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by Aethyna
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Peanuts: Snoopy's Town Tale 10 rate Restore the homes of various familiar and lovable Peanuts characters, assign them to complete tasks, collect resources and craft goods, and visit your friends’ towns in this amazing town-building game, Peanuts: Snoopy’s Town Tale. So, dive into the Peanuts universe and give Snoopy the help he needs! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Lend Snoopy and his friends a hand in rebuilding their home town in this impressive town-building game, Peanuts: Snoopy’s Town Tale. Restore the homes of various familiar and lovable Peanuts characters and give them tasks to do. Collect resources and craft more valuable items and respond to Want ads to earn some cash. You can even visit your friends’ towns, collect achievements as well as set up a baseball team and fill it with your favorite Peanuts characters. So, dive into the Peanuts universe with this amazing game now and give Snoopy the help he needs!


A very welcoming Beagle named Snoopy greets you once you step into the game proper, asking you to help him to restore his home town and turn it into a place that is worthy of a “World Famous Author”. So, let’s get straight to work!

Being a town-building game, Snoopy’s Town Tale has quite a variety of buildings that you can construct. The most important being the homes of the many characters in the Peanuts universe. Starting with Snoopy’s doghouse, you’ll eventually be able to slowly restore all the homes of characters like the musical prodigy Schroeder, the blanky-loving Linus and more. Once you’ve “collected” a character, you can then ask them to do tasks or allow them to interact with other characters, such as getting Snoopy and Charlie Brown to hug each other, or Schroeder to play the piano.

These interactions or tasks will take quite a bit of time to complete, but basically, all you need to do is to wait. Once a character is assigned a task, he or she will no longer be able to do anything else, at least until the task is completed. These character tasks will reward you with materials that you’ll need to upgrade your storage capacity and to buy new land. New tasks or interactions can be unlocked after you reached certain level thresholds and the same goes to unlocking new characters and their respective homes.

Besides homes, you can also place Suppliers into your town. Suppliers can be stores or something really simple like a plant or a tree. In this game, you’ll be able to collect resources from these Suppliers, for example, flowers from the flowerbed and lemons from the lemon tree. These materials, whether edible or not, can all be sold at the Want ads board, provided that there’s an ad for the items. There are 9 ads you can try to fulfill. Every time you’ve completed an order, you’ll immediately get a new one in its place. If an order is too tough to complete, you could always refuse the offer and you’ll get a new order within 4 minutes.

However, selling raw materials – items that are collected directly from the Supplier itself – isn’t very profitable. You’ll also be losing out on some bonus experience points as well, since cheaper goods usually will earn you only money and not experience points. This is why you are given a Craft Building to restore quite early on in the game.

Once the restoration is completed, you can then turn the raw materials you’ve collected into more profitable items like perfume, wooden boards and baseball bats. The items you can craft may seem quite limited at first, but as you progress in the game, you’ll gradually be able to create new items. Naturally, items that take longer to craft will be worth a lot more, though it’s interesting to note that you can craft 1 of each item at the same time.

Like any town-building games, you can also decorate your town to your liking. Snoopy’s Town Tale offers a rather wide range of décor that you can choose from, such as signs, dumpsters, phone booths, birdbaths, trees and bushes. You can even place roads in the game as well.

Most of these décor can be purchased using in-game currency while a few special items (only a few) will require premium cash. Premium cash can be earned for free by leveling up or achieving an achievement, but of course, if you would like to support the game or simply to buy more premium cash, you could always spend some real cash.

Need more space? Well, Woodstock and its friends are ready to help! After gathering the necessary amount of cash and materials, and reaching the required level, they will flock over to the land and clear it out for you. Similar to the construction process, this’ll take some time to complete. You can speed things up using premium cash if you can spare some.

Rebuilding the town can be a very costly affair and even though you are doing your best selling the items you’ve crafted, you will still need an additional revenue source. In this game, you can collect extra coins from homes or you can complete quests. Most quests either require you to construct a particular building or get one or more characters to perform a specific action. Generally, they are really easy to complete.

As baseball is an important part of the game, it’s still interesting to note that in Snoopy’s Town Tale, you can actually set up your own baseball team and send them to a baseball match. Assign the Peanuts characters that you have into their respective positions in the team and craft a team outfit to be able to compete. The more characters you have on your team, the higher chance you’ll have of winning.


Link up your game with your friends on Facebook, so you can visit their towns and help them out for rewards. Not to mention, your friends can send you gifts and you can return the favor. If you would like to meet up with your fellow Peanuts fans, you can drop by the game’s Facebook fan page as well.

Graphics/ Sound

Snoopy’s Town Tale is backed with a very soothing piano music that presumably was played by a musical genius like Schroeder. Not to mention, the visuals in the game look absolutely astounding. The designs of the buildings in the game are very well-done, and the same goes for the characters themselves. The colors used are not too bright, like a casual game, but it’s bright enough to present a cheerful atmosphere.


All in all, Peanuts: Snoopy’s Town Tale is a very enjoyable town-building game that allows you to help Snoopy and his friends to rebuild their beloved home town. Meet characters from the Peanuts universe that you know and love, and interact with them in a whole new level. If you’re a huge Peanuts fan and love building games, Peanuts: Snoopy’s Town Tale is definitely a game you’ll want to play. Give it a try today!

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New Game Added: Peanuts: Snoopy's Town Tale

by Aethyna Apr 27, 2016
Restore the homes of various familiar and lovable Peanuts characters, assign them to complete tasks, collect resources and craft goods, and visit your friends’ towns in this amazing town-building game, Peanuts: Snoopy’s Town Tale. So, dive into the Peanuts universe and give Snoopy the help he needs! Snoopy flying his imaginary plane in Snoopy's Town Tale Peanuts: Snoopy's Town Tale: Setting up a baseball team Storage in Snoopy's Town Tale Read More
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