Is PlayStation Entering the Mobile Market? Potential Games to Look Forward to:

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According to some reports, PlayStation is hiring for a Head of Mobile position. Though this seems unlikely we’ll see them port games or make new ones for phones, it’s still possible. WWGDB - Is PlayStation Entering the Mobile Market? Potential Games to Look Forward to:

According to some reports, PlayStation is looking for a head of mobile. The job description says the hiree will be responsible for “promoting the vision, mission, and strategy for mobile game development within PlayStation Studios.”

With this in mind, there’s the likely possibility that PlayStation is looking to bring their games to the world’s most used and widely available gaming platform: the smartphone. There’s no doubting that it’ll be a win-win for PlayStation and Sony in general: it’ll bring truckloads of money in the long run. Do note that “PlayStation Studios” encompasses the development teams under the PlayStation umbrella, including Japan Studio, the renowned TLOU creators Naughty Dog, the brains behind Ghost of Tsushima Sucker Punch, and HZD makers Guerrilla Games. These studios have an extensive library of games dating decades and are behind some of the most popular franchises today.

This move could help boost Sony’s smartphone division which is lagging behind other leading manufacturers. Plus, PlayStation has started bringing their games to other platforms. The most notable examples are Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone.

So, let’s say PlayStation will start bringing their games to mobile right away. If there are a few that will come any time soon, which titles and types of games should we expect?

PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita games

Freedom Wars was incredibly underrated

The first things that come to mind are PSP and Vita games. Although the former was a staggering success, the PlayStation Vita was an absolute failure for the company. Don’t get me wrong: I own a Vita, and it’s an outstanding handheld, but Sony failed to support it fully. Moreover, mobile gaming started to boom in 2012, which contributed to its demise.

Anyway, both handheld consoles have an expansive library of games. Yes, we won’t see most of them ported to mobile, but we’ll likely see some of their best titles. Some of the games that come to mind include:

- Killzone: Mercenary
- Freedom Wars
- Uncharted: Golden Abyss
- Soul Sacrifice

These games are highly renowned and sold well. Freedom Wars was a fascinating game, and it would have become a potentially long series if Sony supported it. Meanwhile, Uncharted: Golden Abyss was Studio Bend’s fantastic attempt at a Vita game, and Killzone: Mercenary is the handheld’s best FPS. Finally, Soul Sacrifice is an underrated action RPG with themes similar to the Souls games.

Retro PlayStation exclusives

Brave Fencer Musashi deserves another lease in life

PlayStation brought Sony into the console market while the PlayStation 2 sustained its growth. Both consoles have a massive library of outstanding games, with some cementing their place in history as timeless classics. With that said, there are plenty of PS1 and PS2 exclusives that would make excellent smartphone (and even current-gen console) titles if remastered or improved graphically. Some good examples include Brave Fencer Musashi, which is an outstanding action-platformer on the PlayStation 1. Meanwhile, there’s also God of War 2, Okami, and Jak 3 on the PlayStation 2.

Licensed franchises

Imagine a licensed HZD game

Let’s step out of the bubble for a bit and ask ourselves, what if publishers like Tencent, Garena, SuperCell, and Machine Zone send out proposals to PlayStation execs to create games based on their popular franchises? It’s a possibility, considering that Sony would gain a lot if they do so.

For example, let’s say Moontoon licensed Kratos and Nathan Drake and added them to the Mobile Legends roster? What if, for some inexplicable yet astonishing reason, Supercell created a strategy game based on the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn where you can raise machine monsters while strengthening your tribal settlement?

There is simply a ton of possibilities, and considering everyone is quite cash-oriented, there’s a chance we’ll get to see the abovementioned happen soon.

Mobile spinoffs

A God of War hack 'n' slash would be amazing

Mobile spinoffs, and even mobile-exclusive games, are a possibility for PlayStation. Even Nintendo managed to get in on the fun with titles like Super Mario Run, Dragalia Lost, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Mario Kart Tour. Three out of these four games are spinoffs of established franchises, and people received these games reasonably well.

In the case of PlayStation franchises, some heavy-hitters include The Last of Us, God of War, Uncharted, and Spider-Man. Some possible games may consist of an isometric hack ‘n’ slash featuring Kratos, a post-apocalyptic settlement simulator + third-person survival set in the world of TLOU, and an action-platformer with Nathan Drake. There are so many spinoff possibilities that we’re sure the creative minds behind the PlayStation Studios can conceptualize.

Overall, nothing is final yet, but we’re sure Sony and PlayStation execs are looking at expanding their influence into the mobile scene. With that said, we may end up seeing PlayStation Vita and PSP games on mobile, as well as old remastered titles and even spinoffs of more popular franchises. We’re excited, and the whole mobile community should be as well.

In your case, what are you looking forward to the most?

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