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by Aethyna
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Packed Train 9.5 rate Featuring a gameplay that’s a combination of the age-old classic, Tetris, and match-3 games, Packed Train is set to blow your mind with its simplistic and yet challenging entertainment. Enjoy the game’s Chill mode or strive to better your skills via the time-limited Rush mode now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Packed Train is a unique puzzle game where you’ll need to try to pack the required number of characters onto the train. Featuring a gameplay that may remind you strongly of Tetris and match-3 games, Packed Train has tons of interesting and differently-colored characters that you can unlock, in addition to the starter characters, as well as tons of challenges via its casual “Chill” mode and its time-limited Rush mode. Collect all the letters and you can get a jigsaw piece for your jigsaw puzzle as well!


Packed Train is still very entertaining and challenging to play. The controls in this game are really simple since most of them involve dragging and dropping Tetris pieces onto the flatbed part of the train. Similar to a match-3 game, you will need to place pieces of the same color close together in order to remove them from the playing area so you can place more pieces. This is very much different from the age-old game of Tetris where a completed line of blocks will automatically be removed.

Like Tetris, however, plenty of planning ahead and strategy is required just so you can fit in and clear away as many pieces as you can in order to complete the level’s goal. Thankfully, you are allowed to choose from and place up to 8 Tetris pieces shown at the bottom of the screen. You can rotate the pieces before you place them as well. To do so, simply right click while you’re “holding” onto the piece.

To make things even more exciting, Packed Train provides a slew of bonuses and power-ups for you to enjoy. There are bonus stars which can be collected simply by placing a Tetris piece over it. These will bump up your high score by a fair bit. There is also a combo system that rewards you with extra points if you can manage to place your pieces consecutively without pause.

From time to time, you will also spot alphabets on the flatbed. By collecting all these letters (in the same way as collecting a bonus star), you will form the bonus word for that level and be rewarded with a random jigsaw piece. This jigsaw piece will be added to your jigsaw puzzle, and as you play, you will eventually complete the puzzle and see what the picture on the jigsaw actually is.

In terms of power-ups, the game has a few. One of the rarest but most useful that I’ve seen so far is the ice cube. Functioning much like a wild card, it is able to help you link any Tetris pieces together and clear them from the grid, regardless of the pieces’ color. There is also a hand icon, a.k.a. the Move power-up, which will give you a few seconds to move any placed pieces on the playing area when the power-up is collected. If you notice a couple of confetti on a tile, well, that’s the Squeeze power-up which will force existing pieces to automatically squeeze themselves to accommodate any piece you would like to place around them.

Not to mention, the game also has a daily quest that is usually very specific and can be hard to complete. Completing the quest is entirely optional but if you find the game too easy for you, then this is the perfect game feature to help spice things up!

Of course, Packed Train comes in 2 different game modes. One of which is the casual “Chill” mode where you simply need to complete the goal of a level in order to move on to another level. The progression path is very linear and can be likened to the level-based progression used in most match-3 games. The Rush mode, however, is a bit more intense mainly because it is timed. You’ll need to complete the required goal within the time period or it’s game over for you.


Packed Train is a single-player game and as such, it doesn’t have any social features. However, since the game’s on Steam, you can use the complementary discussion forum to reach out to the developers about your ideas or to simply connect with the community there.

Graphics/ Sound

Packed Train looks and feels like a mobile port, and honestly, it does feel like it is supposed to be available on mobile devices. The graphics are bright and colorful, and the Tetris characters are interesting enough at first glance but may seem a bit bug-like the next. The music is catchy in a jazzy-kind of way as well.


Packed Train is definitely not your common Tetris or match-3 game but it does a brilliant job of combining the best elements from those two genres. This resulted in an intriguing puzzle game that the perfect time-filler. However, the game does feel too much like it’s supposed to be a game that’s available on mobile devices, and frankly, I would say it’ll make a great game on mobile. For PC/Steam though? Well… maybe not so much.

That being said, if you enjoy playing Tetris but would love to try something similar and yet different, then Packed Train is definitely a game you’ll want to play!

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New Game Added: Packed Train

by Aethyna Aug 4, 2018
Featuring a gameplay that’s a combination of the age-old classic, Tetris, and match-3 games, Packed Train is set to blow your mind with its simplistic and yet challenging entertainment. Enjoy the game’s Chill mode or strive to better your skills via the time-limited Rush mode now! Packed Train: Gameplay New character unlocked in Packed Train Packed Train: Rush mode Read More
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