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by Adeaphon
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Riding Out 8 rate Build your own dream farm and stables in a fun role play style game where you can ride your horse anywhere, discover new places and use what you find. Trade for supplies in the town, build your own house just as you want and meet lots of different characters in this new 3D horse game. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Riding Out is a new game currently still in development where you play a character enjoying a summer holiday on your uncle’s farm. From here you are able to go on a fun adventure of discovery from the back of your own horse. Make a farm to call your own and craft items and food for you and your horse.


Please be aware that at the time of writing the game is still in development, and the play test was completed on the Demo version of the game. As the game progresses we will add updates and further information.

Upon entering the world you will be greeted by a few instructions on how to move around the world, and the different things you can do. There will also be a quest on the top right of the screen and an icon in the game showing you where to go. From there you are able to explore everything around you and take in some of the beautiful scenes of your uncles mountain farmstead.

You move around the world with the WASD keys and you can change direction with them or your mouse. Your left click is how you interact with people and items in the world and pressing the C button will bring up your crafting menu. You can also look around by holding the right mouse button. If you press the Escape key, a list of all the other controls will appear in the top left of the screen.

Once you have the basics you are off to meet your uncle, who has a few tasks for you that will show you around, and lead to your first horse. The tasks are easy to complete, though there is a bit of running around to do. While there are paths around you can also go off the beaten tran and explore everywhere around. There are lots of buildings and a paddock on the farm and there is a small town to see too.

When you have your own horse it is time to get on with some of the other aspects of the game. Here you can find materials such as ore from the mine to sell, and you can use these things to make your own items too. Your horse will need food, and you can make a mix from the different ingredients available. There are also shops that sell items and you can work with shopkeepers to fill their orders for money.

There are lots of quests in the game, and there will be more once it is finished so there is a lot to do. There is a feeling that the game is a little slow however, it can take a bit of time to get your horse and there are some things that feel a bit too much like a chore and less of a game. Despite that there is some fun to be found and the world you explore is pretty big and there is lots to see.

Riding Out will not be a free game, it has a cost of around $20.00, however there is a free demo that you can try and see how the game looks and what you can do. If you buy the game now in its unfinished state you will automatically get the full version at no costs, through updates. The game is also on Steam so you can see its progress and updates there.


As the game is on steam there are forums and methods of communicating with other players. There are also forums where you can leave messages for the developers. There are not that many players yet as the game is new, but once it gets going there should be a thriving community for such a good looking game.


Riding Out is a really nice 3D game, where all of the characters and especially the horses look great. The world is a beautiful place to explore, and there are lots of options for you in the crafting part of the game that really add a nice flavour and feel. We will see how it all develops but form the pure look of it the game is pretty nice.

There is a really nice background music when you play, and lots of sound effects to match what you are doing. If it is not to your taste you can also mute the game through the options section. Though it is actually a relaxing soundtrack and quite enjoyable.


While there is still a lot of work to be done, there is a lot going for Riding Out. It looks good and there is a huge scope for development, the building and crafting elements of the game add a lot of personalization and the quests keep you busy as well. The horses look amazing and the ability to go anywhere is also quite nice. The full game should have a lot more to it as well, so there should be a huge amount of fun waiting for you in here.

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New Game Added: Riding Out

by Adeaphon Jun 27, 2017
Build your own dream farm and stables in a fun role play style game where you can ride your horse anywhere, discover new places and use what you find. Trade for supplies in the town, build your own house just as you want and meet lots of different characters in this new 3D horse game. New Horse in Riding Out Mountains in Riding Out Training in Riding Out Read More
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