Paladins: Champions of the Realm

by Aethyna
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Paladins: Champions of the Realm 10 rate With an exciting combination of CCG and FPS, Paladins: Champion of the Realm definitely brings something new to the table. It offers objective-based gameplay and arcade-styled first person shooter with a strong emphasis on teamwork and your ability to adapt to the cards that you get. So, be sure to try it today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Notice: As Paladins is currently in Closed Beta, this is just a first impression review of the game. The review will be updated once the game is launched.


With a smooth blend of objective-based gameplay and arcade-styled first person shooter, along with collectible cards thrown into the mix, Paladins: Champions of the Realm is an MMO game that places a strong emphasis on teamwork and your ability to adapt to the cards that you get. By combining elements from various types of genres, the game is able to cater to and capture the hearts of a wider audience. It also features a nice variety of abilities, interesting champions, as well as fast-paced matches that both competitive and casual players will definitely enjoy. After all, we do have very good reasons to list Paladins as our Number 1 Most Anticipated F2P MMO for 2016!


Paladins: Champions of the Realm currently offers 2 servers, North America and Europe, to its players, and since ping can be a critical factor that tilts the battle towards the victorious team, it’s best to pick a server that’s closest to you.

Once you’re done, you can head straight into a match. The game, Paladins, has 4 different game modes to offer, namely Practice, Co-op, Casual and Challenge. In Practice mode, you’ll be fighting alongside AIs against AIs. It is the perfect mode for you to try out the many different champions available in the game.

At the moment, Paladins has a nice range of champions that you can choose from, such as Pip, Grohk, Barik, Skye, Fernando and Cassie. Each of them has their respective specialties and list of unique abilities, including 1 ultimate skill. For instance, Barik is an engineer and specializes in deploying turrets to aid the team, while Skye is the assassin-type character, who utilizes stealth to her advantage. Some champions like Ruckus and Fernando even have some form of a shield, allowing them to be good “tanks”. Interestingly, all abilities are unlocked at the start of the game, but as they are tied to their respective cooldown systems, the game is able to regulate their use, preventing players from spamming their champions’ abilities.

Furthermore, giving different champions uniquely different abilities also allows for greatly varied game experiences. Thus, due to this, it is quite important for you to try out as many champions as you can and identify the ones that suit your style of play so you can use them in future matches. Not to mention, unlike games that like to put their champions behind a paywall, all of the champions in Paladins are available for free right off the bat. How awesome is that?

For Co-op mode though, instead of having a team of AIs, you’ll be playing with other human players against the AIs. This is the best game mode for you to try playing your chosen champion in a team setting. As both Co-op and Practice game modes are basically places where you can polish up your skills. There is only 1 map type for you to play on, the Temple Ruins map, at the moment, and well, it can get kind of boring after awhile.

Therefore, you might want to move on to the Casual mode, which is the usual player-vs-player game mode, or the Challenge mode that features party-vs-party matches, which allows you to go against another team with your own team of friends. For these game modes, you’ll be able to vote for a map type and objective prior to entering a game. As Paladins is in Closed Beta, the game only provides 3 objective types (survival, capture, and capture and siege) and 3 maps (Temple Ruins, Outpost, and Enchanted Forest).

In Survival, both the enemies’ and your teams will need to head to the designated “safe zone” on the map as soon as the game starts. This is because an incredibly poisonous fog (much like the one shown in second part of the popular movie series Hunger Games) is closing in rapidly from all sides of the map. Naturally, opposing teams will clash in battle at this safe location in an attempt to secure it. The last team standing will win the match.

For Capture, all your team needs to do is to get to the designated capture point when it is marked on the minimap, and battle it out with the opposing team for control of it. By remaining on the capture point, the victorious team will then be able to accumulate capture points to fill up the meter at the top. Of course, the other team will still be able to try their best to recapture the capture location from the defending team after they’ve respawned. Once the meter is filled though, the team holding down the location will win a point. The first team to get 5 points (or the most points when the match duration ends) will win the game.

Capture and Siege is basically similar to Capture, but instead of just winning points after your team has successfully captured a location, a siege weapon will spawn. Your team will then need to escort the catapult to the enemy gates (there are 3 gates) and protect it for as long as you can from enemy champions. For World of Warcraft players, who have enjoyed playing Strands of the Ancient battleground, they will most certainly be able to spot some similarities here as this objective-type seems to combine the siege aspect of the aforementioned battleground with the “take and hold” aspect of most tactical shooter games.

That said, the variety of maps and objective types may be a bit on the “low” side at the moment, but it is expected that the game will be releasing more later on. In terms of controls, I personally find that the controls in Paladins are very responsive and smooth. As the matches are rather fast-paced, this responsiveness is paramount to ensure victory. Moreover, to further complement the speed of the game, players are even given horse mounts that they can summon after a brief summoning duration, and a team respawn beacon (a device that teleports a player from the team’s base to the beacon’s location) that can be picked up and dropped at strategic locations. This allows players to quickly move from one location to another, making the match feels even more fast-paced.

Saving the best for last, Paladins’ main selling point - its robust collectible cards system – is most definitely something that will keep its players coming back for more. Similar to other MMOCCGs (and yet so different), the game allows players to collect new cards by winning matches and opening loot boxes, and build their own decks of cards via the Vault. There is even a card crafting feature at the Vault, whereby you can disassemble cards that you already have and use the fragments to create new cards.

The card system in the game is tiered based on the quality of the cards (common, uncommon, rare and so on and so forth), and you can only assign up to 3 cards per tier. However, you might be wondering – how does this tiered card system tie into the gameplay? Well, in some ways, it can be considered as the “wild card” of the gameplay. Although you are able to build your deck before a match, the type of card that you’ll need during a match will vary depending on the in-game situation. Not to mention, each tier will only be unlocked and accessible to you once your champion reached a certain level in a match. Considering that the game can be pretty frantic at times, you most likely won’t have sufficient time to mull over your options as well, which makes being very familiar with your deck an important aspect in the game.

Of course, these are all the features currently available in Paladins, but as the game moves slowly but steadily towards launch, there will definitely be changes and tweaks to the game and its features.


Due to being in Closed Beta, the present community in Paladins isn’t that huge. However, with time, and of course, when the game goes into launch, I’d expect the community to balloon to massive proportion, mainly because of its exciting gameplay and fun in-game mechanics. Players that are currently in its Closed Beta can also (as of now) should be able to send out 2 invites to their friends as well, so that should help grow Paladins’ player base.

Graphics/ Sound

The semi-brightly colored and cartoony graphics and the arcade-styled gameplay go hand-in-hand together, allowing casual players to be interested in and attracted to the game, and also reeling in hardcore players who enjoy its competitive gameplay in the process. The characters are very nicely designed and modeled, and not to mention, the animations are very smooth. There might still be a couple of minor graphical glitches here and there (especially when 2 in-game objects overlap) though, but since it’s still in Closed Beta, that’s not much of an issue.

In terms of sound, the background music provided is not only inspirational but also very catchy to listen to. It is not too intrusive that it distracts a player from the game at hand as well.


With an exciting combination of CCG and FPS, this MMO game, Paladins: Champion of the Realm is definitely a game that many players have been searching for quite some time. In this game, the card system augments the champions that you’d be playing and the best part? You’re given full access to all the champions that the game have as well as a generous 10 cards per champion. The fast-paced gameplay is also immensely exhilarating, and is perfect for players who enjoy games like Team Fortress 2 as well as the battlegrounds in World of Warcraft. As the game is still in its closed beta phase, there are still plenty of improvements to be made, such as adding more maps, and of course, champions, but all in all, the game definitely brings something new to the table – something that MMO gamers would greatly appreciate!

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