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With “innovation” being the cornerstone of Nexon, it is not entirely surprising to see this Nexon being touted as the company that redefined the online gaming industry! Find out more about this company and what made them so successful!
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Who are they?
Established in Korea back in 1994, Nexon is one of the pioneers in the world of interactive entertainment software. Before MMOs were all the rage, Nexon has already developed and published the world’s first graphic MMORPG, The Kingdom of the Winds back in 1995.

They have also claim to have pioneered the microtransaction business model to allow their users complete access to all of their games for free while giving them an option to expand their gaming experience by purchasing virtual items that enhances the game, such as customizations and pets. By opening the games up, Nexon revolutionize the online gaming industry by allowing more casual gamers to enjoy their games too, in addition to the marginal group of hardcore gamers.

Nexon currently has around 5000 employees scattered among 20 various consolidated subsidiaries, including Nexon Japan, Nexon America and Nexon Europe, along with numerous affiliated companies. The company services nearly 60 online games (most of these games are over a decade old but still are going strong) in more than 150 countries in almost all the continents in the world and this has earned Nexon the title of being a global entertainment company.

In addition, the company went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2011 in an initial public offering that is the largest in Japan for 2011 and second largest by a technological company for 2011 worldwide! What is it that made Nexon so different and yet wildly successful as compared to other games developing and publishing companies? Let’s find out!

What do they do?
As mentioned, Nexon currently maintain more than 60 online games, including many of their mobile titles. The company specializes in developing and publishing installation-based MMO games, in particular MMORPGs, though they do have a few MMOFPS, casual games and more recently, a voxel-based, Minecraft-esque game as well!

Dragon Nest

Their first MMORPG, The Kingdom of the Winds, released in 1995 is slightly ahead of its time and yet the game itself has garnered quite a following and player/fanbase. However, Nexon rise to fame comes when the first version of MapleStory, a free-to-play 2D side-scrolling MMORPG, was released in 2003. The game was hugely popular not only in Korea, the country of its origin, but also throughout the world! Despite being more than a decade old, MapleStory, is still going strong! This is because, in 2014, the game was actually listed among the top 10 MMOs by worldwide revenue!

Likely due to the insane success MapleStory, Nexon has a sequel made, and that sequel, MapleStory 2, was just launched in July this year. MapleStory 2 is a lot different than its predecessor as the game takes place on a 3D, voxel-based plane at an isometric angle. It does feel a lot like a fun mix between Minecraft and MapleStory. Unfortunately, the game was only released in Korea as of current, though the company is still considering releasing the game worldwide as well. So, keep your fingers crossed!

Besides MapleStory, Nexon has also enjoyed various successes with their other games, particularly the anime-inspired MMORPG that is loosely based on Irish mythology, Mabinogi, as well as the very popular action-and-dungeons-based MMORPG, Dragon Nest. Their bloody and brutal action MMORPG, Vindictus, which is honestly a far cry from their other more cartoony and adorable games, is also very famous among North Americans and Europeans too!

In addition to MMORPGs, Nexon has huge successes in their published MMOFPS game, Combat Arms as well! The game has over 10 million registered players and is listed in 2 major eSports gaming leagues, namely World Online Gaming League and Combat Arms League. It also has more than 40 maps and over 449 different types of weapons available.

Nexon has delved into casual gaming as well. Their smash hit, Crazy Arcade BnB, set a world record of 700 thousand concurrent users in China. Their other casual game, KartRider, is the most played online game in South Korea, as reportedly over 30% of the entire South Korean population play this game. KartRider is, in fact, considered as a national game in Korea! Being a major publisher of free-to-play games, Nexon has also taken the plunge into the mobile gaming market with various exciting games, like their renowned MMO strategy game, DomiNations; their top MMORPG for Android devices, Legion of Heroes, and also the Pokemon-like, pet-themed MMO, Monster Squad.


Nexon is indeed a formidable company that is growing very rapidly as of recent. Their success can be attributed to several criteria that I’ve noticed when reviewing their games. One of which includes their versatility in handling different game genres. They have developed and published mainly MMORPGs (both action and the usual MMORPGs), but they do have games in the MMOFPS, casual, sports and even voxel-based (Minecraft-like) genre as well! They have dipped into the mobile market too (as mentioned), releasing several highly popular games, such as 3D MMORPG, Legion of Heroes.

They also emphasize on getting the best quality games out there along with a fair microtransaction system for both spending and non-spending players. This is not very surprising considering that the company aims to become a "Global FUN Leader", providing their users and business partners worldwide with the highest quality entertainment experiences. And so far, their implemented policies are getting them one step closer to that exact aim!

What does the future hold?
Besides their hit games, there are, of course, plenty more games in the pipeline for both PC and mobile for Nexon. Just recently, they have launched MapleStory 2 in Korea and potentially, the game might be released elsewhere (hopefully, worldwide) as well. Their new Team-Fortress-like MMOFPS, Dirty Bomb, has also entered into open beta a mere few months ago and from the player reviews, it is looking pretty good.

Moreover, they have also released a brilliant trailer for one of their more anticipated games, a sci-fi-themed and manga-inspired MMOFPS that goes by the name of Ghost in the Shell Online. There are plenty more games that are in their game pipeline – 11 PC online titles and around 10 mobile titles, which include the sequel to their MMOFPS game, Sudden Attack 2, and a Sci-fi MMO shooter by Gears of War developers, BlueStreak. So, fans of Nexon games have plenty to look forward to in this amazing year!

If you’re interested to check out the list of games that Nexon has published over the years, you can take a look at our Nexon Games List to find out more!

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