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Call of Defense TD 9 rate Call of Defense TD is here to take your tower defense game plan to another level. Each round of battle is not to be taken lightly, and you'll need to position your fighters, build your defense and use powerful spells to successfully protect your turf. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Battle ghouls, giants and other beasts in this exhilarating tower defense game, Call of Defense TD. Build strategic defenses and strengthen your fighters to ensure victory in each wave. With the ability to equip your warriors and learn new skills, you will need to defend your tower in challenging terrains and against all kinds of enemies in this game.


Upon starting the game, you’ll be guided through the basics with a brief tutorial. This stage allows you to complete the first wave. Each stage is divided into levels, and each level into waves. There can be as many as 20 waves in a level depending on the stage. You are given 10 lives in each level, and this counts down every time an enemy reaches your tower.

As with any tower defense, the main goal is to kill all enemies before they reach the end of the path. In this particular game, you have to build a strong defense as well as strong fighters after each successful battle. The ability to position fighters anywhere on the map makes this game even more thought-provoking. To win each wave, you have to keep strategizing before and during battle, always making a move to increase your chance of defeating monsters and bosses.

To start a wave, position your first fighters on a strategic location along the enemy path, which will be visible with a bold, red line. Fighters can be a foot soldier, an archer or a mage. Foot soldiers can fight an enemy at close range while archers and mages can only attack from a distance. They get frightened when enemies get too close.

You also earn gold coins with each enemy you kill and these can be used to add more fighters along the path or upgrade existing fighters. Each class of fighter can be upgraded twice. Soldiers can be upgraded to Elite Soldier and then to Barbarian; Archers become Elite Archer and then Poisoner; Mages become Elite Mage and then Sorcerer. Barriers can also be upgraded twice and ultimately becomes a lava wall, which spews fire when enemies attack, bringing damage to them.

To strengthen your defense and prevent enemies from easily reaching your tower, you can build barriers. Remember that barriers can be built only before and not during a battle. They can also be upgraded to be stronger and withstand blows from enemies. A barrier can change the enemy’s path, so be sure to have all fighters positioned accordingly. In the game’s later stages, you get a ballista (projectile weapon that shoots arrows) to help you shoot enemies by clicking and dragging it to the direction of the target.

To start the battle, you need to click on the crossed swords icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen. You can still add, sell or upgrade fighters during battle, but you can’t do anything to the barriers. Other in-game controls include a speed button to make the gameplay twice as fast, which can be activated by clicking the arrow button on the game controls found on the bottom of the screen. You can also use zoom in and out the scene using your mouse’s scroll wheel.

After completing a level, you’ll get one chance to spin a wheel for a random reward. This is usually some form of equipment or spell that your fighters can wear like an armor, helmet or boots. These items grant fighters with better damage, defense or speed. You’ll get some of the items more than once, and you can distribute these items among all your fighters so they are all well-equipped. There’s also an option to combine items, which give you even more powerful fighting skills for your fighters.

In addition to the ballista, you can defeat stronger enemies by using spells. Each spell unlocks when you reach a certain level. The first spell that you can use is a fire storm, which is a way to drops balls of fire to a huge target area. Spells take a few seconds to regenerate, so use them as a last resort, or when you’re down to your last few lives. You can unlock two other spells in later levels.

You have to complete all waves in a level without running out of lives. You can buy more lives with real money, or you can start the level again. Starting with Level 6, you’ll be able to save your game progress when you reach Wave 10, and if you lose the level, you can start from Wave 10 instead of going back to the very first wave.

There is a multiplayer option for Call of Defense TD which allows you to enter Player vs Player mode, but it requires purchasing the game’s full version. To do this you can go to the main menu and click on “Multiplayer” and select the option to upgrade to the full version. This upgrade will include an expert mode, new monsters and a maximum player level of 40. In addition to PvP, there’s also a unique multiplayer mode, where you play both attack and defense on both sides.


Call of Defense TD is a widely loved tower defense game and has a huge community of fans and gamers. You can visit its Facebook page for news and updates about the game. Within the game itself, you can click on Options on the top part of the main menu and click on Forums to view or join discussions about the game.


The graphics and animations of this game are not the best, although you have an option to play it in HD. The battle scenes look beautiful in HD when viewed full screen. You can zoom in and out of the game and images remain clear. The background music and sound effects are a little bit off, but it’s just a minor distraction.


When you’ve played several rounds of this game, you’ll soon realize that it’s not just your average tower defense game. It’s extremely challenging and you need to take your strategies seriously if you want to win. Call of Defense TD is a true tower defense game for hardcore fans of the genre. If you want a tower defense game that will test your cunning skills in warfare, then Call of Defense will certainly not disappoint.

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New Game Added: Call of Defense TD

by Kim Apr 22, 2016
Call of Defense TD is here to take your tower defense game plan to another level. Each round of battle is not to be taken lightly, and you'll need to position your fighters, build your defense and use powerful spells to successfully protect your turf. A mounted ballister in Call of Defense TD Call of Defense TD barrier upgrade Equipping fighters in Call of Defense TD Read More
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