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Get the Gun 10 rate Looking for a casual and cartoony MMO shooter game that guarantees hours of crazy fun? Look no further! Get the Gun is just perfect for you! Play as 1 of the 6 unique yet familiar-looking characters, including James Bond's cartoon doppelganger, the Marksman, and blast your way up the ranks today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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If you love Team Fortress 2 and want to look for a similar game that is much more casual, well, Get the Gun is the perfect game for you! Play as one of the 6 unique yet familiar-looking characters including the Terminator look-a-like Rocket Man and Daniel Craig’s (James Bond) cartoon doppelganger, the Marksman! Each of these classes has their own unique secondary weapons may it be gas-emitting bird-grenades or an electric-shooting turrets, you’ll sure have plenty of fun trying them all out. There are quite a number of game modes as well, including everybody’s favorites, deathmatch and team deathmatch. If you’re good enough, you can even sign up and pit your skills, and wits, against the best shooters in the game in the tournament. Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons and replenish your supplies too! Crazy fun times await you in Get the Gun, so grab yo’ friends and jump straight into a match now!


To start playing, you’ll first have to choose a character! In Get the Gun, there are 6 characters to choose from, namely the Rambo-look-alike Machine Gunner; the Rocket Man, whose face looks strangely similar to that of the current governor of California and the Terminator; the Flame Thrower cowgirl; the Plasma Gunner that is slightly similar to Natalia Romanov (a.k.a. the Black Widow); the Shot Gunner who look just like Bruce Willis and the Marksman who is a dead-ringer for the current James Bond star, Daniel Craig. It doesn’t really matter which first character you choose, because after your tutorial match, you can change your current character for one of the others.

After choosing your first character to play with, you’ll be dump right into a game with tutorials displayed for you to read. Do read your instructions as fast as you can! This is because you can still get shot at by other players as you are reading.

The controls in this game is fairly simple to learn, though the part where it is hard to master is the part where you try to avoid taking damage and maximize your damage output! Anyway, the game uses the usual WASD keys for movement and spacebar for jumping. Your character is already in an auto-run motion and there isn’t a key for you to crouch... and trust me, there is no need to crouch!

Furthermore, the left mouse button will fire your primary weapon (or “weapon 1” in this game) while the right mouse button will trigger your secondary class-specific skill. For some classes, the characters’ secondary skill is to place an Angry Bird-like grenade like a trap on the ground while a certain class like the Plasma Gunner is able to unpack an electric-shooting turret instead! The “R” key is used to reload your weapon while the “Q” key will allow you to use the Medi-Jet you have equipped to restore health. There is also an additional consumable slot (“E” key) where you can place any other performance-boosting Jets, such as EPO-Jet that increases run speed or Adrenaline-Jet which increases both run speed and reduces damage.

Each match lasts only 10 minutes and you can view your rating, which changes in real time as you kill an opponent or get killed by an opponent! After the game timed out, your total kills and deaths will be tallied up and your final rating will be given. Rating determines your performance in each match. The rating you’ve earned in-game is not the same as the rank rating you will have at the leaderboard. However, each rating you get in every game you’re in will affect your rank rating. Besides ratings, you will also earn GtG medals for every kill you made, gold coins and experience points for the character class you used in the game!

That was fun, wasn’t it? Want to get another go? Well, perhaps you might want to try a new character instead this time around! To change your character, you can back out from the lobby to the menu interface or you could just head to the shop and use those arrows flanking your current character to scroll through the other classes to choose the one you want! Once you’re done, you can then choose which game mode you want to play in!

Get the Gun offers multiple exciting game modes, including deathmatch (This is the default mode and as mentioned, you’ll need to use the arrow at the top left corner to go back to the main menu to change your game mode), team modes, which technically mean “team deathmatch mode”, duels and tournaments. In deathmatch, everyone is for themselves and a player, who was “helping” you take down an opponent, may just as easily turn their sights on you within a split second! It’s a repeated (due to respawning) fight to the death!

In the 3-vs-3 team mode, you’ll be separated randomly and equally into either the red or blue team. Your objective is to work together with your teammates to gang up on the opposition and kill as many of them for as many times as you can! This unfortunately leads to several camping incidences. If this happens, you can easily quit the game without suffering any penalties.

Duels are interesting 1-on-1 matches where the best player wins! Even if you fired first, if you don’t know how to use your surroundings to your advantage (as covers) or use your secondary skills at the correct moment, you’ll quickly lose the match. Of course, other factors can also affect the outcome of a duel, including the grade of your weapon or the class you use as certain class is better against another class. Tournaments are special PvP events where you will fight against a chain of opponents and, if you lose even a fight, you’ll be knocked out! This is probably the toughest challenge of them all and if you somehow managed to win, you can definitely give yourself a good pat on the back for doing such a great job!

However, Get the Gun only offers 2 different maps that you aren’t even allowed to choose when you start a game. These maps are randomly assigned, but most of the time, the map you’ll get depends on which game mode you choose. Since there are very limited maps in this game, you can expect getting the same maps multiple times in a row. That being said, the some maps contain interactive pads that will, for example, activate a bridge to move, when a player is standing on the pad. It’s a pretty nice feature despite the fact that most pads are placed out in the open, making you an open target as the bridge slowly swings to the destination you want to go to.

Let’s not forget about the in-game shop. The shop offers quite a range of items, but weapons are not one of them! Being a shooter game, it is rather surprising to see no other weapons that you can buy. Instead, you are given the option to upgrade your current weapon for a very hefty price, considering that you’re earning like around 10 gold per match. So, like it or not, you’re stuck with the default weapon your character has, depending on the class.

Besides weapons, the game provides an array of secondary “weapons” – it’s the same thing just with different names and stats, as well as various ammo types. Different bullets will have a different range of damage and naturally, the more expensive the bullet, the chance of causing more damage is better! There are also plenty of other types of Jets, like Focus-Jet that increases critical hit chance and add more experience per kill or various Nano-coatings that will protect your character from a certain range of damage types. You can even purchase armor (limited durability) for your character or first aid kits that will provide your character with another way to regenerate health while in-game.


The community in Get the Gun mainly consists of Russians who don’t speak English, so it might be a tad bit hard to understand what they are trying to say. But perhaps due to this, the game doesn’t feel as toxic as other MMO shooter games. Match-making is practically non-existent here, but if you’re playing casually (which you should be), you can easily learn certain playing techniques from the pros by learning from your deaths or your teammates’ deaths. Since Get the Gun is a pretty new game, the game has only 13 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page. If you want to meet your fellow players, the fan page is definitely the place to be! There are also guilds that you can join, but most of them are not as active.

Graphics/ Sound

Get the Gun has its own theme song, which is so much different from any other game! The theme song is a blend of country and blues and it is only played at the lobby. In-game, there is no music, but instead, you’ve got the ambient sounds of gunfire, footsteps and, if you are playing in the seaside map, the sound of the waves lapping the shores! There are also character voiceovers that differ depending on the class you use. Although it is rather interesting to hear what they have to say (they only have a couple of different lines of voiceovers), these voiceovers are usually triggered when you’re idle for too long, like when you’re trying to set an ambush. Thus, as other players can hear your character’s dialogue, these voiceovers can be a real dead giveaway. The cartoonish graphics in Get the Gun, on the other hand, are really good for a free-to-play browser-based shooter game. The environment looks well-polished and its guns look awesome. It’s pretty good overall!


In short, Get the Gun is a thrilling free-to-play browser-based MMOFPS game that feels a lot like Team Fortress, minus the hats! There are plenty of classes (up to 6) that you can choose from and each of them is unique in their own way! Despite having very limited maps, the game at least provide the standard game modes that can be found in a shooter game, namely deathmatch, team deathmatch, duel and tournament. The game also compensates for the lack of gun variety by providing a range of fun performance-enhancing Jets and secondary “weapons” like the Angry-bird traps and bombs. The matches are also short and fast-paced enough, especially if you head towards the sound of gunfire every time you respawned. Thus, if you like to play cartoony casual/ arcade-like MMO shooters on your browser, Get the Gun is one game you should definitely be bookmarking on your browser! Play it now!

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New Game Added: Get the Gun

by Aethyna Jun 3, 2015
Looking for a casual and cartoony MMO shooter game that guarantees hours of crazy fun? Look no further! Get the Gun is just perfect for you! Play as 1 of the 6 unique yet familiar-looking characters, including James Bond's cartoon doppelganger, the Marksman, and blast your way up the ranks today! Team mode in Get the Gun Get the Gun: Marksman Rocket man gameplay in Get the Gun Read More
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