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by Aethyna
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Mirrors of Albion 9.5 rate Oh no! The young lady, Alice Fleming, has disappeared from her home and has not been seen since! The police are baffled and the case was passed on... into the paws of the eager secret police intern, Cheshire Jr. He has heard good things about the great Sherlock Holmes and decided to approach you for help. Will you help? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Oh no! The young lady, Alice Fleming, has disappeared from her home and has not been seen since! The police are baffled and the case was passed on to the secret police... into the paws of the eager secret police intern, Cheshire Jr, to be precise. He has heard about your prowess in deductive thinking and decided to approach you for help and due to the very mysterious and challenging nature of the case, you have accepted. In this game, you’ll be investigating various scenes to discover clues that others have missed (or being requested to find important collectibles in various places). Earn stars that you can use to enjoy mini-games like Mirror World Chess, explore secret locations and trade in town! Oh and if there are any scenes that are too tough to handle, the game also offers a plethora of power-ups to help you. You can even buy and use amulets to give you an extra edge or to help you level faster too! Sounds like just the hidden object game for you? Well, what are you waiting for? Play Mirrors of the Albion now!


Yesterday, a young lady, Alice Fleming disappeared under mysterious circumstances and the police are at a loss. An intern with the secret police, Cheshire Jr. was assigned to the case instead, but he needs your help! Being a private detective for almost your entire life (you are Sherlock Holmes in this game), your input in the case would be greatly beneficial. Join their search for the poor missing lady today!


You will start your investigations by visiting important locations in the case and examining them for any clues of evidence that the police have missed. Each scene you enter into will cost you energy points. Energy points regenerate slowly over time or you can get it refilled for free by leveling up. You could also buy more energy points using crystals (premium currency).

The hidden object scenes in Mirrors of Albion are usually timed but not in the usual sense. The timer is counting up instead of down, thus, you can take however long you like to find objects in a scene, but of course, the longer you take, the less score you’ll get. In addition, the game has a combo system in place. So, it’s best to find the items you need in a chain to earn a nice bonus multiplier for your score.

Furthermore, like any other hidden object games, the game offers a range of hidden object game modes, including the basic mode, the words mode, whereby you are given a list of names of the objects that you’ll need to find, and the silhouettes mode, in which only the shadow of the objects you need to find are shown to you instead. There are also special modes like the thunderstorm anomaly mode. In this mode, each time the lightning strikes, the letters in the list of names of objects will fade. So, technically, it’s a timed mode, but with a challenging twist! Though, do take note that special modes will require more energy than usual to play.

Finding items can be a tad bit difficult for any new scenes you encounter and due to this, the game usually provides a short list of items for you to find for the first time. The list will gradually increase as you replay a scene. Not to mention, the locations of items in scenes that are replayed do not only change, but the more you replay a scene, the more items will be added to the scene. This is important as replaying scenes is a vital aspect of Mirror of Albion.

Why? Well, this is because at the end of every scene, you will earn items or collectibles, besides the occasional clue. These collectibles can then be used to complete collections, which will reward you with quest items and items needed to arrest thieves and pickpockets that run rampant in the city. Each scene you play contains 5 mastery levels to achieve and by replaying scenes you can “level up” a scene as well!

Moreover, every scene you completed will also be graded from 1 to 3 golden stars, depending on your score. These stars can then be used to play Mirror World Chess, explore secret locations and trade in town. What is this Mirror World Chess? Well, it is a mini-game whereby you can earn free power-ups if you find the patterns hidden underneath the tiles on a chessboard. It is somewhat like a game of “Battleships”. So, each time you play the Chess, you’ll be shown a chessboard with 2 power-ups on the side.

Next, you have to click on the power-ups and spend stars to find out what pattern they are made of. For example, the pattern to get a common “spark” power-up consists of a 2x2 square box, while the lantern’s pattern is a T-shape that is turned 90 degrees to the left. Then, you will need to randomly open the tiles on the chessboard to find a tile with the symbol of a power-up. If you do, you still have to flip over the correct tiles to uncover the entire pattern before you can earn your free power-up. So, since the “spark” power-up consists of a 2x2 square box, you’ll need to uncover all 4 tiles the pattern is made of, before you can get a free “spark”. However, do note that you have only 10 moves per game and there are most than twice the amount of tiles on a chessboard. So, luck does play a role in this game.

New scenes are usually “discovered” whenever you level up, but in order to unlock it, you will have to shell over some in-game cash.... well, at least you won’t need neighbors! There is also a rather special scene – the Flying Dutchman scene that can only be accessed if you log in consecutively for 15 days. To level up faster, well, there are several nice short-cuts, which of course include getting more energy points to play more scenes or you could equip an amulet, such as the “Master’s Book” amulet to boost the experience points earned as well! Amulets are like buffs that are only active, after they are activated, for a short period of time. You can get them for free from daily gifts or you can buy them at the shop using in-game cash or crystals. Besides the Master’s Book, there are plenty other amulets, such as the Coins of Good Fortune that increases the amount of coins received for exploring the location by 50% and Rainbow, which increases the chance of finding the item you need (for a quest) in the location by 15%.

If you encounter any problems while playing a hidden object scene, well, don’t worry! Mirrors of Albion also provides a long list of 8 different power-ups or hints to help you out! They include the spark, tesla coil, magnifier, compass, chain lightning, bomb, Edgerton Flash and thermometer. The spark is the most basic hint of them all as it functions by showing you the location of a random item. Tesla coil on the other hand is pretty unique as, when used, it will draw nearby items (that you need to collect) to you. The magnifier can be used to carefully examine the room through its lens and the required items will be illuminated with a magic light, while the compass will point in the direction of the closest required item.

Chain lightning will show you the position of up to 5 required items for a very short time or you could just use a bomb to find and explode up to 6 required items. The Edgerton Flash is perhaps one of the most interesting power-up, along with the thermometer, which increases in temperature when your cursor is close to a required item. The Edgerton Flash works by creating a bright Edgerton Flash that will light up the locations of the items you need while darkening the rest of the room for 30 seconds.


The community for Mirrors of Albion is rather huge – the game has around 186 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page! If you encountered any problems in-game, feel free to ask for help there, or if you need more friends to earn more free energy points, you can meet your fellow players there and perhaps add them to your friends’ list as well!

Graphics/ Sound

The game, Mirrors of Albion, contains incredibly beautiful hand-drawn graphics with details that befit a hidden object game! In terms of its sound, the game provides quite a variety of tracks that are all catchy classical music that is perfect for that time era that the game is set in.


All in all, Mirrors of the Albion is an addictive and fun hidden object game set in London, England that blends all the classic stories together into one game! In this game, you play as Sherlock Holmes who was asked by Cheshire Jr., an intern with the secret police, to help solve a case where a young lady, Alice Fleming, has apparently disappeared. Help the police search for important items and clues by playing the many beautifully-designed hidden object scenes. Earn stars to enjoy playing the Mirror World Chess mini-game to get free power-ups and complete collections to get the quest items you need by replaying scenes. The game also provides amulets that you can buy to level faster as well as plenty of power-ups to help you get through some of the tougher scenes in the game. So, do you think you can solve the disappearance of the young lady, Alice Fleming? Play Mirrors of the Albion now and find out!

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New Game Added: Mirrors of Albion

by Aethyna Jun 23, 2015
Oh no! The young lady, Alice Fleming, has disappeared from her home and has not been seen since! The police are baffled and the case was passed on... into the paws of the eager secret police intern, Cheshire Jr. He has heard good things about the great Sherlock Holmes and decided to approach you for help. Will you help? Luxurious interior in Mirrors of Albion Mirrors of Albion: Garden Detective's room in Mirrors of Albion Read More

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The game is fun and we enjoy playing it. We use too many sparks and want to get more. How can we buy more? sharyla589@aol.comFull Review
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