WWGDB Celebrates 300 Games

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We, at WWGDB, are proud to announce that we have reached our third milestone! Since sharing is caring, we would love to share our accomplishments with you, our dear readers! WWGDB - WWGDB Celebrates 300 Games

100... 200... and now we’re finally at 300 game reviews... isn’t that awesome? I could hardly believe we’ve just celebrated our second milestone around 2 months ago! It’s incredible how fast the time passes by when you’re having fun!

Worldwide Games Database is the pride and joy of our team and company as it stands for our ambitious mission to create a centralized database of game reviews for every fun game, regardless of its genre, that you can find and play for free on the internet! Like any proud parent with a newborn in his or her hands, we are extremely proud to have achieved our third milestone as it signifies WWGDB’s third baby step. With your continuous support though, we are sure that in time, WWGDB will be able to ditch its baby walker and start running soon thereafter!

Similarly to taking care of a newborn or a child, this website has its fair share of tantrums and challenges that gave us, the “parents”, plenty of headaches and sleepless nights. Even with a new writer on board, there will be times when things get a bit rough. Thankfully, with our readers in mind, we managed to solve these problems and provide you all with exciting and fresh content, and games, every day to read about!

Furthermore, like all parents, we only want our “child” to have the best “education” there is! Thus, we only add quality reviews of great games that we’ve played to WWGDB and of course, we also ensure that WWGDB contains reviews of not only 1 game genre (after all, no kid learns about one thing and one thing only), but a varied number of genres, ranging from casual genres, like hidden objects and match-3s, to hardcore genres like shooters and MMORPGs. This is why WWGDB has practically become an encyclopedia of game reviews that every type of gamer can enjoy!

Victory Command

Among the latest batch of 100 game reviews, we have included reviews for thrilling MOBAs, like Heroes of the Storm and Victory Command as well as MMORPGs like Stormthrone and Kingsroad. You can even ride on the back of a dinosaur in DinoStorm while doing quests or PvPing!

For our hardcore readers, we have also added quite a number of MMO shooter games that – one, mimic CounterStrike like Alliance of Valiance Arms (AVA); two, are arcade-like such as Get the Gun and even, three, are tactical turn-based shooters like Jagged Alliance Online. You can even take control of a World War 2 aircraft in War Thunder or pilot a sleek new spacecraft in Pirate Galaxy!

Furthermore, for adrenaline junkies, we offer plenty of exhilarating racing games, such as Forbidden Racing and Track Racing Online while for the strategic-minded, we have plenty of strategy games as well, including popular ones like Travian: Kingdoms and Tribal Wars 2! If you’re a collectible cards enthusiast instead, well, we also have MMOCCGs that you’ll surely enjoy such as Summoner’s Legion

Casual and midcore gamers please don’t despair – at WWGDB, we have a lot of “somethings” for you too! We often feature fantastic-looking, and fun, city-building games like Megapolis and Landlord, and if it tickles your fancy, you could even build your very own “Jurassic Park” in Jurassic Park Builder as well! For sport fans, we offer exciting games that covers quite a variety of virtual sports, such as soccer - Kamicat Football: Soccer 3D, cricket - Howzat Cricket and even bowling – Bowling King! Looking back through our latest batch of 100 game reviews, we even have a range of hidden object games that includes, my personal favorites, The Panic Room: House of Secrets and Secret of the Pendulum.

Let’s not forget about the brightly colored match-3 and bubble shooter games, like Water Splash, Clockmaker and Bubble Epic, along with a whole range of other simulation, farm, solitaire, mahjong and horse games we have to offer at WWGDB!


In terms of articles, we are starting to pay more attention to upcoming exciting new free-to-play games on Kickstarter, such as Starfighter Inc and Kekocity, as well as new games in general like Sketch Tales. We are also writing, what I like to call, “article series” (if that doesn’t make sense, just think “TV series”), whereby we explore article topics in much more depth, but instead of lumping everything possible content in one article, the articles are separated into bite-sized portions... for easy reading and digestion! A few of such examples include the Troll series, which consist of “What are trolls and how to spot one” and “Don’t feed the troll”, as well as our Virtual Sports Games series and Casual Games series – yes, I’m currently working on the part 2 of both series, so stay tuned to WWGDB!

Of course, we also provide funny articles like Types of MMO Dungeon Raiders (PuG Edition) and serious and educational ones like Different Roles in MOBA and What is The Void?. We even had out writers huddle their heads together to have a discussion about the hotly debated Gamergate issue as well!

In addition, we are moving towards, finally, adding word games to WWGDB and we’re going to start with a very popular one by King, so do keep your eyes peeled for the review within a week from now! Furthermore, we still have the usual stuff in place, including our fun surveys, lists of similar games and “People Also Played” system.

WWGDB has indeed come a long way since it was first conceived. Trust me, the website looks a lot better today than its earliest “prototype” and we did all this just for you, our dear readers! Thank you for accompanying us on our journey to shape WWGDB into a game review database thus far, and hopefully, with our quality and fun content, we can convince you to stay with us for the long term! Let us together help WWGDB grow into the role that it is meant to be!

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