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by Aethyna
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Project Tilt 9 rate Collect all the cool-looking futuristic weapons available in the game! Don’t forget to use the many randomly generated power-ups to your advantage to ensure your character’s survival as well as to maintain your killing streaks. Earn bits and buy packs for a chance of getting character customizations you want! Play now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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You’ve got an itchy trigger finger? Well, the brilliant arcade shooting game, Project Tilt, is perhaps just the thing for you! Play in deathmatches, team deathmatches or in objective-based missions while shooting at enemy players with the huge variety of cool-looking futuristic weapons available! Collect randomly generated power-ups to help your character survive longer in the 2.5D platform-based arena. Earn bits and purchase packs from the store. These packs may give you special weapons and power-ups that cannot be unlocked via leveling, as well as a range of customization options and costumes for your robot character. Do you think you have what it takes to be in the top 3 spots in Project Tilt? Well, play now and find out!


The game starts off with a very comprehensive tutorial that allows you to try out all the different types of weapons available in addition to learning the controls and how the game works. Since the game is in 2.5D format, you’ll only need to use the A and D keys from the usual WASD movement keys to move your character. To jump, you can use either W or spacebar.

Your mouse, on the other hand, will control the camera as well as allow you to aim your character’s weapon. The left mouse button is the shooting button. You can hold the shooting button for maximum damage, though as a cost, your weapon ammo will possibly run out faster. Don’t worry though, you can easily replenish your ammo by merely picking up the many guns that are scattered around the combat arena.

Everyone in the game starts off with the basic or standard gun and as you run around the arena, you’ll be able to pick up better weapons - only those you’ve unlocked though - from the various random weapon-spawning sites on the map. There are a huge range of cool futuristic-looking weapons available in Project Tilt, such as plasma gun, ray gun, sniper gun and grenade launcher, though most of them need to be unlocked first via leveling.

Among the many guns available, there are only a few guns that stand out as unique. One such example is the ray gun. Unlike any other guns, this gun allows shots to be bounced off walls or the ceiling. It is perfect to flush out that one guy who was camping at the corner of the map. The ray gun is much more desirable than grenade launchers as the grenades that are “launched” can harm yourself and your allies if they happen to be near to the grenade when it explodes. There is also the bazooka that can deal a lot of hurt with each fire at the cost of having a slow firing rate.

Another unique gun is the sniper gun. For this gun, you’ll need to charge it up by holding onto your mouse button in order to maximize its damage. When you do, the camera will move outwards so you can target enemies that are much further away. Release your hold to unleash the killing blow. Not to mention, you can still jump and move around as your gun charges up. Awesome, right?

Not to mention, while you’re in-game you can pick up unique guns, like scatterguns from other players, as the gun the player is using will be dropped when he/she dies. Each character has limited weapon-holding slots in its loadout. You start off with 3 slots and you’ll get to unlock more slots (up to a maximum of 7 slots) every 5 levels. To change weapons, you can use the Q and E key or the mouse wheel to scroll through the weapons you have equipped or picked up. There are also indicators around the curved interface that follow your character around. The green arrows shown are for nearby allies and the red arrows are for nearby enemies. So, if you can’t find anyone to shoot, just follow the arrows and they will guide you!

Furthermore, as opposed to the left mouse button, the right mouse button controls your jetpack... and yes, there are jetpacks in this game! The jetpack has limited fuel though. You can see how much fuel you have left in the blue curved bar beside your character. Once it’s depleted, your character will fall to the ground like a 100 ton rock! Thankfully, the blue bar will take a few seconds to replenish itself and you’ll be able to jet around the arena once again!

Besides jetpacks and guns, Project Tilt even provides blue crates with a question mark on them that randomly generate power-ups for your character when your character runs over them. Power-ups in this game include invisibility, force fields, double damage and overclock whereby your character will become super-fast with unlimited jetpack fuel. Similar to weapons, these power-ups can be unlocked – there are a total of 11 of them – as you level up as well.

There are also designated areas around the combat arena where the health booster will spawn. By picking it up, your character will be restored to full health. This is an excellent strategy to engage an opponent in battle near to a health booster... as long as you’re sure the enemy won’t be able to get to it before you do.

By playing matches and completing daily missions, you’ll earn bits (in-game currency). You can then use the bits to buy goodie packs at the store for a chance of getting customizations for your character or special items. You can also use the bits to buy experience boosts so you can level up faster. If you need more bits, you could always spend some real cash to buy more.


Project Tilt has a pretty sizeable player base, especially considering that it is a niche arcade game. The game has more than 15 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page and the develpers behind the game is very active – they have just released a new game mode. The community in Project Tilt is very welcoming and friendly to newer players and if you have any questions, they are more than happy to help you out. So, be sure to drop by and say hi! Who knows? You might meet a couple of new friends along the way.

Graphics/ Sound

The 2.5D graphics in Project Tilt is beautifully rendered and has a modern and hi-tech-look. The robots are adorable in their unique cartoony way as well! At the lobby where you can customize your robot, the game provides a catchy and upbeat techno tune. However, while you’re in the game itself, there isn’t any background music since you’ll need to be focused. Instead, the game provides you with the various sounds of gunfire, depending on the type of weapon used. From these cues, you can easily identify the position of the enemy... in addition to the arrow indicator shown around your character.


In short, Project Tilt is an exhilarating free-to-play browser-based arcade shooter game that promises hours of fun! Enjoy playing in the various game modes, voted on by players in the match-made group. Collect all the various cool-looking futuristic weapons available in the game by leveling up! Do you like that gun an enemy player is wielding and can’t wait to get your hands on it? Why, just blast him or her out of the air and pick it right up. Don’t forget to use the many randomly generated power-ups to your advantage to ensure your character’s survival as well as to maintain your killing streaks. Earn bits by completing daily missions and buy packs from the store for a chance of getting the huge range of character customizations available along with some unique weapons. Sounds like the game you’ve been looking for? Well, what are you waiting for then? Play Project Tilt now!

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New Game Added: Project Tilt

by Aethyna Jul 30, 2015
Collect all the cool-looking futuristic weapons available in the game! Don’t forget to use the many randomly generated power-ups to your advantage to ensure your character’s survival as well as to maintain your killing streaks. Earn bits and buy packs for a chance of getting character customizations you want! Play now! Shooting in midair in Project Tilt Project Tilt: All characters Vantage point in Project Tilt Read More

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A fun, unique shooter

Shoot some bots with cool and powerful weapons in this futuristic MMORPG, Project Tilt. Dress up your robot with bigger jetpacks and other slick gears to fight in style. Boost your botâ€...Full Review
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