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Monster Busters 10 rate Step into the Monster Tower with your trusty toy hammer and try to save your Gingerbread buddies from the evil monsters that reside there! Defeat big monster bosses as well as the many blockers that the game throws at you! Enjoy a fun yet challenging match-3 game today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Would you like to follow in the footsteps of the Ghostbusters, but instead of busting ghosts, you are busting monsters? Well, you can with Monster Busters, the exciting and challenging match-3 game! In this game, you have entered the Monster Tower with the intention of defeating as many levels of monsters as you can! Don’t let your heart melt due to the monsters’ adorableness though! They will take one of your lives if you fail a level! The game boasts of having a huge variety of level types for you to enjoy and it also contains a plethora of interesting yet annoying blockers, such as wooden walls, and challenges, like the boss levels and hero challenges. Hit a snag in any of the levels? You can use the in-game coins earned to buy start-up items or extra moves! Be the greatest monster buster there is in Monster Busters today!


The game starts off with you entering a mysterious and dungeon-like Monster Tower. You want to save all the Gingerbreads that the monsters have kidnapped, but you’ll have to beat the monsters in each stage to get to them! To begin your rescue, just click on the door to get started!

Like any match-3 game, the rules are simple – by matching at least 3 monsters of the same type, you can clear them from the board. In the game, you can try to match 4 monsters either vertically or horizontally to produce a Vertical and Horizontal bomb respectively. The bomb has a band surrounding it to indicate whether it will clear a row or column after it is matched. To activate it, just match the same-colored monsters including it. How different colored monsters clear the rows/ columns are very unique as well! For example, for fire monsters, the bomb will burn out entire rows/ columns of monsters while for water monsters, the bomb will launch a tsunami-like wave and wash all the monsters in the rows/ columns away!

For T-shaped or L-shaped 5-monster matches, you’ll get a Cross Bomb instead! The name is rather misleading as the bomb, when triggered, will not clear both row and column (like a cross), but instead, it explodes in a diamond-like shape. The blast radius is rather large though it may seem small at first. Get as many Cross Bombs as you can and blast all the monsters into oblivion!

However, if the match-5 is in linear form, then you’ll get something even more special – the Magic Hammer! To activate it, swap it with any monster next to it. It will generate magic hammer clones that will attack all the same colored monsters that it is swapped with! You can even mix and match various special bombs or Magic Hammers with each other to get a more powerful bomb! For instance, mixing a Vertical Bomb with a Horizontal Bomb, you’ll get a double-banded bomb that will eliminate monsters on the same column and row as well as any neighboring columns and rows.

Monster Busters provides a nice variety of level types with a list of different objectives that you’ll need to complete in order to proceed to the next level. The most basic level type requires you to only achieve the required number of points within the limited moves provided. Any leftover moves will reward you with the appropriate bonus points. There are also other level types, which include selective removal for certain colored monsters, breaking ice prisons to rescue the Gingerbreads by matching monsters over it and bring down the Gingerbreads to the bottom to save it.

All levels in the game contain 3 stars for you to achieve and it can be a real challenge, trying to get to 3 stars later on. Once you clear all stages on the current floor, a ladder will appear. Click on the ladder to move up the second floor. Take note that you just need to get a minimum of 1 star per level to head on to the next floor. There are over 600 floors in the Monster Tower and each floor has 1 to 3 stages for you to clear, so with Monster Busters, you won’t need to worry about running out of games to play any time soon!

Not to mention, Monster Busters offers special levels, namely boss levels and hero challenges, for you to enjoy! In boss levels, the boss monster can be damaged by blowing up the monster adjacent to it or through any special bomb’s effects. Thus, you have to match monsters near to it or activate bombs nearby to the boss. Similarly to normal level types, you are given limited moves to solve this level! On the other hand, hero challenges will only appear when you hit certain “stars” milestones. They are bonus levels that allow you to earn some extra coins, but they can be rather tough to play.

Besides the different level types, the game also has some interesting obstacles or blockers such as the wooden wall, which is an immovable blocker that can be broken by blowing it up the monsters adjacent to it or through any special bomb’s effects. Due to the game’s increasing difficulty, you may start to fail certain levels. Every level you fail will cost you a life and lives can be regained over time. If you want more lives the shortcut way, well, you can ask for lives from your friends.

If some levels prove to be too difficult and you feel like you hit a snag, don’t worry, by now you should already have a tidy sum of in-game coins stashed away, so why not spend them? You can use them to buy from a range of start-up items available, such as Vertical Bomb startup, Magic Hammer startup and others. You can also purchase additional moves (+5) by clicking on the button underneath the moves counter. Moves are very costly though, so be sure that you need them before you buy!

You may also notice that you can level up in Monster Busters. With every level up, you will get a nice one-time bonus of coins as well as either increased maximum life or a full life refill. The higher your level, the more bonus points you will earn as well! Monster Busters even comes with a nifty screenshot feature that helps you to take nice screenshots of your gameplay so you can show off your “leet” skills solving match-3 puzzles!


Monster Busters has over 2.4 million likes on its Facebook fan page and this is no surprise considering that this game is currently among the top free-to-play match-3 games on Facebook and on the mobile market! The page organizes quizzes and fun contests for their players frequently while giving out plenty of goodies to the winners. The fan page is also a great place to ask for help with solving a particular level as well as adding friends who don’t mind being “spammed” with life requests since they play the game extensively too! Who knows? You may also make new long-lasting friends along the way!

Graphics/ Sound

The music in Monster Busters is rather catchy and adorable that sounds a tad bit retro. It’s interesting to note that there’s a different music when you’re facing the boss or when doing the hero challenge as well! Graphically, the colorful monsters are very cute and they have their own animations when you hover your mouse over them.


In conclusion, Monster Busters is an extremely addictive and fun match-3 game that provides various exciting challenges, such as boss levels and hero challenges, in each level, making every level interesting and diverse. The game has quite a range of special items when you manage to match more than 3 monsters together and if you have any difficulty with solving a particular level, there are plenty of start-ups that you can purchase using in-game coins. The graphics and animations are absolutely top-notch too! Fans of match-3 puzzle games will definitely want to play this game and, with over 1900 levels to clear, Monster Busters will definitely be your go-to game for quite a long time!

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New Game Added: Monster Busters

by Aethyna Apr 28, 2015
Step into the Monster Tower with your trusty toy hammer and try to save your Gingerbread buddies from the evil monsters that reside there! Defeat big monster bosses as well as the many blockers that the game throws at you! Enjoy a fun yet challenging match-3 game today! Magic Hammer in Monster Busters Cross bomb in Monster Busters Monster Busters: combined bomb Read More
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