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Balified 9 rate With a gameplay that may bring to mind a blend of scrabble and spider solitaire, Balified is a unique word game where you’ll go head-to-head with either an AI or a fellow player to come up with the best word and earn a ton of points. Do you think you want what it takes to become "balified"? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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With a gameplay that may bring to mind a blend of scrabble and spider solitaire, Balified is a unique word game where you’ll go head-to-head with either an AI or a fellow player to come up with the best word and earn a ton of points. In addition to fun special actions and the wild Bali cards, the game also features the serene atmosphere of the tropics despite its competitive nature. You can even play the game in different languages as well. So, if you’re up for a fun word challenge, Balified is a game you should check out.


To start playing Balified, you’ll first need to log in. You can do so by signing in via Facebook, creating a new account and logging in from there, or you can simply log in as a guest and immediately start playing. There is also a very helpful tutorial that I’d highly recommend you to try out just so you can get a basic idea of how the game works.

Generally though, the game works a bit like Scrabble and spider solitaire. At the beginning, both you and your opponent will get 7 letter cards each to form your word. However, instead of arranging the letter cards on a board with grids on them like in a Scrabble game, you stack them up like what you’d do in a spider solitaire game.

Interestingly, you can also “steal” your opponent’s cards to create the word you want, but the first letter of your word has to be from your side of the screen and that this stealing mechanism works both ways – your opponent will be able to “steal” your letter cards too! If you’ve managed to pull off a great “word heist”, a monkey in a burglar outfit will pop up to congratulate you on the steal.

Balified even has a unique “save or submit” system whereby you can choose to save a word so you can build on it later on once you’ve got the letters you wanted, or you could simply submit the word and claim the score points. Saving a word doesn’t seem like a good move partly because your opponent will be able to steal your saved word if they can find a use for it, but it can be a strategic move where you get to deny your opponent of a letter or letters that he/she really wants since saved words can no longer be broken up into letters.

Either way, no matter if you choose to save or to submit, you and your opponent still get a fresh new set of letter cards to fill up the empty slots. You’ll continue to trade blows with your opponent by constructing high-scoring words until the deck of letter cards is used up. For the final round, if you managed to use up all your remaining letter cards to form the last word, you’ll get to double your total score, giving you a massive advantage over your opponent. Of course, this is often easier said than done though.

Like Scrabble, there is a WILD card called the Bali card that can be morphed into as any letter in the alphabet that you want. Bali cards are not only very useful in helping you to elongate your words; they are worth 5 score points each... and that’s a lot considering that Z has a score point of only 4!

Every game is also filled with tools that you can use, such as the undo button which will undo all the moves you’ve made in that turn and not just the latest move. You can also skip your turn, resign, or swap cards if there is no way for you to form a word with the letters you have.

There are even 5 special actions or power-ups that you can use for a single time during a game. They include the Eye of God that shows you which cards are left in the deck; Word of God which helps you find the highest scoring word available; Call of God which gives you an extra Bali card; Shield of God that will protect all your cards from being stolen for a round, and lastly, Super Charge which will randomly bump up a letter card’s score to 6, though it can only be used at the start of a game.

Purchased using game coins, these special actions can be incredibly useful when used during critical moments in the gameplay, giving you that extra boost you may need to secure that win! In Balified, coins can be earned by simply playing matches, but you can get a bit extra by watching video ads, following the devs on their social media, or by spending real cash in the game’s in-app shop. The shop also sells a variety of other items such as backgrounds, coin doubler, and more.

Balified has 2 game modes, namely single player where you can duel an AI of 3 difficulty levels (easy, medium and extreme), or multiplayer where you’ll get to finally put your word-forming skills to the test. You can play Balified in different languages too. Currently, the game is available in English, French, Dutch and Indonesian, but there are 5 more languages coming soon.

Although the game is fun and all, it still has a few minor issues. The only issues I really had some problems with during my review is that submitting a word or waiting for the AI to figure out its next move takes quite a bit of time.


Being an indie game, Balified doesn’t get a whole lot of attention on the mobile platform and hence, its community is pretty small. However, that doesn’t stop the game from providing its players with social features like a chat system so players can talk to each other while duking it out in a game.

Graphics/ Sound

What I like the most about Balified is the soothing Indonesian music backed with the even more calming sound of sea waves crashing onto the shores that it provides. The graphics in the game is also excellently done, though I think it’ll be great to allow players to buy at least some of the backgrounds using game cash.


To sum up, Balified is a very unique, competitive word game due to its brilliant combination of game mechanics that scrabble and spider solitaire both have. Couple that with the challenge of playing against clever AIs or a human opponent and the fact that you can tip the scales anytime you want with powerful special actions and you’ll get a word game that you’ve never heard the likes of. However, due to its smaller community, finding an opponent in multiplayer might be a bit more difficult. That said, we highly recommend trying this game out just to experience its one-of-a-kind gameplay.

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by Aethyna Jun 16, 2017
With a gameplay that may bring to mind a blend of scrabble and spider solitaire, Balified is a unique word game where you’ll go head-to-head with either an AI or a fellow player to come up with the best word and earn a ton of points. Do you think you want what it takes to become "balified"? Balified: Forming a word A win in Balified Balified: Saved words Read More
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