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Tanki Online 8 rate Tanki Online is an excellent blend of first-person shooting with awesome-looking tanks. With a huge variety of maps, from the tundra to desert battles, and battle modes, both team and solo play, you'll be able to enjoy the intense and fast-paced gameplay as you shoot your way to glory with your tank! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Tanki Online is an excellent blend of first-person shooting with awesome-looking tanks. The game offers a huge variety of maps, from the tundra to desert battles, and battle modes, both team and solo modes. Players can also customise their tanks by adding camouflage, swapping out turrets and even refitting your tank’s hull! With every increase in rank, players get to unlock new gear, tank models and additional items, like mines. Enjoy the intense and fast-paced gameplay as you shoot your way to glory with your tank in Tanki Online!


The sign up process for Tanki Online is simple and painless you don’t even need to install it! Awesome, right? Once you’re done, you can start modifying that default tank model that you’ve been given!

As a beginner to the game, you are given a nice sum of crystals (in-game currency) to start off with, so you should definitely put those crystals to good use before picking any fights. Head over to the garage to customize and upgrade your tank. The garage offers an enormous variety of turrets and hull types for you to mix and match them yourself! Some turrets deliver such a punch that light hulls just won’t do. It’s up to you to find a build that is suited to your own play style.

Furthermore, you can also repaint your tank’s hull with various camouflage colors and patterns to make your tank harder to see in certain terrains. Some of the paints even grant additional benefits to your tank!

Before starting, it’s best to scope out the different maps available in Tanki Online so that you can modify your tank to have an upper hand in battle. The game offers maps with different terrains, such as tundra and desert, as well as urban maps with plenty of tight corners and hiding places. Besides recolouring your tanks to fit the terrain, you can also change the hull types depending on which map you plan to play in. For instance, tanks that are fast and small are more suited for some of the more cramped maps as these sort of tanks offer maneuverability (at the cost of armour) that is vastly advantageous in such maps.

There are also 2 main modes in this game – team or solo. The team mode in Tanki Online will certainly put your teamwork skills to test as you will need to cooperate with other players on your team for some strategic moves, like flanking and setting an ambush. In solo mode, it’s everyone for themselves as every player in this game mode is fair game – just blast away!

Raring to go? Let’s do this! Just select a match from the list and you can start kicking butts! If you can’t find one that you like, you can also choose to create your own game!

Tanki Online is practically a straight-up tank PvP game. In the game, you will need to learn how to utilise your tank’s advantages and cover up for the downsides. Most importantly, you will need to learn how to turn your turrets and move your tank at the same time - It can be rather confusing. However, deaths are inevitable in Tanki Online – the game is more about minimizing your deaths in the match. Luckily, respawn timer in the game is very short and you can start hunting for the tank that killed you very soon. Each successful kill will earn you experience points. At the end of every battle, you will be told which rank you've attain in the match along with how much crystals (usually very little) you have gained.

Moreover, in Tanki Online, crates are dropped randomly around the map during a match. These crates may provide invulnerability to your tank for a short while, increased damage or rapidly regenerated health depending on which type of crate it is. There are also crates that will give your bonus crystals or increased experience points gained. You just needed to drive your tank over a crate to collect it. These crates when used appropriately can definitely help you out in battle.

When your experience bar is maxed out, you will increase in rank and unlock new and better turrets, hull types and tank customization. Once you reached a certain rank, you will also have access to items, by paying a small sum of crystals, like mines that you can deploy during battles to trap your enemies. These items, when used strategically, can definitely increase your kill/ death ratio.

If you have collected a few thousand crystals, you can also consider purchasing PRO battle passes. These passes will allow you to game with the best in Tanki Online as well as providing you with many advanced game customization.


Tanki Online boasts of having 5 million monthly players and its claim is further backed up with its list of the many Tanki-Online-dedicated servers available worldwide.

This game also offers tournaments whereby players from different nations are pitted against each other, either individually or in teams, and the best of the best is entered into the hall of fame! These tournaments are viewed by millions on its Twitch TV (a game streaming website) account!


Its graphics are acceptable for a browser-based game despite not being in high definition. The camouflage customization for your tank’s hull is realistic enough that it can actually help your tank blend into the surroundings perfectly (if you use the right camouflage paint for the right map, of course).

In terms of sound, the game does not offer any background ‘battle music’. However, the sound of tanks rolling around fits flawlessly with the game. You can even use those sound to your advantage as you can hear a tank coming up behind your tank – tanks aren't as subtle as ninjas or assassins, unfortunately. Tanki Online also provides different sound for different turret fire and these sounds can be used to find or flee from your opponents.


Playing on Tanki Online is certainly an addictive experience. Chasing other players across the map on your tank or ambushing them is surprisingly fun and, in spite of the multiple deaths, the game is extremely entertaining. Players are also allowed to customize their tanks to suit their taste or to give them an upper hand in certain matches. This is the sort of game that will keep you coming back for more and it’s free to play!

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Dec 4, 2014 | 0 Votes 0 0

Just lost 4 hours in a blink

You know that moment before you're about to sleep and you're like "I'll just try this game for 5 minutes..." and realize after 10 minutes it has been 4 hours?
Well, the reaso...Full Review
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Simple and Fun

I really like playing Tanki Online, although I'm not very good at it :)

I like hopping into the server for a few minutes, shoot some tanks and mainly have others shot at my tank. It's a v...Full Review
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