll still be left with a huge sum of recipes to find and collect. This also opens up the game’s item trading market, allowing crafters with certain unique recipes to earn a fortune in game currency simply by crafting and selling their wares.

Aside from buying better gear items from other players, there are NPC-run shops selling from rings and necklaces to maces and bows to even potions and boosters. The stocks in these shops will be automatically refreshed after some time, but if you can’t wait, you could always spend diamonds to speed things up. At the shops, you can also sell off any loot that you no longer want... and surprisingly, pick up quests.

Although Imperial Hero 2 emphasizes greatly on questing, the game provides players with PvP arenas as well. Players who want to test their mettle can participate in Tournament battles where they can defeat other players and climb up the PvP rank ladder. Once you’ve joined a guild, you will get to join epic guild wars and castle sieges too!

The complexity of Imperial Hero 2, on the other hand, can be best shown through its faction system. There are plenty factions you can align yourself with during your adventures but you won’t be able to change faction right away. Instead, you’ll need to accumulate reputation points with the other factions in order to gain their trust before they will eventually decide to admit you into their ranks. Being part of a Faction is a great thing mainly because you can buy and build your own house at the Faction’s capital where you can store items that you want to keep. You’ll also gain access to the Guild House, Bank, Auction House, Resource Market, Crafter’s Shop and more.

Now, being a free-to-play game, Imperial Hero 2 does offer in-game purchases and VIPs. However, unlike most browser MMOs, the system here is really simple. Players can only spend real money on diamonds, but diamonds can be spent on a wide variety of game services, such as speeding up travel or crafting duration. You can also activate the game’s VIP where VIP players will get a huge range of perks in addition to getting free diamonds daily. The VIP system in this game is tier based, so basically, the more you spend, the higher rank you’ll get, and subsequently the better perks you can enjoy!


Unlocked at level 10, there is guild system in Imperial Hero 2 that will allow you to help each other, mainly through providing and obtaining raw materials from other Secondary professions. However, there are also fun massive events, like Guild Wars or castle sieges where members of the guild will be expected to come together to defend the guild castle from being sieged by the enemy. Of course, you’ll need to contribute to your guild by paying a daily tribute as well.

Graphics/ Sound

Imperial Hero 2 has some mind-blowing soundtracks despite being a “browser-based” game. I personally like that the game has multiple music tracks so you won’t have to listen to the same tune on an endless repeat. Though, I’ve noticed that at times, the game kind of glitches out and multiple tracks will be played all at the same time. You can guess that the resulting cacophony isn’t at all pleasant to listen to.

In terms of graphics, the game doesn’t skimp on it either. Each piece of art work in this game is beautifully designed. I’m sure players appreciate the effort that is put into changing the battleground’s background image depending on the location they are in, like I do.


Although the depth and complexity of Imperial Hero 2 is as deep as a stand-alone MMORPG, it is still, ultimately, a more casual, and perhaps a bit idle (due to its auto-resolved combat), RPG. It is not intended to be a hardcore game and if you’re looking for something much tougher, you’d better off playing Wild Terra (Find out how you can get yourself a free copy).

That being said, players who are looking for an RPG to play on the side as they work on other stuff, then Imperial Hero 2 is definitely a game you should check out! It features a vast world for you to quest in and explore, plenty of quests to complete and multiple ways for you to develop your hero and your team. Not to mention, the game’s graphics and sound are incredibly well-made and they help tremendously when it comes to increasing the game’s appeal. So, if you’ve got some free time, why not drop by Imperial Hero 2 and give it a try? It’s free and you can play it on your browser.

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by Aethyna Jul 5, 2017
Developed by Imperia Online, Imperial Hero 2 is a fun, casual RPG that you can play on your browser. Embark on an adventure of your lifetime and try to make a name for yourself in the beautiful yet danger-ridden Ayarr Empire! Play with friends in massive guild battles or quest alone – the choice is yours to make! Imperial Hero 2: Province map Completed quest in Imperial Hero 2 Imperial Hero 2: Team battles Read More
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