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Path of War 8 rate Path of War is a strategy game that originally a mobile game then was ported to the PC. It still maintains the original gameplay where you attack enemy bases by placing units on lanes similar to popular tower defense games. Rise up and fight back against the Regime to reclaim America in this amazing game! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Path of War is a real time strategy game that was launched in mobile platforms and now being ported to the PC. It focuses on base building where you try to attack other enemy bases and defend you own in some situations, you can recruit and upgrade your units to become powerful and construct new buildings to unlock new units. The game also features a microtransaction where you can hasten your construction time.


Path of War takes place in a fictional North America where the country was struck by a cyber-attack a year ago which caused anarchy and the downfall of the mighty country. It was then taken over by the evil militaristic organization called the Regime and the country in now under its control with little or no freedom. It is now up to the rebellion to put an end to the regime and bring freedom once more to America.


Path of War features a real-time strategy game mechanic that borrows from popular mobile games, but designed to be more simplified than from the traditional real time strategy games where you will be constantly building your base. Here instead of building your base from the beginning of every battle, you will be managing a permanent base regardless on how many battles you will be taking on.

You start off building your own militia base that will help you fend off against the Regime, you will be constructing refineries that will provide you with steel materials and oil. Steel is used for constructing new buildings or upgrading them or your units. Oil is needed to participate in missions, you can also earn steel and oil by attacking enemy bases as the refineries will take time before they can provide a huge amount of resource.

You mission is to attack the Regime’s enemy bases and defend yours at the same time, there will be certain instances where the Regime will send enemy troops to attack your base, so it is important to set up turrets and barricades to protect your main HQ. When your HQ gets destroyed you lose the game and will lose a large amount of resources, the same goes when you attack bases as you must focus on destroying the main HQ.

The combat gameplay is somewhat similar that from games like Clash of Clans and other tower defense games. Every battle you will have command points and these will not be replenished. Each unit costs a certain amount of command points in order to be summoned on the field, you place a unit in a specific lane and it will charge forward and will only stop until it hits an obstacle, it will attack to any nearby enemy target whether it is a unit or structure.

Each unit has certain strengths and weaknesses, for instance the infantry is strong against other infantry units but weak against cannons and turrets, the grenadiers is good against structures and turrets but weak against infantries. Deploying a well-balanced army depending on the enemy base’s layout will ensure an easy victory if planned well.

And if you lose a unit, you can still deploy another as long as you have enough command points. You can also earn special weapons that can destroy enemy units and structures in an instant, however you must earn special points from power plants from enemy bases in order to use the weapons. Each battle has a time limit so you must plan ahead in order to finish the mission

You will be able to unlock more units and structures whenever you progress on your levels, to do that you must complete objectives in your playthrough. These may be in form of attacking enemy bases for a number of times or earning certain number of steel or oil. The more you unlock units, the more complex the future missions will become, so it is best to upgrade all of the units as the future missions will become difficult.

The game features micro-transaction, such as additional resources or more construction queues. The premium currency are the gems which you can earn from quests or purchasing them with real money, these gems can provide shortcuts to long construction time or lets you use them as an alternative to your resources if you ran out when you are currently upgrading. But do take note that micro-transactions are optional and players can still enjoy the game even without spending.


There are a couple of active players in Path of War. You can challenge them by invading their bases when you reach level 10, and the combat will be similar when the Regime invades you. But do take note that you can lose resources if your base gets invaded. You can also add them as friends where you can interact with them socially through messaging.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals of the game are fully designed in 3D, however it was not optimized for the PC, as you will notice some pixelated textures when zoomed in. But despite the textures, the designs of the units are impressive especially on the character portraits during cutscenes. The soundtrack has that western theme with noticeable guitars playing on each track, sadly there are no voiced dialogue that could have help give more life to the characters.


Path of War is a fun strategy game that everyone can enjoy whether a fan of real time strategy games or not. The way it was ported to the PC was impressive despite the lack of optimization on the graphics. The microtransaction does not hinder your gaming experience as it is only optional for players to spend on it. For those who are looking for a fun and simple strategy game on the PC that is free, give Path of War a try.

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New Game Added: Path of War

by Richard Feb 25, 2017
Path of War is a strategy game that originally a mobile game then was ported to the PC. It still maintains the original gameplay where you attack enemy bases by placing units on lanes similar to popular tower defense games. Rise up and fight back against the Regime to reclaim America in this amazing game! Path of War: Gameplay Develop your base in Path of War Path of War: World map Read More
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