What We’d Like to See in TheMahjong.com

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If you’ve been playing TheMahjong.comlike we do, you probably have noticed a lot of potential that this game site can actually tap into. And boy! Do we have a lot of them! WWGDB - What We’d Like to See in TheMahjong.com

TheMahjong.com is great for its classic mahjong gameplay, having a sufficient variety of tilesets, backgrounds and layouts and that fun fortune cookie at the end. However, we see even more potential in the game site and here are just some of the better ideas that we have that the site’s developers can possibly tap into.

Mahjong games themselves already have an innate replayability factor but TheMahjong.com can further enhance that by giving players something to strive for. This can come in the form of a score-based leaderboard if the developers would like to go the more competitive route, or collectables if the non-competitive route is the way they would like to go.

However, since mahjong, especially TheMahjong.com, is designed to be a more relaxing game, if leaderboard is implemented, maybe the devs can add in an opt-in option, so casual players won’t feel pressured to compete. For example, a prompt asking if the player would like to submit their score to the leaderboard. The leaderboard in turn can be separated into daily, weekly, monthly and all-time just so other players will actually have a chance of placing high on the charts.

Collectables, on the other hand, is the non-competitive option where players can earn special freebies in addition to the nice Fortune Cookie to collect. It can be something entirely unrelated to mahjong like stickers, stamps, zodiac symbols or cards, or it can be something that’s related to the game like unlocking new tilesets, layouts, and backgrounds.

Another interesting feature that TheMahjong.com can add to improve its replayability and generally make the game a whole lot more engaging is a layout editor. This editor will allow players to create their own layouts and share them with the world. Devs can also add in a “featured layout” section for impressive player-made layouts. This is something I’ve not see before on a browser-based mahjong game, so if the devs manage to pull this off, they might become the first to do so for the browser platform. If the developers would like to go a step further, they can even add in tools for players to create their own tilesets and backgrounds too.

Fortress layout in TheMahjong.com

Sticking to being a classic mahjong game is admirable and a good move, but after awhile, players like to enjoy something different. In that respect, there are plenty that TheMahjong.com can do. For starters, they can add in special game modes such as matching 3 tiles instead of 2, or turning the entire mahjong layout into a 3D version like Mahjongg Dimensions Blast.

The developers can also add in special, event-based tilesets, backgrounds and layouts that are maybe limited-time only (just to increase the exclusivity of them all) to celebrate these events with their players. For instance, the devs can add in a Jack-o'-Lantern layout, a spooky background complete with spooky sounds and a Vampire-themed tileset for Halloween. Of course, players who don’t want all of this should be able to easily turn these effects off via the settings. It’s never good to force anything down a player’s throat.

If the developers aim to add in new more exclusive tilesets, backgrounds and layouts, they can also implement a Daily Quest system. By asking the players to “complete any 5 games on timed mode” or “complete a game with no undos or hints”, they make players work to get the items they want, be it a tileset, a layout or a background, while making those items feel a lot more meaningful since they have to work to get it. Of course, if they want to add in a game currency system at this point, they could. The currency can then be used to purchase exclusive items in the game.

Last but not least, the sort of players who play mahjong games may enjoy having an avatar to dress up as well. Due to this, the developers of TheMahjong.com may want to add in customizable avatars or at least avatar portraits (which can also be displayed on the leaderboard) for players to dress up or decorate as they like. Having added this feature, the devs can then push this further by adding in exclusive avatar items as rewards for quests or for ranking high on the leaderboard too.

Although TheMahjong.com is perfect in its current shape and form, these are some of the other additions that the developers of the game can consider if they want to make the game a whole lot more interesting and exciting for new players to try the game and for older players to stick around longer. They can even add something easier to implement like showing the difficulty level of layouts, letting players rate the tilesets, and more.

That said, if you have any suggestions of you own, please feel free to drop us a comment via our Contact Us form and we’ll help you forward the idea to the developers themselves or you could also just reach out to them directly.

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