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Entropia Universe 8 rate Entropia Universe is an MMO virtual universe with an extensive economy that you can try to game to earn some credits. You can then convert your credits into real money. The game also features different planets to explore, with each having their own ecosystem and quests to complete to progress your character. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Entropia Universe is a massively multiplayer online virtual universe that was developed by Swedish company MindArk. The game has one universal cash economy system, which also allows players to convert their in-game credits in real cash and vice versa. Despite allowing you to convert in-game currency with real money, the game still has micro-transaction options that lets you upgrade your account to receive exclusive benefits such as trading options and personal services.


Entropia Universe focus on the six major planets, but most of the story focused on the first planet Calypso. This is where the humans have started to colonize and formed a new civilization, a planet rich in exotic creatures and plants and abundant in natural resources. This is where new players will start their venture and they expand the human colony.


Though Entropia Universe is labelled as a MMO virtual universe, it works like your usual MMORPG, with the exception of having a real cash economy where you can trade your in-game money into real money and vice versa. There are also different planets that players can explore.

At the start of the game, you can choose your avatar either by selecting a preset character or designing your own from scratch. It may not have other extra-terrestrial races, but the character customization is very in-depth.

You can set the parameters on your facial appearance, from eyes size to the length of your ears and even the shape of your jaws. It also has customization features for the body, not just skin color and gender, but also adjusting the shoulder length, chest size, the size of your hand and even the shape of your hips. This ensures that you can recreate your very own custom avatar to your very liking. And you can obtain different sets of apparels that you can wear; from jackets to shoes and even undergarments, the game is definitely treating itself as a virtual world game.

The controls are the standard keys, such as WASD for movement and the mouse for adjusting the camera view. The spacebar is for jumping and left clicking will let you interact with objects or NPCs, the Alt key allows you to toggle from view mode to action mode where in view mode you can navigate your mouse in the user interface and click on any of the window to interact with it, action mode returns you to the original setting. Pressing the scroll mouse button lets you change the camera view and lets you view your avatar upfront, you can return to its original view by pressing the scroll button again.

Entropia Universe has that MMORPG vibe, as you can take quests and other tasks when you journey in different planets. You can start your quests by talking to NPCs, most of the given quests are very basic, from talking to other NPCs to killing x number of creatures to bring x amount of items. Completing quests will reward you with items and money. Combat is also similar to any sci-fi RPGs, you will be using different types of weapons such as pistols, rifles and launchers, and you will be needing certain ammunition to use these weapons. Attacking can be doing by left clicking on the target, and once the enemy is defeated, you can pick up loot and you can sell them in the market.

The currency used in the game is called Project Entropia Dollars or PED, and the conversion rate to US Dollars is at 10:1, so if you have 1000 PED, you can convert it to 100 USD. Some of the items and loot that you found in the game will have selling values, but it will change overtime due to the real-time economy, so if you have a rare item that might be valued at 5000 PED today, it might increase or decrease in the future, and just like in real stock markets, players must decide if they plan to keep it or sell it as an investment.


Entropia Universe has an active community where players can interact with each other. They can hang out in some of the hub areas in the different planets and join in parties to defeat harder enemies. Aside from the public chat, players can do private messages and add other players to their friend list that can notify them if they are online.

Graphics/ Sound

The game gradually improves it visuals over time with content updates. With a massive world to explore, it features highly detailed environment that makes the planet stand out from each other, and the deep character customization help visualize your avatar, add that with the cosmetic items available in the game and it produces an almost real person. The music in the game features synth and techno instruments to provide a futuristic and sci-fi feel to the game and it helps add a thrilling mood in certain scenarios.


Entropia Universe provides an interesting adventure to anyone who are into science fiction and socializing with other players. The combat may not be optimized to provide a fluid gameplay, but it provides more options for players to enjoy if they got tired of just interacting with one another. But the main highlight is the real money economy that allows you to earn real cash, it will encourage players to continue playing the game as they can earn money.

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New Game Added: Entropia Universe

by Richard Mar 9, 2017
Entropia Universe is an MMO virtual universe with an extensive economy that you can try to game to earn some credits. You can then convert your credits into real money. The game also features different planets to explore, with each having their own ecosystem and quests to complete to progress your character. Entropia Universe: Combat Cool spacecraft design in Entropia Universe Entropia Universe: Pet battles Read More
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