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Taonga 7.8 rate What luck! You’ve just inherited a populated tropical island in the Pacific region from a mysterious ancestor that you didn’t even know you had. However, trouble is brewing on the island paradise... Do you have what it takes to help the local tribesmen and to reveal the hidden secrets of the island? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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What luck! In Taonga, you’ve just inherited a populated tropical island in the Pacific region from a mysterious ancestor that you didn’t even know you had. However, trouble is brewing on the island paradise... Help the local tribe in their hour of need, explore the wild jungle to uncover the secrets of the island and possibly find hidden treasures along the way. Sounds like fun? Well, be sure to check this farm simulation/adventure game, Taonga, out!


Get ready to be thrust right into an unforgettable adventure as you travel to a tropical island you’ve inherited from a mysterious ancestor whom you have never heard of. You are hoping to help develop the wilderness there into a nice farming region. However, the tropical paradise is also under threat from some mystical forces and it is up to you to help save the island’s inhabitants by searching for the cause of the problem. You may even find valuable treasures along the way...


After a warm welcome by presumably the leader of the local Qinoa tribe, Rangi, and a brief tutorial, you are all set to go!

Similar to some other farm simulation/ adventure games like Island Experiment, and to some extent, Royal Story, Taonga combines the usual farming simulation with resource collection, village-building, and an in-depth crafting system. Let’s start by taking a look at its farming aspect!

Before planting, growing and harvesting your crops, you’ll need to have sufficient energy to place and prepare farm plots. The game only provides you with a limited number of plots to place which will increase at certain level thresholds. Once done, you can then sow the seeds. The variety of crops in Taonga isn’t a lot – only 8 different types to be exact – but somehow, the game makes it work. You can craft a pretty wide range of items, such as foodstuff, pigments, ropes, and animal feed, using these 8 types of crops. There are even trees that you can plant, grow and then harvest fruit from.

Being a farm, you’ll also get to rear farm animals on your island. There are only 2 types of animals you can buy in this game, the chicken and cow, and from them, you can obtain eggs and milk respectively. Animals in this game start off young. You will need some grain mix to grow them into adulthood before you can collect any of those animal produce.

Of course, you’ll need to supplement these items with other materials, including grasses, palm leaves, wood, stones, bamboo, clay and more, which you can collect from the game surroundings by spending energy points. These materials can also be crafted into more useful items that will allow you to build various other crafting structures as well as to upgrade existing buildings.

Upgrades will often cost special tools that you can’t craft. Instead, you can obtain these tools by questing, opening chests, and gifting between neighbors. Each crafting structure has limited crafting slots though, so unless you intend on spending the free premium gems you’ve earned to open up more slots, you’ll need to be a lot more patient.

Once you’ve reached a certain level, you’ll gain access to your little wooden boat which you can then use to travel to other islands in the archipelago and go on exciting adventures! The boat that you have is the most basic version, but after you’ve collected enough materials and cash, you can upgrade it to increase its carrying capacity. This capacity is important as it determines how much resource you can bring back with you per trip. Each trip will cost you some food which you can craft at the Kitchen.

Unlike the usual way of gathering resources, you can achieve combos on adventure islands and earn yourself some bonus materials. To attain a combo, all you need to do is to have enough energy points to invest in clearing a resource, enough to completely remove the resource from the game environment. If you’re lucky, you can even gain collectables when clearing shrubs or bushes on adventure islands that can be turned in, once completed, for fabulous rewards.

As you play the game, you’ll get to gradually advance the storyline and unlock more game features such as the Pier, which will act as a trading post for you to trade your goods with passing travelers; or the jolly Merchant who will deliver whichever item you need to your island for a price. You’ll also get to fish for... well, fishes of course, and compete with other fellow fishermen or women in fishing competitions.


Taonga is a very social game, and because of that, having plenty of active neighbors is extremely beneficial to you.

Unlike most games on Facebook though, Taonga’s neighbor system is quite a bit different. You’ll be able to visit the islands of friends that you’ve added on Facebook who also happen to play the game, but you can’t send gifts to each other. To do so, you’ll need to go one step further and add these Facebook friends of yours as neighbors in the game.

Interestingly, you can also add other players – players who are not in your Facebook friend list - as neighbors via the game’s Search for Neighbors option. In other words, you’ll have full control over who to add as neighbors and who to not.

Since gifting is a huge part of the game, you may want to have plenty of neighbors who are willing to return a gift whenever you send them one. By visiting your neighbors’ islands and helping them out, you can also earn hospitality points which you can then use to buy special décor for your own island. It’s pretty much a win-win situation!

Graphics/ Sound

Taonga offers a nice and catchy background music, which suits perfectly with its overall tropical theme. The game also provides amazing sound effects and animation. Let’s not even talk about the game’s breathtaking, albeit cartoony, graphics.


To sum up, Taonga is a fun and interesting farm simulation/ adventure game that may bring to mind games like the Island Experiment. Although you start off with a ton of energy, the overall pace of progress in the game is a bit slower than latter. By adding in the element of adventure, it also completely breaks the monotony of virtual farming. So, if you’re tired of the usual farm simulation games and would like to experience something different, Taonga is your best bet. Try the game now!

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New Game Added: Taonga

by Aethyna Oct 2, 2020
What luck! You’ve just inherited a populated tropical island in the Pacific region from a mysterious ancestor that you didn’t even know you had. However, trouble is brewing on the island paradise... Do you have what it takes to help the local tribesmen and to reveal the hidden secrets of the island? Going on an adventure in Taonga Taonga: Beautiful farm Kitchen built in Taonga Read More
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