4 Thoughts About Fortnite's Extremely Steep Learning Curve

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Fortnite is arguably one of the most competitive multiplayer games out there. With that in mind, its learning curve is extremely steep, and what does this mean for the game? WWGDB - 4 Thoughts About Fortnite's Extremely Steep Learning Curve

Let’s face it: Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the most hardest games to learn and master today. Even those who logged in hundreds of hours aren’t fully able to utilize the game’s numerous items and master its overall mechanics. Although you can attribute this to Epic Games putting in loads of content on a regular basis, does this bode well for the game in the future? We don’t have a definitive answer, but let’s brainstorm a bit.

The skill disparity is far apart

Launching rockets in Fortnite

Ever wonder how a complete noob plays the game? Personally, I got a first-hand experience when I played on the Nintendo Switch a month back. The player-base was completely new to the game, and winning was a breeze. Players weren’t building, just shooting aimlessly in the open and walking into traps. Although the Switch player-base has now evolved to rival the ones in other platforms, this clearly shows the huge disparity between new Fortnite players and veterans. It’s like sending in a toddler to a den of hungry lions.

What does this mean for the game? Well, unless if new players are engrossed and fully committed into learning Fortnite, it would be hard for Epic to lure in new players. You have to empathize with newbies: as soon as they stealthily shoot a veteran player, they’ll immediately a encounter a protective ramp and a hail of bullets and explosives. Why would they play a game wherein they have zero to little chances of winning and everybody happens to be better than they are?

You need to play aggressive to be better

Play aggressive to be better in Fortnite

Other battle royale games like PUBG and H1Z1 require an astounding amount of tactics paired with Metal Gear-levels of stealth. Fortnite requires a little of both, but it’s a game heavily reliant on skill and reflexes. Whereas you’re good to go when you have decent aiming skills in PUBG and H1Z1, you’ll be on the bottom of the food chain if you can’t build fast in Fortnite. The only way for you to hone your building battle skills is to either invest countless hours practicing in Playground mode or play aggressive.

If you’ve watched streamers or encountered veteran players, their instincts and reflexes are arguably superhuman. How in the world can they build that fast within a matter of seconds? Granted, they did not hone their skills by simply building a tower and camping: they did it by playing aggressive while watching how others play. Sure, camping and playing safe can land you one of the top 10 spots, but will it actually give you the victory royale? So yes, if you want to be better, just engage every enemy in sight and focus on your building. You’ll get those wins soon.

Should Epic implement skill-based matchmaking?

Let’s put it bluntly: skill-based matchmaking will ruin Fortnite. The uncertainty of whether you’re up against players in the level of Ninja or a total noob in one game is one of the game’s good points. If people are pit against players on the same skill, the room for improvement is minimized, although it can make a few players happy if they somehow get to rack up some wins.

Epic helped narrow the gap by introducing a nerfing the shotguns (which are being abused) and introducing and buffing up new submachine guns. Moreover, game modes that are newbie-friendly are already in the game, like the 50v50 mode. If Epic does decide to place skill-based matchmaking, it should be an LTM or something optional, not forced.

Fortnite is noob-friendly despite the learning curve

50vs50 is a great practice mode for noobs

If you’re new to Fortnite, it’s best to start learning everything about the game’s mechanics and gunplay. There’s absolutely no need to hire a Fortnite tutor, like what some parents are doing (which is a little absurd). You can start testing out the guns, vehicles, and other items - like the launch and bounce pads - in the Playground mode. If you’re using a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard, use the Builder Pro configuration so you can easily get those walls and ramps up quickly. It would also help to explore every corner of the map. Even if it isn’t the largest in the battle royale genre, you still need to learn where the best loot and chests are.

To test out your combat skills, you can play with your friends or dive into the relatively noob-friendly 50v50 mode. Large scale gun battles are the norm instead of building battles, making it a perfect place to try out your aiming skills. You can also learn more about the game by watching how streamers play.

Overall, Fortnite’s learning curve may be steep, and being competitive may require dozens of hours of practice. Nevertheless, the game excels in providing avenues for new players to get used to the game’s intricacies and numerous gameplay mechanics. Even if you’re a little late in jumping from the battle bus, taking the trip will be worth it.

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