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Closers 10 rate Play as one of six talented teens as they use their specially-honed abilities to take out dimensional monsters that threaten modern-day Japan in this epic anime-themed hack-and-slash MMORPG, Closers. With a story that is worthy of its own anime series, this is a game that’s as story-driven as it is addictively fun to play. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Featuring an epic, combo-driven hack-and-slash action, Closers is an anime-themed MMORPG that will put you on the frontlines of a dimensional invasion set in modern-day Japan. In this game, you’ll not only be treated to a storyline full of major plot points and twists; you’ll also get to experience brilliantly-flashy combat effects. You can even develop each Closer (character) and mold them to your liking. So, if you’re looking for a story-driven anime MMO, Closers is possibly one of the best ones that’s free-to-play. Do check it out!


Closers is an MMORPG that’s set in a disaster-struck Japan – a disaster that comes in the form of a pretty much endless surge of dimensional monsters that seem to have portaled into the world. These monsters come in different classes, with E being the weakest class. Weaker monsters can be easily taken off by mere bullets, but the stronger creatures will require something… or at least, someone who is more powerful.

This is where the Closers come in! They are basically teenagers who had been recruited into the UNION’s special project at a very young age. The UNION is the people who are taking care of the alien threat, by the way. These teens, dubbed as Black Lambs, were trained in the use of the very energy that’s allowing these monsters to enter the world.

Of course, as you progress, you’ll gradually uncover various major plot points, such as the mysterious human who happens to have the ability to summon these dimensional creatures at will.


To begin, you’ll first need to choose a server to play on – either the NA or the EU servers. Note that once chosen, you won’t be able to switch servers, so be sure to choose a server that’s closest to your region.

Character creation in this game is quite straightforward. Instead of having to customize and basically create your own character, you’ll get to choose from a selection of 6 Closers to play as. They include the Striker, Seha Lee who wields a big sword that also doubles as a gun; his sister who happens to be a Caster, Sylvi Lee; a Ranger with a pistol and a cool katana, Yuri Seo; J who is a Fighter specializing in fist weapons; Misteltein a Lancer with a huge lance that somehow can be also used as a flail; and lastly, Levia, the latest addition to the Closers who is a Witch specializing in tapping into the destructive Psi Power. You can play as all of these Closers if you like since there’s no apparent limit on how many characters you can play as in this game.

Not to mention, these Closers are all linked to the main storyline so you can’t really customize them much. You can change their outfits, but not so much their physical looks or their respective signature weapons.

Now, the game may require a bit of getting used to, especially if you aren’t too familiar with hack-and-slash games, but the game does put you on the right path with its tutorial. Granted that most parts of the tutorial are in text-form, the combat part of the tutorial is thankfully interactive… well, somewhat. This is great since you’ll be able to try out the skills your Closer has and learn some combat tricks in the process.

The hack-and-slash combat system in this game is very much combo-driven. This means that it’s crucial, if you want to deal insane damage anyway, for you to accumulate your combos by taking on your enemies in groups rather than one by one. The more the merrier! This is definitely where you’ll want to use your Closer’s unique area of effect skill.

Interestingly though, this game’s combat is also very action-oriented. You may find yourself frequently in situations whereby mindless hacking and slashing will cause you to take massive and very unnecessary damage… though it will probably not kill you. Due to this, you may want to dash away from harm from time to time, and you may even need to cancel a skill’s animation just so you can react more rapidly.

Talking about animation, the game has some really amazing and flashy effects for every move you make. At times, you’ll even be treated to some cool close-ups of a skill you’ve used, but the camera can occasionally glitch out a bit during these close-ups or side-(camera)shots.

You’ll have access to a total of 5 skills per Closer and naturally, each Closer will have their own sets of skills. The main 3 skills, which you’ll frequently be using, will contain at least 1 area of effect ability. The 4th and 5th skills include a power boost ability; and a Finisher move which you can use even when the enemies aren’t at low health as long as you have enough “phase force” accumulated from dealing damage. Skills can, of course, be improved and the skill cubes you’ll need can be purchased from an NPC in town.

Aside from skills, there are other features that contribute to how well you do combat. They include pets, which you’ll first need to hatch from eggs and grow into an adult. Though, pets will drain their stamina when deployed during combat so you may need to switch pets as needed.

Since the weapon of your Closer of choice cannot be changed, the game implements a rather different though not exactly unique system where you can instead choose which “augments” you can equip on your weapon. Each weapon can contain 3 modules, 1 weapon core, and up to 6 trinkets. This allows you, in a somewhat limited capacity, to customize your gear to fit your playstyle. These items come in different qualities and grades and sometimes may require you to spend credits (game currency) to “identify” (know the items’ stats). You can usually obtain these items as drops from running instances or completing missions.

To complement this special equipment system, the game also provides a crafting and salvage system where you can salvage any extra or useless gear you have at the Master Mixer to get crafting materials. You can then craft the items you want at the Mixer. You can also sell unbound items at the auction house via the Vulture’s Black Market.

Like most MMORPGs, especially those that are designed around a great storyline, Closers places a lot of emphasis on its campaigns. The campaign basically contains various instanced locations that you can head off to in order to complete the missions you’ve taken from the many quest givers in the Hub a.k.a. the town center. You can dive into an instance alone or you can play in a Squad of up to 4 players.

Interesting enough, the game implements a Fatigue system to prevent you from playing the campaign non-stop. However, from my personal gameplay, I suspect that this system doesn’t seem to be active yet. Anyway, aside from these mission-based instances, you’ll also unlock other game modes as you play, including a Crisis mode set in a special ops area that is only available to players level 25 and above.

What can you do aside from running instances and completing missions in Closers? Well, I’m pretty sure the game doesn’t have a PvP aspect, but the game does provide players with their own housing, which contains a room and a garden. You can customize your room and garden as you like, though the item placement is pretty much fixed – you can’t really place furniture anywhere you like. The housing items you can buy can be rather costly too, so make sure to scrimp every credit you can get!

In your virtual home, you can set off on fun Exploration trips along with your pets as well. However, these trips will need to be led by yourself and naturally, you cannot be at two places at once so you can’t do campaign missions while on an Exploration. That said, you can spend premium currency, EMPs, to hire domestic servants to led your troupe of pets instead.

The garden, on the other hand, is important because you can grow and harvest special crops that will level up your housing, allowing you to unlock better items and Exploration locations. If you’re lucky, you might even get a “successful harvest” which will reward you bonus crops and hence, experience points.

Similar to all most free-to-play MMOs, Closers has an in-game store that sells a variety of bundles, costumes, housing packs, pet eggs, and special talismans that can boost your power, experience rate, credit rate and more. You can also purchase a “premium duration” which will activate your Elite status, granting you with a myriad of special perks.


Closers has a guild system where you can establish a community called Circle. You can opt to join an existing Circle or create one of your own for 500,000 credits. Being part of a Circle will unlock new features, including daily and weekly quests, and a Circle hangout where you can active furniture buffs, as well as additional Circle emotes and titles. Thus, it’s best to get into a Circle as soon as you can.

Graphics/ Sound

Being an anime MMO, Closers has some really stunning and high-quality visuals, animations, and effects. In terms of sound, the game has some incredible and equally as high-quality music. I really like the cheerful and catchy piano tune that plays when you’re in town, though the rock music which plays during combat does bring to mind the many battle scenes in basically any anime show. The game also has voice acting, though these are all in mostly Japanese… without any subtitles. Well, at least you can guess what’s happening most of the time.


As entertaining as Closers is, I believe the main selling point of this game is surprisingly not the incredibly-satisfying combo-charged combat but its intriguing storyline that reminds me of Pacific Rim minus all the cool mechs. In fact, if the developers of the game do plan on expanding Closers to other areas in the entertainment industry, creating an anime series out of this game is a very likely possibility.

That aside, the game is pretty addictive to play and the character progression it offers is enough to keep you hooked. Though, the game’s unique graphical direction, which seems like a mixture between 2D, isometric, and 3D, may not sit well with some. Personally, I think it’s quite revolutionary despite needing some improvements. Anyway, to sum it all up, if you love anime-themed MMORPG with a great story, Closers is a game you’ll want to play.

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by Aethyna Dec 26, 2017
Play as one of six talented teens as they use their specially-honed abilities to take out dimensional monsters that threaten modern-day Japan in this epic anime-themed hack-and-slash MMORPG, Closers. With a story that is worthy of its own anime series, this is a game that’s as story-driven as it is addictively fun to play. Closers: Cool bike Playing as Seha in Closers Closers: Misteltein's gameplay Read More
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