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by Aethyna
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Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure 6.5 rate Explore the different types of rooms in the mystery manor in various challenging and time-based hidden object game modes! Banish troublesome creatures and phenomena that randomly appear around the place. The in-game shop also offers plenty of hidden object tools to help you complete difficult scenes as well! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Welcome to the Mystery Manor of Mr. X! While waiting for Mr. X to return from wherever he currently is at, you are recruited by the various staff and guests in Mr. X’s impressive manor to help search for items that have mysteriously gone missing. Explore the different types of rooms in the mystery manor in various challenging and time-based hidden object game modes. Banish troublesome creatures and phenomena that randomly appear around the place. The in-game shop also offers plenty of hidden object tools to help you complete difficult scenes as well as charms to give your experience or coin gained a boost! Will you be able to crack the mystery behind the mystery manor in Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure? Play now and find out!


The mysterious Mr. X invited you to his mystery manor but when you arrived, he wasn’t in yet. Katherine, Mr. X’s assistant has promised to take care of you while you wait. However, something is happening here as many items owned by the various inhabitants of the manor went missing. It’s up to you to help them find those items and find out what is going on with the mysterious Mr. X and his eerie manor!

You can do so by completing quests and well, quests usually involve you searching for the item needed in any one of the many rooms available in the mystery manor. Each scene you enter into will cost you energy points and the energy cost varies depending on room and which hidden object game mode it’s in. By the way, the game offers quite a lot of game modes, which include, but is not limited to, word list, silhouette and night modes.

To regain your lost energy, well, you can get a free energy refill every time you level up or you could also spend some premium currency, which in this case are diamonds, to buy food items that will restore a portion of your energy. Sometimes, you’ll also get a little bit free energy points while playing scenes. However, if you have exhausted all options, then you’ll need to wait for your energy points to regenerate by themselves over time.

Scenes in Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure are all time-based. You are given 5 minutes to complete a scene, but don’t worry. As long as you complete the scene within 5 minutes, you’ll be fine. This is because the time you take to complete a level doesn’t affect your score since you won’t be getting any score for each scene. So it doesn’t really matter if you used 3 minutes for the kitchen scene, for example, while your friend used only 2. However, if you click wrongly too many times (3 times consecutively, to be exact), you’ll be penalized and 5 seconds will be deducted from your timer. Thus, you should be careful while clicking and click accurately.

Similar to some hidden object games, you’ll need to play scenes repeatedly to level a particular scene up from the “novice” rank to the highest rank available. Due to this, the game changes the locations of the many hidden objects with your every revisit, making each game fresh and exciting. Not to mention, your cursor will also be changed into a magnifying glass while you’re searching for items in a scene. This is necessary because quite a lot of the hidden items are fairly small and sometimes, they can be very hard to spot without the magnifying glass. However, for players who are not familiar with having a permanent magnifying glass in a hidden object game, it drastically ramps up the difficulty level of the game and may take awhile before you’ll get used to it.

In Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure, scenes are technically “rooms” and there are plenty of rooms in the manor. These rooms are level-locked and are spread out among different floors. To unlock a new room/ scene, you’ll need to reach the required level and have enough in-game cash to purchase the required key. However, if you can’t wait, you can unlock rooms in advance using diamonds as well. Interestingly though, there are plenty of secret rooms in this game. Provided that you have painstakingly collected all the necessary items, you can then enter them to play a scene or two as well!

Furthermore, there aren’t a lot of items for you to find per scene at first, but as you level up your character as well as ranking up the scene, the number of objects will eventually increase along with the difficulty level of the game. Sometimes, you may also find friends on your in-game friend list “trapped” in one of the many rooms in the mystery manor. You can then release them by completing the scene and earn some amazing rewards!

If you need any help with a scene, Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure offers plenty of hidden object tools that you can buy and use. They include, the compass which guides you to 1 random object on your search list, flashlight that increases your light radius for 30 seconds in a dark room, time freeze which stops time in a room for 40 seconds and time snail that halves the speed of time in a room for 10 seconds. There is also the pointer which is a handy tool that illuminates any item, if it is on your search list, for 30 seconds when you pointed the tool at it. The flare, on the other hand, lights up the entire room for 30 seconds. There are plenty more tools that you can buy, so be sure to drop by the in-game shop and check them out! Don’t forget to take a look at the many charms that the game has on offers as well! These charms boost the number of coins earned or the amount of experience points gained as well as increasing energy regeneration.

Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure likes to spice things up from time to time by introducing strange phenomena that will plague a group of rooms in the mystery manor. These phenomena, which include the indigenous idol, the flying saucer and many others, are not there just for show, you know! They will increase the energy cost per scene drastically and will tamper with the affected scenes when you play them. For instance, for the will-o’-the-wisp phenomenon, the phenomenon hides items and speeds up time, while for the flying saucer phenomenon, the entire scene will be inverted and your search list will be extended.

All of these effects are added to the existing game mode currently present on the scene. So, if you see a flying saucer in a night mode room, you’ll know you’re in for a very challenging game! Thankfully, for some phenomena, you can easily get rid of them by shelling over some in-game cash to buy the necessary items to clear them. However, there are some that will require diamonds and if you don’t have the diamonds needed, you’ll then need to find the source of the phenomenon and play that scene. It won’t be easy but if you managed to complete it, the phenomenon will then be cleared and everything till go back to normal... for now...

The mystery manor also hides a deep dark secret – it is infested with evil and dangerous creatures, like White Lotus Kumite and Snatchins Dark Bookworms! Banish these creatures using special items that can be found in scenes or you can just buy them using in-game cash. In return, you’ll earn some materials or collectibles from them that you won’t be able to find in scenes! As you level up, you will also unlock the “rob” option in any scene in the game, whereby you can try your luck to get materials or items without actually playing the scene. These materials are needed to complete collections and by completing collections, you will be very well-rewarded with coins, bonus experience points, hidden object tools, food items and even charms!


The community for Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure is rather huge! The game has more than 1 million likes on its very active Facebook fan page. If you’re looking for new friends to add so you can request items from them (and help them in return), this is the place to be! Even if you have some trouble with the game, the friendly community in this game will be more than willing to help out wherever they can.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in the scenes seem a tad bit grainy when they are small, but when you zoom in using your magnifying glass, the image clears up and sharpens itself. However, overall, the visuals in the game are very beautifully-done. In terms of music, Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure contains creepy piano music filled with ambient sounds that you’ll hear in an old house, like the creaking of the floorboards, footsteps or the squeaking of door hinges. If you’re playing the game in the middle of the night at home alone, well, you have been warned!


In short, Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure is a challenging and fun mystery-style and time-based hidden objects game. In this game, you'll have to find hidden objects in the many different rooms available in the manor, level up and unlock new rooms, and complete quests. You’ll also get to banish creatures that appear randomly and phenomena that mess up your hidden object scenes to get some nice rewards in return. Complete collections and meet the various delightful yet quirky inhabitants of the manor. Sounds like just the hidden object game for you? Well, pack your bags and head over to the mystery manor today then!

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New Game Added: Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure

by Aethyna Jul 20, 2015
Explore the different types of rooms in the mystery manor in various challenging and time-based hidden object game modes! Banish troublesome creatures and phenomena that randomly appear around the place. The in-game shop also offers plenty of hidden object tools to help you complete difficult scenes as well! Kitchen in Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure: Fortune-telling room Living room in Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure Read More

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Not very good.

At first I liked that the hidden objects changed location from play to play in a room. But, that was the only draw for the game. The difficult of leveling up to have access to new rooms means you play...Full Review
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