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by Aethyna
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Cabals: Card Blitz 8.5 rate Set in a fictional world of magic and chaos where you are charged to battle the incoming horde of the undead, Cabals: Card Blitz is a rather intriguing MMOCCG that features an automatic card-battling system which places a lot of emphasis on good deck-building skills as opposed to having good card-playing skills. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Set in a fictional world of magic and chaos, Cabals: Card Blitz is a rather interesting MMOCCG that features an automatic combat system which places a lot of emphasis on good deck-building skills as opposed to having good card-playing skills. The game also has a nice variety of cards, a robust card evolution system as well as a ton of missions and PvP battles to play in. If you like to play a card game while on the go, Cabals: Card Blitz is an easy-to-get-into game that you’ll want on your phone/tablet!


In this game, you, for some reason, stepped through a portal which apparently takes to a hostile realm of magic and chaos, Aea. For some unknown reason as well, you somehow decided to battle to protect Aea (or is the game referring to Earth?) from the approaching hordes of the undead.

It is obvious from the start that the game doesn’t really focus much on the storyline of this game. The story introduction seems rather shallow and shoddily written. There aren’t any details to flesh out the plot and frankly, I ended up more confused than if I had absolutely no story introduction to read of. Overall, the whole storyline seems a bit underwhelming for a pretty well-known CCG franchise like Cabals. This is definitely not an aspect that will win this game any points.


From the get-go, it is obvious as well that this game, Cabals: Card Blitz, is a mobile port if you’re playing the game on Steam, which I was. The tutorial, for instance, still have parts where it calls for tapping instead of clicking. It’s not exactly a game-breaking downside, but it goes to show how much time the devs are willing to put into this game, which frankly, doesn’t seem to be too much.

That said, the gameplay in Cabals: Card Blitz is pretty good. It feels a lot like a game we’ve reviewed before – Spellstone – in many ways. The combat aspect for example is completely automated so battles are fast and simple in an idle sort of way. Cards don’t take any retaliatory damage and if there isn’t any card on the opposing side, the card can directly attack the enemy hero instead.

Most of the gameplay aspects are pretty much the usual stuff. There is, however, a very interesting mechanic where as opposed to having health, the game only has a power rating for each of your cards. This power rating doubles as both your unit’s health and attack power, which in turn means that as your unit gets damaged, its attack strength will be reduced as well. This unique and innovative part of the game is what makes Cabal: Card Blitz rather intriguing for most. Best yet, you can also speed up the combat sequence for free since you can’t exactly do anything anyway, so you can easily shorten a battle from a few minutes down to mere seconds (maybe around 30 seconds or so).

Not to mention, since combat is automated, there is no need to choose and play cards from a hand and hence, this actually makes building a good deck even more important than ever. The deck editor that is unlocked after you’ve completed your first few missions is very easy to use. The maximum number of cards you can have in your deck is shown right under your avatar portrait and you simply need to swipe/drag a card up or down to add or remove it from your deck. There are two types of cards as well – the standard sort and the elite cards. You have a specific limited when it comes to adding either types of card.

However, I should point out that the cards you can have in a deck varies depending on your level, so as you level up, you’ll be able to add more cards into your deck. Card variety is good enough to be sufficient for a casual sort of MMOCCG, but if you’re looking for a more in-depth Cabal game, then you’d best look somewhere else. The deck editor can also be a tad bit too simplistic. There aren’t any filters to help you find cards that you actually have that is not in your deck rather than all the cards you owned. I also don’t like that the game stacks cards of different tiers together although I can understand the rationale behind it.

Now, you might be wondering... What are “tiers”? Well, they indicate the “level” of your cards basically, so a higher tiered card is essentially stronger than a lower tiered one. Cards of the same tiers can also be fused/evolved together via the Anvil to produce a single card of a higher tier with a 100% success rate. The process will naturally take time to complete but you can always spend gems (premium currency) to speed it up.

Levelling up a card simply increase the power rating of the card and I think this is yet another simplified aspect of the game. There aren’t any special or extra abilities to discover and unlock through evolution, and this does make the whole card-fusing process a bit of a chore rather than something you’d be excited enough to speed up the process.

There isn’t any “tier cap” that I’ve noticed in this game either since I’ve seen cards with 11 tiers. But, I’d like to mention that at certain point (such as at Tier 5) during the card-upgrading progression, the type of cards you’ll need to fuse with will change. So, instead of a A+A fusion system, it will change to a A+B system instead.

At the end of the day, the tiers and power ratings of the cards in your deck will then determine the overall power of your deck, giving you a nice though not entirely reliable estimate of which enemy you can possibly defeat and which enemy you’d best avoid... for now.

For a somewhat simple MMOCCG, Cabals: Card Blitz does have a lot of stuff for you to do. The world map itself is filled with limited-time events, chained (For example, completing 4 chained missions to get a bonus reward) and random missions, boss battles (will need gems to unlock), liberations (towns, villages, strongholds etc) and more. However, the game does seem to fall into the rather fatal pit that many free-to-play games frequently do... boring and repetitive grinding.

Oh, the grind is real alright! The rate at which you earn coins can be rather painfully slow and despite the many variety of PvE missions to play in, you’ll often find yourself farming the same random missions over and over just to earn enough coins to buy a new booster pack, and hopefully get the cards you need to upgrade your existing deck, just so you are strong enough to complete the much more rewarding chained mission.

Thankfully, you can break the monotony with some PvP once you have this feature unlocked. As each battle is automatically resolved, you don’t need to actually have a player present to play against. Instead, you’ll get a list of 5 players to challenge. Each player you beat will trigger the 1-hour cooldown so you can’t really PvP non-stop. It’s also nice that the game offers you extra rewards for getting a win streak.

That said, the matchmaking system in this game is not as well-designed as it should have been. The game matches you against your potential opponents based on your character level (around +/- 5 levels), which is rather ridiculous since the character level doesn’t determine the strength of your opponent... rather, it’s the power of the deck that does that. Although it doesn’t occur too often (around 2 out of 5 opponents in my PvP list), I get matched with players who are around 3 or 4 levels above mine, but has a deck power that’s more than twice than what I have. It’s not so much a fair fight than a suicide really.

That brings me to my next point – losing a match. Once you lost a match – it doesn’t matter if it’s a PvE or a PvP, your hero will be wounded and you can’t really play anything while you wait for the wound to recover (2 minutes or so, but I’m pretty sure this duration increases as your level increases) because if you do, your hero will have drastically reduced HP, which frankly doesn’t really bode well for your chances of obtaining a victory. So, you can maybe upgrade your cards as you wait it out or you can use potions to clear the wound immediately and hop right into another match.

Last but not least, let’s take a look at the game’s in-game shop. Now, as much as I don’t like many aspects of the game and that I believe the game has plenty more areas to improve, Cabals: Card Blitz did it right by selling all of their 5-card booster/card packs, from Copper to Platinum, for coins (in-game currency). None of these packs are “locked” away from the free-to-play player by costing a ton of gems. Although coins are a pain to farm, it’s nice to know that if you do grit your teeth and do it, you may eventually end up with enough coins to buy a Platinum pack for example. But of course, if you prefer, you can always spend real money and save yourself a ton of endless grinding.


The community in Cabals: Card Blitz is pretty big, mainly because the game is available on all the major platforms, namely Android, iOS and PC. Not to mention, since the game automates its battles, you don’t exactly need your opponent to be present before engaging his deck in a PvP fight either, so you won’t need to worry about long wait times for a PvP match due to a low player population for example.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game is pretty nice for a mobile port and might work well on the mobile platform but for PC, the game doesn’t have a high enough resolution setting. Due to this, the screenshots I took look a bit grainy. Aside from sound effects, the music in Cabals: Card Blitz is pretty well-done. It matches well with the overall theme of the game.


To sum up, Cabals: Card Blitz is an okay-sort of MMOCCG that would have done better on mobile than on PC. The fast-paced, idle-styled gameplay is quite unique mainly because it focuses more on deck-building rather than strategic card-playing. I particularly like that the game is not a pay-to-win, though it is rather grindy. The theme of the game is a breath of fresh air as well. However, the game does have a lot of areas that it really needs to improve on if it were to appeal to players other than their existing fan base.

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by Aethyna Sep 26, 2017
Set in a fictional world of magic and chaos where you are charged to battle the incoming horde of the undead, Cabals: Card Blitz is a rather intriguing MMOCCG that features an automatic card-battling system which places a lot of emphasis on good deck-building skills as opposed to having good card-playing skills. Cabals: Card Blitz: PvP World map in Cabals: Card Blitz Cabals: Card Blitz: Deck editor Read More
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